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learn the scientific thinking method from the party history

understanding and transforming the world with a scientific thinking method is a distinctive feature of the cpc in the practice of leading chinese revolution, construction and reform. strategic thinking, historical thinking, dialectical thinking, innovative thinking and bottom-line thinking are all scientific thinking methods. studying these scientific thinking methods from the history of the party and applying them to observe, think and analyze problems are conducive to enhancing the scientific nature, foresight and creativity of the job.

learn strategic thinking methods to enhance the ability to foresee the general trend

strategic thinking embodies the ability of strategic foresight. with the depth of history, the breadth of the world and the depth of thinking, strategic thinking can grasp the overall situation and grasp the development trend of things. it can perceive what others are unaware of and know what others are unaware of, thus winning the initiative in strategic and the first opportunity in deployment. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "strategy is a fundamental issue for a political party and a country. with accurate strategic judgment, scientific strategic planning and strategic initiative, there is great hope for the cause of the party and the people." the communist party of china is a political party with strategic foresight. when the revolution suffered setbacks and faced the confusion and doubts about how long the red flag could last, mao zedong, based on his grasp of the political situation at home and abroad as well as his practical experience, with profound vision and strategic thinking, wrote why can the red regime of china exist? these brilliant works, the struggle in the jinggangshan mountains and a single single fire can start a prairie fire, described the bright future of the revolution, pointed out the way out of the chinese revolution and strengthened the confidence of the people. in the period of reform and opening up, comrade deng xiaoping made the great strategic judgment that peace and development were the theme of the times, shifted the focus of the work of the party and the state to economic development, and carried out the great decision of reform and opening up. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has put forward the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy in a coordinated way. china's economic and social development has made new and brilliant achievements, fully demonstrating the party's systematic strategic thinking.

strategic thinking is the ability that leading cadre should have. to learn the method of strategic thinking from the history of the party, we must deeply understand the value of the times of strategic thinking, learn to use this method of thinking to analyze the general trend, plan the future, and constantly improve the ability to grasp the direction and plan the overall situation in practice.

learn historical thinking methods, enhance the ability to grasp the law

he who would know the road must first learn history. historical thinking is a kind of thinking method to understand history, grasp reality and future by using correct historical view. the century-old history of the communist party of china implies a profound understanding of what history is and how to view it correctly. comrade mao zedong once pointed out, "if one wants to see the future, one must look at history." in on new democracy, according to the characteristics of modern chinese society, he pointed out that the historical process of chinese revolution must be divided into two steps: the first step is the democratic revolution, the second step is the socialist revolution. in 1984, deng xiaoping, based on the wisdom and inspiration of both world and chinese history, pointed out that "no country can become developed if it is to shut itself up to the outside world." "historical experience and lessons have shown that it is impossible for any country not to open up to the outside world." since the 18th cpc national congress, general secretary xi jinping has expounded on the importance of history, what history is, how to view history, and how to learn from, inherit and apply history. in 2013, general secretary xi jinping profoundly pointed out at the seventh group study session of the political bureau of the 18th cpc central committee: "socialism with chinese characteristics is a hard-won path. it has been forged through more than 30 years of reform and opening up, through continuous exploration in the 60-plus years since the founding of the people's republic of china, and through a thorough review of the development of the chinese nation in the 170-plus years since modern times. it has been developed through the inheritance of the 5,000-year-long chinese civilization, and has profound historical roots and a broad foundation in reality." he demonstrated the internal relationship between the development of chinese history since modern times and explained the historical inevitability of the formation of the path of socialism with chinese characteristics with the view of overall history and grand history.

history enlightens the future. to learn historical thinking methods from the history of the party, we should adhere to historical materialism, "serve the past for the present" in practice, "learn from the past to know the present, learn from the history wisely", be good at learning from the history of experience, draw lessons, scientific research and determine the direction of progress, and better create the future.

learn dialectical thinking methods to enhance the ability to control the situation

dialectical materialism is the world outlook and methodology of chinese communists, and dialectical thinking is the scientific thinking mode of dialectical materialism to analyze and solve problems. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "the more our cause develops in depth, the more we must constantly enhance our ability to think critically." why is the communist party of china "able"? one important reason is that the communist party of china is able to scientifically use the method of dialectical thinking to look at problems in two ways, and to take into account all kinds of contradictions as a whole. it can see both the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction and the secondary contradiction and the secondary aspects of the contradiction. to see both the main stream and the tributaries; look for the good and the bad; able to take a related, developmental and comprehensive perspective to properly handle the relationship between local and overall, current and long-term, key and non-key. during the revolutionary war, comrade mao zedong in the face of complex domestic and international environment, with overall dialectics, learning from the war war, in the case of persevering, put forward the "guerrilla" of flexible, predicted that the anti-japanese war as a "protracted war", etc., dialectically deal with respect for the relationship between objective law and our subjective initiative, accurately grasp the characteristics and laws of revolutionary war, he gave full play to his subjective initiative and finally led the people to win the revolution. during the period of socialist construction, comrade mao zedong wrote his brilliant works full of dialectical thoughts, "on ten major relations" and other brilliant works, which provided scientific theoretical guidance for the construction of new china. after the reform and opening up, the communist party of china used dialectical thinking to correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability, the relationship between crossing the river by feeling the stones and strengthening top-level design, the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, etc., and put forward many important conclusions full of dialectical thinking.

at present, in the face of the profoundly changing domestic and international environment, as well as the new challenges and opportunities brought about by it, it is particularly important to proceed from the overall strategic situation for the development of the cause of the party and the country to enhance our ability to distinguish and exercise control. we should learn the history of the party, grasp the fundamental method of materialist dialectics, and constantly improve the ability of dialectical thinking, improve the ability to control the complex situation and deal with complex problems.

learn innovative thinking methods to enhance the ability to create a new bureau

innovative thinking is a necessary way of thinking to correctly understand things and do a good job in leadership. change and innovation are the fundamental driving force for the development of human society. general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "in the fierce international competition, only innovators advance, only innovators are strong, and only innovators win." the communist party of china is a political party with an innovative spirit, and its century-old history is a history showing the spirit of innovation, a history of self-reliance, innovation and strength, and a history of constantly exploring new horizons. in the period of jinggangshan, mao zedong creatively proposed the revolutionary road thought of "taking the countryside as the center" based on the reality of chinese revolution, in the absence of relevant discussions by marxist classical writers, the absence of ready experience in the international communist movement, and the constant interference and suppression of the "left" line and dogmatism in the party. he has put forward and developed such ideas as "building the party through ideology", "commanding the gun by the party", "building branches in the company" and "equality between officers and men". after the founding of new china, facing how to construction of socialism new subject in china, our party in the soviet union, for vengeance, constantly explore the path of socialist construction suited to china's conditions, in not long time, set up independent relatively complete industrial system and national economic system, an innovative solution to the construction of socialism of a series of problems. after the cultural revolution, in the face of the big choices, "whither china" comrade deng xiaoping completely-new, indomitable courage creatively put forward the thought of internal reform and opening to the outside world, the implementation of household contract responsibility system in the countryside, founded in the coastal special economic zone, the implementation of "one country, two systems" in hong kong and macau, is successfully opening the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, built immortal feats. since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary put forward "five one" general layout, "four" comprehensive strategic layout, human destiny community is put forward, the new development concept, build a new development pattern and so on, a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics has made historic achievements, historic changes have taken place in, created a new situation in party and national business.

problems are the starting point and the driving force of innovation. to learn innovative thinking methods from the history of the party, we should base ourselves on the new era, take problems as guidance, and constantly promote theoretical innovation, practical innovation and system innovation by discovering and solving problems.

learn the bottom line thinking method to enhance the ability to resist risks

bottom line thinking is problem-oriented and active prevention and control thinking. its essence lies in grasping the critical point of fundamental changes in the nature of things, focusing on the worst, striving for the best results, and emphasizing taking precautions, being prepared and actively responding to emergencies. as president xi jinping pointed out, "when analyzing the international and domestic situations, we should not only take into account the achievements and opportunities, but also the shortcomings, shortcomings, difficulties and challenges, as well as the risks posed by the changing situation. we should start from the worst, make the most adequate preparations, work in the right direction and strive for the best results." bottom line thinking is an important way of thinking and working method for our party to overcome all kinds of risks and challenges in the period of revolution, construction and reform. during the revolutionary war, comrade mao zedong once said, "many things are unexpected, but we must take them into consideration. our senior cadres in charge, in particular, must be mentally prepared to deal with extremely difficult and unfavourable situations." during the period of reform and opening up, deng xiaoping once said, "we should base our work on the emergence of greater risks and prepare countermeasures. that way, even if there is a big risk, the sky won't fall." since the 18th cpc national congress, the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has applied this thinking to all aspects of the economy, society, culture, ecology, party building, reform, development and stability. for example, when it comes to reform, we have stressed that we must keep a clear mind. we must neither follow the old closed and rigid path nor take the erroneous path of changing our flag and leading a school. we must unswervingly follow the path of socialism with chinese characteristics. in the aspect of ecological construction, the concept of establishing ecological red line is emphasized. in party building, we have tightened party discipline, drawn a line that party members must not touch, and confined power in an institutional cage. and so on.

at present, in the face of various risks and challenges on the way forward, we should deeply understand the rich connotation and spiritual essence of the bottom-line thinking method in the process of learning the history of the party, and consciously apply it well, prepare to deal with risks and challenges, and prevent and defuse major risks. we should guard against both "black swan" and "gray rhinoceros" incidents. in particular, we should prevent and control risks that may delay or interrupt the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

source: party construction network