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why is the century-old party always young

as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "as a century-old major party, how to maintain its advanced nature, purity, youth and vitality, how to always win the support and support of the people, and how to achieve long-term governance is a fundamental question that we must well answer and solve. as the largest marxist ruling party in the world with more than 91 million members, the cpc is becoming more and more vigorous. after more than 70 years in power in the largest socialist country, the communist party of china (cpc) has always maintained its vigor and morale, and the miracle it has created has captured the world's attention. why is the century-old party in its prime and how can it remain young forever? to solve this important problem, we need to combine history with reality, theory with practice.

uphold the supremacy of the people

win people's support

the people are the source of the cpc's strength, and the people's position is the cpc's fundamental political stance. throughout history, our party has carried out revolution, development and reform only to serve the interests of the people and enable them to lead a better life.

from the day of its founding, the communist party of china declared that it represented the interests of the working people and overthrew the rule of the reactionary class. in december 1935, the resolution of the wayaopao conference put forward that the cpc is the vanguard of the chinese proletariat and the vanguard of the whole nation. in june 1945, the national congress of the party adopted the party constitution, which stressed that chinese communists must have the spirit of serving the chinese people heart and soul. in his closing address to the 7th national congress of the communist party of china, comrade mao zedong told the story of the "yugong" who removed mountains and compared the people to the "god" of the chinese communists. since then, serving the people heart and soul has become the fundamental purpose of the party well known to all the people in the country.

new-democratic revolution period, the communist party of china resolutely safeguard national interests, to meet the demands of the people's livelihood, including farmers land problems, a high degree of democracy, won the broad masses of the people firmly support, to overthrow the pressure on the chinese people's head of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism three mountain, established the new china, realize the national independence and liberation, national unity and social stability. during the period of socialist revolution and construction, the chinese communists restored the national economy in an orderly way, established the basic socialist system, and laid the foundation for the country's industrialization and modernization. the people enjoyed unprecedented democratic rights and their living standards generally improved. in the new era of reform and opening up, our party, in keeping with the trend of the times and responding to the will of the people, has rallied and led the people in carrying out the great new revolution of reform and opening up, initiated and developed socialism with chinese characteristics, and greatly liberated and developed the productive forces. socialism with chinese characteristics into a new era, our party has always put the people in the highest position in the heart, the people's yearning for a better life as the goal, covid - 19 epidemic prevention and control major strategic achievements, completed a comprehensive victory poverty, build a well-off society in an all-round way the great historical achievements, china's economic strength, technological strength, comprehensive national strength and people's living level onto the new big stage, the people sense, happiness and security greatly enhanced.

as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "the century-old history of the party is a history of carrying out the mission set out in the party's founding aspiration, and a history in which the party and the people are connected, breathing and sharing a common destiny. history has fully proved that jiang shan is the people, and the people are jiang shan. the opposition of the people's hearts is crucial to the survival of the party." to remain true to its founding aspiration, put the people first, and rally the people into a mighty force driving the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation is an important reason for the cpc's eternal vitality.

innovative thought theory

cohesive party and people support

the communist party of china (cpc) attaches great importance to ideological and theoretical development, relentlessly promotes theoretical innovation, and uses marxism and its achievements in sinicization to rally the party's heart and the people's will and guide the cause of revolution, construction and reform.

after the victory of the october revolution in russia, marxism was introduced into china. after repeated comparison, the communist party of china has historically chosen marxism. in carrying out revolution, construction and reform in china, a big country in the east, there are bound to be problems that classical writers such as marx, engels and lenin could not have foreseen. after experiencing the setbacks of dogmatic treatment of marxism and copying the experience of the soviet union, and summing up the experience and lessons, the communist party of china has drawn a sharp conclusion: marxism must be adapted to china.

comrade mao zedong as the main representative of the communist party of china, the basic principles of marxism-leninism with the concrete practice of the chinese revolution and founded the mao zedong thought, unity, led the chinese people of all ethnic groups to victory in the new-democratic revolution and socialist transformation for the smooth, finished the history of the chinese nation is the most extensive and profound social change. chinese communists, with comrade deng xiaoping as their chief representative, thoroughly reviewed both the positive and negative experiences of china's socialist construction, drew on the historical experience of socialism around the world, established deng xiaoping theory, scientifically answered a series of basic questions in building socialism with chinese characteristics, and successfully created socialism with chinese characteristics. chinese communists, with comrade jiang zemin as their chief representative, have deepened their understanding of what socialism is, how to build it, and what kind of party we should build and how to build it, formulated the important thought of three represents, and successfully pushed socialism with chinese characteristics into the 21st century. in response to the new requirements of development, the chinese communists, with comrade hu jintao as their chief representative, profoundly understood and answered the major questions of what kind of development we should achieve under the new circumstances and how we should achieve it, formulated the scientific outlook on development, and successfully upheld and developed socialism with chinese characteristics from a new historical starting point. since the eighteenth congress, comrade xi as the main representative of the communist party of china, a comprehensive review of the new situation of international and domestic, courage to promote sinicization of marxism on the theory of large systems in the paper from theory and practice to answer the new era, what kind of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics the important era topic, founded the new age of xi jinping, the chinese characteristic socialism, promote the party and national historic changes and made historic achievements in career, promote the entered a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics.

xi general secretary pointed out: "history tells us that without the guidance of advanced theory, use the advanced theory of armed with advanced political party leadership, no advanced political party the historical responsibility, dare to keep up with the trend of the history, explorations enormous sacrifice, the chinese people will not be able to defeat the pressure on his head the various reactionaries, the chinese nation will not be able to change the fate of the oppressed and enslaved, our country can't unity, on the socialist road towards prosperity." looking back at the history of our struggles, our party has always maintained the youthful vigor of theoretical innovation and creativity, and constantly strengthened its theoretical confidence and armed forces. this is the way for our party to always maintain a unified thinking, firm will, coordinated actions, and strong combat effectiveness.

strengthen organizational construction

strengthen the ranks of the party

the communist party of china attaches great importance to organizational building. by recruiting advanced members to join the party and training and selecting cadres in a scientific way, the party has been constantly expanding its ranks, keeping in step with each other, and giving full play to the exemplary vanguard role of party members and the fighting fortress role of community-level party organizations.

a party member is a banner. party members are the cells of the party's body and the main body of the party's activities. whether they can play their role well is directly related to whether the party can maintain its youthful vitality. the communist party of china is not only the vanguard of the chinese working class, but also the vanguard of the chinese people and the chinese nation. party members should be advanced elements. in different periods, although there were some changes in the conditions and procedures for joining the party, the requirements for party members were all very high and the procedures for joining the party were very strict. for example, the admission requirements include political thought, realistic performance, mass evaluation, moral cultivation, etc. procedures include individual application, recommendation of party members, training before joining the party, preparatory inspection, etc. the party seeks to recruit party members from all groups, including workers, farmers, servicemen, intellectuals, cadres in government organs, and people from new strata. it attaches great importance to recruiting young party members and to educating and managing them. in recent years, we have paid more attention to controlling the number of party members and placing more emphasis on the quality of party members.by recruiting outstanding members into party organizations, we have injected new blood into the party and maintained the vitality of community-level organizations.

the requirements and procedures for training and selecting cadres have become increasingly high. in selecting and appointing people, it is emphasized that they should have both political integrity and ability, appoint people on their merits, be recognized by the people all over the world, and so on. in training cadre respect, pay attention to training, multi - post exercise. since the eighteenth congress, xi jinping, general secretary of the cadre troop construction experience, put forward "the firm faith, service for the people, diligent pragmatic, dare to bear, incorruptibility and" standard of good cadre, stressed that adhere to the principle of the party cadres, insist on having both ability and political integrity, good for first, adhere to all over the world, meritocracy, adhere to the enterprise to the fair, decent, adhere to pay attention to performance, the masses recognized, strictly implement the "who carry four will be" system, to prevent the "promotion", although he is ill.

the communist party of china has always adhered to democratic centralism, its fundamental organizational system and leadership system. it has both democracy and centralism, combining centralism on the basis of democracy with democracy under centralized guidance. in the selection and appointment of persons, democracy should be fully carried out in the process of recommendation, inspection and decision making. in terms of decision-making, it emphasizes democratic and scientific decision-making. in the aspects of implementation, the organization authority and discipline are emphasized. the "four obedience" has long been the consensus of the whole party and has played a great role. our party has always emphasized unity and unity, strengthened the centralized and unified leadership of the central committee, and strictly prohibited cliques and non-organizational activities.

over the past 100 years, the communist party of china has maintained strong cohesion and executive power. its huge ranks have not dispersed, but have become more united and stronger. in the course of reform, innovation, integrity and innovation, our party has made continuous strides in its own development, and the veins of community-level organizations have been unimpeded. the cause of the party and the people has been full of vigor and vitality.

promote self-revolution

maintain integrity and integrity

the communist party of china has never been afraid to face up to and solve its own problems, constantly promote self-revolution, and maintain a healthy body.

during the period of the new democratic revolution, our party carried out the yan 'an rectification movement to properly solve problems within the party through criticism and self-criticism. comrade mao zedong pointed out at the seventh congress of the party: "whether we have serious self-criticism or not is also one of the striking marks that distinguish us from other political parties." "the rectification movement, with the aim of 'learning from past mistakes to avoid future ones, and curing the disease to save the patient,' has been so effective because we have carried out correct rather than distorted and serious rather than perfunctory criticism and self-criticism in this movement."

our party will never tolerate and severely punish corruption within the party. in partial ruling period, our party has emphasized the communist party member's strict supervision and punishment, enacted the "the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region platform" and other documents, strict and honest politics, party members and cadres strictly constraint behavior, with blade inward self revolutionary spirit and courage, timely abolish the rottenness ills, get the wholehearted support of the masses. when the revolution was about to win the national victory, the second plenary session of the seventh session of the party, according to comrade mao zedong's proposal, made no birthday, no gifts, less toasting, less clapping and other provisions. comrade mao zedong analyzed because of the pride of victory possible emotions, acting the hero emotions, pause and not to please progress, pleasure-seeking mood don't want to hard life, and to remind the party "make sure the comrades continue to remain modest and prudent, not arrogance and rashness style, make sure the comrades continue to keep to the style of hard struggle".

since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has, with great political courage, comprehensively exercised strict discipline over the party. the eight-point regulation formulated by the political bureau of the cpc central committee has changed party and government conduct and social conduct. the party's creativity, cohesiveness, and combat capacity have been significantly enhanced. as a result of its revolutionary forging, the party has become even stronger, radiating new and powerful vitality.

general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that the courage to carry out self-revolution and to strictly govern the party are the most distinctive characteristics of our party. in new era, our party has had to self promote revolutionary party leads the people in the great social revolution and explore a long-term ruling conditions to solve their own problems, jump out of the historical periodicity of successful road, build up an effective system of power supervision and enforcement law enforcement system, and makes the party has always been the core of strong leadership for the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics. the century-old history of the party fully shows that the courage to carry out self-revolution is not only a striking sign that distinguishes the party from other political parties in the world, but also an important code for the party to maintain its youth and vitality and stand boldly ahead of the times.

"history illuminates the future, and the journey will never end." summing up history is not to revel in what has been achieved, but to grasp the present and win the future. as long as we adhere to our fine traditions and continue to work tirelessly, the communist party of china will surely remain young forever.

source: party construction network