learn history and practice to practice knowledge-凯发k8天生赢家

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learn history and practice to practice knowledge

learning is learning when it is applied. to carry out the study and education of party history, theoretical study is the foundation, and the unity of knowledge and practice is the key. xi jinping in the history of the party general secretary study education mobilization meeting pointed out that the study history of the party with summing up experience and the realistic and promote work together, to solve practical problems, to develop good "i does the practical work for the masses" practice, motivation and learning into the work, study and work to prevent "two skin". party members and officials should draw lessons from the century-old history of the party, carry forward and carry forward the glorious traditions and fine style of work of the party, constantly improve their practical work, translate what they have learned into a strong driving force and wisdom and experience for getting things done and starting new government offices, and ensure that all the targets and tasks of the 14th five-year plan are fulfilled to the letter.

take action on the mission of remembering your original intention. the century-old history of the party is a history of carrying out the mission set out in the party's founding aspiration, and a history in which the party and the people are connected, breathing and sharing a common destiny. "as long as life does not end, the service to the people does not cease." this is the former secretary of the baoshan prefecture of yunnan province yang shanzhou said a sentence, but also the portrayal of his life. yang shanzhou led the cadres and the masses to build the deep mountain valley into the nationally famous "granary of west yunnan". after retirement, he still did not forget his original mission and returned to his hometown shidian, yunnan province, to plant trees and build an oasis for the once barren and dry daliang mountain. generations of chinese communists like yang shanzhou, who fought tenaciously and tirelessly, have provided rich nourishment for us to build and strengthen the party. party members and cadres to study history of the party in one hundred, must be good at understanding the power of the ideal faith, from the history of the party from the history of the party in the learning experience, clerkstarts on the beginner's mind in mind the mission the prey, and the implementation of the action, consciously with the party's innovation theory armed mind, nourish the beginner's mind, leading the mission, strengthen be loyal political quality, strengthen the consciousness of "four", firm "four confidence", "two maintenance", to improve political sense, political savvy, political implementation, strengthen the firmness of good new age long walk.

take action on your own initiative. to be a cadre, we must have a sense of responsibility. only when we have a strong sense of responsibility can we achieve much in our undertakings and fulfill our responsibilities can we achieve much. "i'm a party member. i'll go first." in the fight against the epidemic, more than 4.6 million community-level party organizations have taken the lead, and 39.144 million party members and officials, including 29.771 million party members, are working on the front line in the epidemic prevention and control work. on the frontline of fighting the epidemic, they demonstrated their party membership and loyalty and responsibility. they tempered their original mind and will in the battle with the disease, fully demonstrating the heroic spirit of contemporary communists who have the courage to take responsibility and rise to the difficulties. party members and cadres to study history of the party in one hundred, is to study the communist party is not afraid of difficulties, take the bull by the horns, forge ahead, go forward the spirit of the bear, constantly improve the grasp the new development stage, to carry out new development concept and building a new development pattern of political ability, strategic vision, professional level, on the active bear as see the prey, and the implementation of the action, the deployment of the cpc central committee decision to carry out good, with indomitable will and selfless fearless courage overcome all difficulties and obstacles on the road ahead, to create new worthy of the times, the people and history.

see action in the promotion of a glorious tradition. over the past 100 years, our party has united and led the people in achieving great achievements in revolution, development, and reform. an important aspect of this is that our party has nurtured and upheld a set of glorious traditions and fine style of work over the years. these glorious traditions and fine styles of work epitomize the nature and purpose of our party. from the political quality of loyalty to the party, to the three fine styles of combining theory with practice, keeping close contact with the masses, and criticizing and self-criticizing; from the distinctive character of daring and good at struggle to the family heirloom of hard work and frugality, these glorious traditions and fine style of work of the party are the precious spiritual wealth that inspires countless communists to brave difficulties and march forward couragously.

this year is the first year of implementing the 14th five-year plan and embarking on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country. we must be soberly aware that we still face many difficulties and challenges on the road ahead, and risks and tests will not be fewer than in the past. party members and cadres to study history of the party in one hundred, to strengthen the political consciousness, thought consciousness, consciousness, action learning and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of work on the prey, and to implement action, with the glorious tradition and fine style firm faith, cohesive forces, continue to maintain the spirit of indomitable struggle and never slack state, work diligently, hard work, to ensure good start "difference", to meet the 100th anniversary of the founding with excellent grades.

source: party construction network