carry out the original mission of communists in the study of historical wisdom-凯发k8天生赢家

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carry out the original mission of communists in the study of historical wisdom

learn history with clear reason, and learn from the past. xi jinping in the history of the party general secretary study education mobilization meeting made clear that "our party has always attaches great importance to the party history study education, pay attention to in the struggle, and great achievement inspiring morale, sense of direction, with the glorious tradition and fine style firm faith, cohesive forces, with the party's practice to create historical experience and enlightenment wisdom, caress character". the century-old history of the party is a history in which communists carried out their original mission. through the study and education of the party history, the majority of party members and cadres should further consolidate the basis of faith, adhere to the people's position, and carry out the original mission of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation in the course of basing themselves on reality and in-depth practice.

through studying the history of the party, the ideal and faith is the principle of the political soul of the communists, and the foundation of the faith is built firmly. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that "the original aspiration of communists is to firmly believe in the communist ideal and to be forever loyal to the cause of the party and the people." sticking to ideals and convictions and working tirelessly for our original aspiration and mission has been the fundamental thrust of all theoretical innovations made by the cpc since its founding. in party history study education, party members should be learning with the party's education revolution and comprehensive governing party organic fusion, let the masses of party members deep comprehension of marxism truth strength, realize the party's core leadership, connect to walk the road of socialism with chinese characteristics of the historical inevitability, the firm belief of marxism, make up the calcium, the spirit of the solid firm belief. the history of the party describes the struggle and tells of the road. party members must have an accurate understanding of the lofty political aspirations of communists from the century-old history of the party; strengthen our ideals and convictions with the glorious tradition and fine conduct of the party; let our founding aspiration be in our blood; carry our mission on our shoulders; and constantly strengthen our historical willingness to realize our founding aspiration and fulfill our mission. we must improve our political standing, temper our political character, speak of politics with a clear stand, and speak of faith with a straight face. we must enhance our awareness of fighting and our ability to fight, so as to cultivate an "immutable body" and constantly explore a magic weapon to defeat the enemy. looking back at the century-old history of the party, we should focus more on the future. we should educate party members to stand at the height of the new era, strengthen their sense of identity with the path of socialism with chinese characteristics, their pride in the advantages of the system, and their sense of responsibility in carrying out the mission they set out to accomplish. we should illuminate the road of struggle with the light of ideals, and create the great cause of rejuvenation with the power of faith.

through the study of the party's history of the people as the center of the principle, a firm ideological rudder. the people are jiang shan and jiang shan are the people. the century-old history of the cpc is a history of the cpc seeking happiness for the people. the communist party of china has its roots, blood, and strength in the people. to carry out the study and education of party history, we must make party members deeply aware of the principal position of the people, that the people are the creators of history, that the people are the real heroes, that the people are the most solid foundation of the cpc, and that the people are the foundation for the continuous struggle of communists in the new era. to continuously improve people's well-being and realize people's happiness is the concentrated manifestation and realistic reflection of the party's original aspiration and mission. it is important to educate party members to realize that our party leads the people in revolution, reform, and development in order to realize the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, to achieve common prosperity of the people, and to enable them to lead a better life. we should educate party members to firmly uphold the views of the people, have the courage to fight against the weakening of their attitudes and feelings, and attack formalism and bureaucratism. we should ensure that party members and officials bear in mind the party's purpose of "serving the people wholeheartedly", strengthen the popular foundation for the party's governance, keep our original aspiration bright and our mission always on our shoulders; always do respect people's ideological, emotionally close to people, rely on the people on the job, build a spectrum on the spirit of the people as the center, keep the flesh-and-blood ties with the people, to the people's highly responsible, ensuring and improving people's livelihood in the development, on the label on the table is run by the local people and solving problems in efforts to improve people get feeling, happiness and a sense of security; we should always take meeting the people's new aspirations for a better life as the starting point and ultimate goal of development, steadily promote common prosperity, work hard to realize the people's yearning for a better life, and work together to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

through the study of the party history based on reality and in-depth practice of the principle, to stimulate the force to forge ahead. the history of the party reveals the present while illuminating the future. to learn the history of the party well, we must base ourselves on reality, let our founding aspiration light up our future, and let our mission shine through on our way to work. "one modern history is half the book of hunan." hunan has emerged from a group of proletarian revolutionaries, such as mao zedong and liu shaoqi, and formed the hunan spirit of great righteousness, courage to bear responsibility, courage to strive for the lead and dedication. looking back over one hundred years of party history, hunan and the people of hunan led the revolutionary trend; looking into the new stage of development, hunan and its people should strive to be the vanguard of the times. in the party history study education, to educate the majority of party members to inherit and carry forward the glory of hunan revolutionary ancestors, ceasing to the spiritual blood of the communist party, stimulate the practice of the head into the new era of power, spiritual vitality, forging ahead ability; red genetic inheritance, carry forward the fine tradition education outside the party, enhance the consciousness of the pioneer, the revolutionary spirit and mission to internalize his mind in the heart, externalized in line, to learn the history of the party and summing up experience, combine the realistic and promote work, put the learning into the work effect, to promote the development of high quality in courageous to meet challenges of beginner's mind forever, wisdom in resolving the crisis of strengthen the mission, vigorously implement the strategy of "four new" three highs, vigorous construction of modern new hunan grand cause forward. by planning for the future and forging ahead in the course of learning party history well, hunan in the new era will surely make new achievements on the journey of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation.

source: party construction network