international union construction group leads development with party building and constructs a long-凯发k8天生赢家

except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
international union construction group leads development with party building and constructs a long-term mechanism for "two new" party building work

on march 15, 2021, he yinong, secretary of the district committee of heping district of tianjin, sun jingfa, member of the standing committee of the district committee and minister of organization, and other relevant leaders visited tianjin world financial center for investigation and guidance, and carried out in-depth exchanges with leaders of key enterprises in heping district on the party building work of the "two new" organizations in the part-mass service center.


as a typical representative of state-owned joint-stock investment banking institutions, international union construction group has made great achievements in party building. adhering to the mission of "taking national construction as its own duty", the group develops financial investment strategies closely around the major shareholder of one belt and one road basic industry investment co., one belt and one road. (namely "bbb1" industrial fund), and actively invests in the creditor's rights and equity of state-owned enterprises and listed companies. the group has three centers, namely the strategic center (beijing), the financial center (hong kong) and the administrative center (tianjin). the group has subsidiaries such as guojian ruibin construction co., ltd., shanghai guojian yehua investment management co., ltd., and tianjin guojian dayou investment management co., ltd., which are responsible for the specific business.

under the new development pattern of double circulation, international union construction group accelerates the implementation of "one belt and one road" industrial fund to ensure the smooth circulation of domestic and international economy, improve the quality of financial services, and deepen the supply-side structural reform. we will fully support the orderly implementation of the national financial investment strategy and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the chinese economy by deepening the "one belt and one road" financial financing and promoting the construction of the other "four links" through finance.


it is learned that in order to further play the role of financial capital in supporting the real economy, international union construction group focuses on investing in listed companies, domestic enterprises directly under the central government, large local state-owned enterprises, large private or joint-stock enterprises through debt investment and equity investment. in the field of debt investment, in order to effectively help rescue state-owned enterprises, the group takes debt reduction financing (drf) asset management plan as the core to help enterprises achieve the dual effects of low cost financing and reducing asset-liability ratio. in the field of equity investment, international union construction group invests in the major health industry in the primary market, selects high-quality enterprises in all fields in the primary and semi-market to participate in the private placement and international placement, and carries out securities investment in the secondary market to meet the equity financing needs of enterprises in all stages of development. according to the statistics of authoritative institutions, the total investment of international union construction group's various business sectors in 2020 will be 159.65 billion yuan, including debt investment of 96.58 billion yuan, involving a total of 165 investment projects.

in the enterprise speech, aaron, president of international union construction group, comprehensively introduced the specific situation of the group in the party building work of the "two new" organizations to the participating leaders. president aaron pointed out that the party building is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, but also the core strategy of the enterprise development. therefore, the party building work of the "two new" organizations should be put into practice, and the long-term mechanism of learning should be established with hard work. the principles and policies of the party and the top-level national strategy should be taken as the action guidance for the development and operation of the group. indefatigably strengthening the political construction of the party is conducive to promoting the pace of high-quality development of enterprises. and the construction of "large party construction" work pattern is more conducive to achieve the deep integration of the advantages of party construction and enterprise development.

on this symposium, district party committee secretary he yinong emphasized to "two new" organization the important requirement of party building work. he pointed out that the enterprises should strengthen the consciousness of "four", firmly implement the "two maintenance", "two new" organization fully understand the important position, realize the increment of developing party member, more measures and the implementation of the coverage, mutually promote win-win development, comprehensively promote the "two new" organization target ground to carry out the party building key task, fusion constructs to form new pattern of "two new" organization party construction.