a great cause inspires revolutionary morality to shine forever-凯发k8天生赢家

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a great cause inspires revolutionary morality to shine forever

xi jinping in the history of the party general secretary learning education mobilization meeting pointed out: "in the one hundred years of struggle, in particularly, generations of chinese communists fought tenaciously, unremitting struggle, have produced a large number of revolutionary martyrs death, a large number of heroes tenacious struggle, a large number of the advanced model of selfless dedication, formed a series of great spirit, build up the spirit of the chinese communists spectrum, strong for our party and the party party provides rich nourishing." to one hundred, in the course of a bloody revolution, the construction of fire and promising in the course of reform, the communist party of china leads the people insist on marxism ideal society in humans, inherit the chinese traditional virtue, carries forward the chinese revolutionary morality, formed in the creation of a leading chinese social development and progress of the socialist moral system, in order to adapt to changes in the social principal contradiction, to meet the urgent needs of the people's yearning for a better life, and promote all-round social progress and people's all-round development, realize the strategic target of all-round construction of socialism modernization country flowing to provide moral guide and spiritual power.

the great cause of the century-old party inspires the revolutionary morality to shine forever

the communist party of china was born in country, ethnic problems we face at home and abroad, saving the nation from subjugation to face against power disparity, always stick to the truth of marxism power and practice, gradually grow in suffering setbacks, from the red boat 13 people development for more than nine thousand ten thousand people now big parties, from scratch, since the childhood, the weak strength, fight against longer odds. the excellent ethics that chinese communists have developed in the course of china's revolution, construction and reform are the precious moral wealth of the chinese nation. chinese revolutionary morality is to contain love, people-oriented, integrity, justice, and yet, it suggests ideas of the continuation and development of chinese excellent traditional culture, is one of the important magic weapon, overcomes the chinese revolution is the objective demand to strengthen the construction of the socialist morality, also is the future incentive generation after generation of chinese people overcome difficult, an inexhaustible source of commitment.

in the revolutionary war period, the chinese communist party was able to withstand numerous hardships, build a foundation, overcome numerous difficulties and finally achieve the victory of the revolution, and ensure the continuous development and growth of the revolutionary cause, because of the ideal and faith of "revolutionary ideal is higher than heaven" and the fearless spirit of the revolution will win. in the 1950s, an important reason for the remarkable achievements in china's socialist construction was that it inherited and carried forward china's revolutionary moral tradition. the vast majority of party members and the people committed themselves to ideals, discipline, and serving the people, and loved the party, the country, and socialism. since reform and opening up, the communist party of china has always stressed the importance of inheriting and carrying forward revolutionary morality, and the need to maintain and carry forward the courage and revolutionary enthusiasm of the revolutionary war period. entered the new era, the cpc central committee with comrade xi as the core to inheritance and carry forward the party leads the people to create revolution moral tradition, red inheritance gene, persist spiritual lineage, closely around comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, and thorough going efforts to promote socialist modernization construction, and vigorously advocated emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times, practical philosophy, advocated "happiness comes from struggle" "success lies in dedication" "ordinary make great" "jiangshan is people, people is jiangshan" concept, carry forward the great spirit of resistance, resistance to disease great spirit, the spirit of great poverty engines, switching from spirit, work spirit, the spirit... inspire the people to maintain a high morale, seize the day and work the state of entrepreneurial spirit.

the party's original aspiration and mission show that the fine revolutionary tradition will never fade

the original aspiration and the mission of chinese communists is to seek happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. the party's original mission is embodied in the self-restraint of chinese communists on moral cultivation, and the strengthening of personal moral cultivation is regarded as a major event that can affect the success or failure of the revolution. therefore, the important link of carrying out chinese revolutionary morality is for communists to cultivate themselves and maintain moral integrity. chinese communists attach great importance to the cause of chinese revolution, be strict with themselves, be modest and prudent; indifferent to fame and wealth, honest and honest; be frank and aboveboard; it has always maintained high character and integrity, showing noble personality charm and indomitable revolutionary spirit.

at present, to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics requires the all-round development of both material and spiritual civilization and the improvement of the people's material and spiritual lives. core socialist values are the concentrated embodiment of fine revolutionary traditions in modern times and the ideological and moral basis to unite the greatest common divisor of china's strength. strengthen citizen moral construction, improve the whole social moral level, to the socialist core values as the lead, the state, society, the value of the individual level requirements through the moral construction in all aspects, to the mainstream value construction of ethics, strengthening the moral identity, guide moral practice, guide people, a teacher, observe social morality, yan ming personal morals.

the concrete manifestation of inheriting the fine revolutionary tradition in the new era is to take the construction of social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues and personal morality as the focal point. promote the practice of social ethics featuring civility, being helpful to others, caring for public property, protecting the environment, and abiding by discipline and law, and encourage people to be good citizens in society; promote the practice of professional ethics featuring love and dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, fairness in handling affairs, enthusiastic service and dedication to society, and encourage people to be good builders at work; to promote the practice of family virtues including respect for the old and care for the young, equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, diligence and thrift, and mutual assistance between neighbors, and encourage people to be good members of the family; we will promote the practice of personal virtues featuring patriotism and dedication, courtesy and compliance with regulations, diligence and kindness, leniency and integrity, self-improvement and self-discipline, and encourage people to cultivate good conduct in their daily lives.

the genealogy of the chinese communists has nurtured the vitality of the chinese civilization

spirit is the soul that a nation depends on for its long-term survival. only when it reaches a certain height in spirit can a nation stand firm and forge ahead in the current of history. in the course of thousands of years of history, the chinese nation has survived, passed on from generation to generation, and developed tenaciously without the support of the great national spirit. chinese revolutionary morality value rich in content, meaning deep, meaningful, red boat spirit, the spirit of jinggangshan, the soviet spirit, long march spirit, yan 'an spirit, xibaipo spirit red revolutionary morality in spirit, and is the communist party of china leads the people to realize the national independence and liberation of spiritual bond and the thought weapon, for us to walk the long march road of the new era, is of great significance to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. a review of the 100 years of struggle of the communist party of china shows that the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will not be achieved easily or by banging gongs and drums. to realize the great dream, we must fight a great struggle. in dealing with a major challenge, resist major risks, overcome resistance, solve the major contradictions in its path, national spirit with patriotism as the core and with reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times for the national management system and management ability of modern inject strong positive energy, moral light to illuminate the road to the dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

a great era calls for a great spirit, and a great spirit breeds a great people. the great people not only include every ordinary individual, but also the people's heroes who shed their heads, shed their blood, and made great achievements of the republic with their youth, sweat and even their lives. times make heroes, great from the ordinary. in the study of shi chongde, we should not only learn the magnificent revolutionary history, but also learn the moral history, especially the heroic history that inspires people. the revolutionary hero is the spiritual height of the chinese nation and represents the spiritual height of the chinese children. with their blood and lives, they set up a monument of patriotism, vividly demonstrating the firm ideals and convictions, the lofty realm of life and the fearless heroism of the chinese people.

history tells us that a nation with a unique spirit is indestructible, a country that produces a large number of heroes is unstoppable, and a nation that remembers history is virtuous and good. as general secretary xi jinping pointed out, "everyone is amazing!" learning, practice of enlightenment in the history of the party, we are going to have a thorough understanding of revolutionary struggle hard, really realize the essence of moral revolution connotation, the historical significance and contemporary value, persist the communists spiritual bloodline, into the personal ideal to realize national rich and strong, rejuvenation, people's happiness of the greatest dream, summon up towards the new journey, forge ahead of the new era, the vigor, efforts to make the era and people's "remarkable" performance, is worthy of our ancestors.

source: party construction network