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fully grasp the true meaning of the new requirement of strengthening

xi jinping, general secretary of the central party school in the spring semester in 2021 (the national school of administration) in young and middle-aged cadres training kaibanshi delivered an important speech, stressed that "young cadres is the successor of career of the party and the state, must be determined to do the glorious tradition and fine style of work, loyal, continuously strengthen the willpower, perseverance, and self-control". against the backdrop of major changes unseen in a century and the interwoven evolution of the strategy for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, this requirement is of great relevance to the present, the times and the future. comprehensive grasp "willpower, perseverance, and self-control" connotation of the new requirements on essence, internal logic, theoretical support and shape the path for the whole party to strengthen the "sunny", frontier and cognitive regularity specifically and science, to promote the new requirements to carry out the "sunny", to strengthen the construction of cadres ability quality is extremely important, critical, huge value.

1. accurately grasp the meaning of "willpower, perseverance and self-control"

the concepts of "willpower", "perseverance" and "self-control" are usually used in the fields of psychology, self-cultivation and success. they are universal, extensive and universal. as a kind of spiritual quality, they play a role of profound support, fundamental support and lasting support for personal growth, career development and life progress. excellent traditional chinese culture has always emphasized the cultivation and shaping of people's willpower, perseverance and self-control. the proposal of "continuously enhancing willpower, perseverance and self-control" has achieved significant innovation and breakthrough in carrying forward excellent traditional chinese culture and in strengthening capacity building. to enhance the connotation of exclusiveness and professional, specifically to its essence, jumped out of the breadth in terms of abstract concepts, the traditional mold, highlighting the functions of the party cadres responsibilities to the objective requirement of the "sunny", internal demands, reality, realizes the combination expression, 3 d rendering, the development of connotation of new leap, demonstrates the background, ideological content, uniting the times. only by accurately grasping the meaning of the new requirements of "willpower, perseverance and self-control", can we truly grasp the essence of the three forces. according to the core competence theory of leaders, willpower should be grasped from three dimensions: persistence, firmness and perseverance. perseverance should be grasped from three dimensions: endurance, pressure and frustration. self-control should be grasped from the three dimensions of self-saving, self-control and self-correction.

willpower is a combination of persistence, firmness and perseverance. it is a kind of mental ability to concentrate, focus consistently, eliminate interference, persist in pursuit, and be brave and fearless. it represents the height and level of ideological will, spiritual will and soul will. endurance strength endurance, endure pressure and endure down force at an organic whole, is a kind of tolerance for process, tolerance for solitude, bear live experience, carry on psychological pressure, thought, mental pressure, is worth living twists and turns and twists and turns, setbacks, hone, hone, suffering mental ability, represents the thought self-restraint, the tenacious quality, the degree and level of life wisdom; self-control is a combination of self-saving, self-control and self-correction. it is a kind of spiritual ability that is good at self-reflection, self-control and self-correction. it represents the depth and pattern of rational behavior, mature thinking and self-confidence of soul. only the young cadres and even leading cadres who meet the connotation requirements of "willpower, perseverance and self-control" can truly be worthy of the positioning of the party's ruling backbone team, can become the faithful inheritors of the glorious tradition and fine style of the party, and can become the successors of the cause of the party and the country. thus it can be seen that we must start from the original mission, the requirements of the times, post responsibilities, grasp the connotation, essential characteristics, practice standards of the new requirements of "three forces".

2. grasp the internal logic of "willpower, perseverance and self-control"

there is no doubt that the systematic proposal of "willpower, perseverance and self-control" constitutes a combinatorial, integrated and logical capability structure, which realizes the transformation from single capability to system capability and the aggregation of the whole, system and logical power, and greatly enhances the systematicness, coupling and connectivity of the capability structure. to fully grasp the new requirements of "three forces", we must grasp the internal logic of "three forces", and then grasp the internal evolution law of "three forces".

first of all, we must grasp the common characteristics of "willpower, perseverance and self-control". although "willpower, perseverance and self-control" have different words, different intension and depth of ability, they all belong to the category of spiritual strength and soft ability. they all have the essential characteristics of deep adjustment and control of individual psychology, emotion and behavior, and they all belong to the primary, endogenous and autonomous senior ability. only by deeply grasping these common characteristics, can we truly grasp the internal logic, internal relationship and internal mechanism of "three forces", grasp the nature, characteristics and essence of "three forces", and then grasp the law of cultivation, promotion and shaping.

secondly, we should grasp the evolution logic of "willpower, perseverance and self-control". the expression sequence of "willpower, perseverance and self-control" is neither a simple combination nor a random arrangement, but follows the evolution law and development logic of mental capacity. in the system of "three forces", willpower is the basic position, perseverance is the central position, and self-control is the ultimate position, which shows a progressive evolution path from low to high, from virtual to real, and from soft to hard. willpower is the basis of perseverance. without strong willpower, perseverance is impossible. perseverance is the basis of self-control, there is no strong perseverance, more impossible to produce self-control. only follow the shape of willpower training start, step by step, step by step evolution law, according to based on willpower to enhance the endurance strength, on the basis of enhancing endurance strength enhance self-control shaping principle, to achieve the fusion of spirit, evolution and ascension overall ascension, to maximize "sanli" function, value and function.

again from the "willpower, perseverance, self-control" mechanism of mastery. "willpower, perseverance and self-control" is the scientific refinement, scientific generalization and scientific summary of the system of mental ability. the three have common function, progressive support and mutual promotion unity. willpower has the function of supporting the formation of perseverance, and perseverance has the function of guiding willpower, showing willpower and promoting the value of willpower. perseverance has the function of supporting the formation of self-control, self-control has the function of leading perseverance, showing perseverance, and promoting the value of perseverance. self-control has the function of goal guidance, which embodies the value of willpower and perseverance. without self-control, the value and function of willpower and perseverance will be greatly reduced. only by deeply grasping the interrelation and action mechanism of "three forces", can we truly get through the internal logic of "three forces", grasp the internal essence of "three forces", and truly walk out a spiritual ability evolution track from strong will to perseverance, from perseverance to self-restraint.

3. profound grasp of the theoretical support of "willpower, perseverance and self-control"

as long as a little analysis, it is not hard to find, "willpower, perseverance, and self-control" new requirements on both covers the leading cadre psychological traits, character, personality, temperament and character tastes quality standards, and reflects the style of the party of leading cadres, integrity, cultivation and other comprehensive requirements, especially the quality standard and requires the ability to rise to the construction level, there is no doubt that is new ideas to strengthen the construction of cadres thinking of the major breakthrough, and this breakthrough has solid theoretical support. according to the leading theory of the core competence of leaders in the world, the core competence of leaders consists of hard competence and soft competence. soft ability usually refers to the quality part of the traditional ability standard system, mainly including the will quality, moral cultivation, personality charm and other aspects, which belongs to the category of non-power influence, appeal and driving force. in the core competence system, it is in the guarantee position of the development of other competencies and bears the function of endogenous motivation. it not only affects the development of hard competencies but also affects the function of hard competencies. it is a higher-end, deeper and more critical capability than hard competencies. therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the new requirements of "willpower, perseverance and self-control" should be deeply grasped from the perspective of theoretical support.

on the one hand, it can be deeply grasped from the cadre core competence standard dimension. according to the theory of core competence of leaders, the standard of core competence has four dimensions: political ability is the first dimension, leadership ability is the second dimension, transformative ability is the third dimension, and self-shaping ability is the fourth dimension. the political ability and the self-shaping ability belong to the soft ability category of the core ability system, and they respectively assume the functions of holding the direction and supporting the guarantee. the new requirement of "three forces" not only conforms to the rule of soft ability construction of core competence, but also realizes the sublimation and transcendence of the connotation standard of self-improvement ability, which is more comprehensive in connotation, more profound in ideology, more solid in elaboration and more cutting-edge in concept.

on the other hand, it can be deeply grasped from the extension angle of political "three forces". if analyzed from the perspective of the theory of leaders' core competence, both the political "three forces" and the self-shaping "three forces" belong to the category of soft competence system of core competence, and the two are highly related, mutually influenced and internally unified.

4, a scientific grasp of the "willpower, perseverance, self-control" shaping path

"willpower, perseverance, and self-control" as a kind of soft power, relative to the general ability quality training harder to shape, ascension is more difficult, more difficult, must follow the rules of mental ability, scientific grasp the shaping path, only do both play a role of organization, and individual independent functions, form a good interactive mechanism, organization and individual to ensure soft ability training, promotion, shape of the actual effect. according to the core competence theory of leaders, three "golden paths" can be followed: "primary promotion following the generative law, compulsory promotion according to the evaluation results, and leading promotion according to ideal standards", to strengthen the cultivation and shaping of "willpower, perseverance and self-control".

to shape the willpower, one must strive to improve the persistence. we can focus on the basic core of "focus, focus and consistency", constantly strengthen the consciousness of conscious persistence, consistent persistence and lasting persistence, and constantly cultivate the qualities of concentration, concentration and single-mindedness, so that leading cadres can constantly improve their mental ability to withstand the waste of time, time and life in the process of quality and quantity of persistence. second, we need to strengthen our resolve. can focus on "eliminate interference, persistent pursuit" of the basic core, constantly strengthen the ideal firmness, firmness of thought, firmness of goal consciousness, and constantly cultivate anchor, calm, determined quality, so that leading cadres in the elimination of all kinds of interference, constantly improve the firm direction, firm ambition, firm mental ability. third, we must strive to improve perseverance. can focus on the "perseverance, brave resolute and fearless" basic core, and constantly strengthen the face of difficulties, to deal with hardships, overcome the suffering of consciousness, and constantly cultivate the spirit of courage and perseverance, perseverance, perseverance, so that the leading cadres in the indomitable, continue to improve the spirit of forward, forward, always forward.

leading cadres to build perseverance, first, we should focus on improving endurance. can focus on "endure the process, endure loneliness, endure experience" the basic core, and constantly strengthen the process consciousness, accumulation of consciousness, sharpening consciousness, and constantly cultivate patience, patience, endurance, so that leading cadres in the patient persistence, constantly improve the initiative to act, seize the opportunity, out of the dilemma of the spiritual ability. second, we should strive to improve tolerance of pressure. we can focus on the basic core of "holding the psychological pressure, holding the ideological pressure and holding the mental pressure", and constantly strengthen the awareness of self-relief, self-adjustment and self-resolution of pressure, so that leading cadres can constantly improve their mental ability of learning to rise, acting under pressure and advancing under negative pressure while standing up to pressure. third, we need to improve our ability to endure setbacks. can focus around "for live twists and turns, ups and downs, setbacks, hone and hone and tribulations" basic kernel, and constantly strengthen the "twists and turns, twists and turns and frustrations are all a hotchpotch of wealth" and "after suffering, pain, cold winter is spring" consciousness, training is the twists and turns and light on the twists and turns, smiles to the setbacks quality, make the leading cadres in pain suffering, constantly improve the face to face with the reality, humiliation, down yong probability of mental capacity.

leading cadres shape self-control, one must exert oneself to improve self - saving effort. can focus around "self-reflection self-reflection" kernel, and constantly strengthen the objective knowledge, scientific judging yourself, timely reflect on their consciousness, training and reflection, introspection and continue to reflect on the quality, make the leading cadres in the "three provinces daily my body", constantly improve the self reflection and examine the spirit of self-criticism and self ability. second, we should focus on improving self-control. we can focus on the basic core of "good at self-control and compulsion", constantly strengthen the sense of self-restraint, self-management and self-supervision, and constantly cultivate the quality of prudence, prudence and prudence, so that leading cadres can constantly improve their mental ability of consciously abiding by rules and regulations, discipline and law, and the law under the condition of no supervision. third, we need to improve our ability to correct ourselves. can focus around the basic kernel "good at self correction to correct", constantly strengthening the consciousness of correct, correction and correction and training consciously correction, corrective, automatically correct quality, make the leading cadres in the challenge themselves, improve themselves, to overcome self, constantly improve the autonomous picket, the spirit of self correction, automatic error correction ability.

source: party construction network