we will do our utmost to enhance the organizational capacity of community-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will do our utmost to enhance the organizational capacity of community-level party organizations and build a strong fighting fortress for the new era

as general secretary xi jinping has emphasized, community-level party organizations are the "last mile" for implementing the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee. we must adhere to the clear direction of focusing on community-level party organizations, step up efforts to strengthen their shortcomings in leading community-level party organizations in governance, and turn community-level party organizations in all areas into strong battlegrounds for realizing party leadership. only when the roots are established can they take root, and only when the roots are deep can they flourish. to enhance the organizational strength of primary-level party organizations in the new era is crucial to enhancing the party's cohesion, influence and combat effectiveness. to give full play to the role of community-level party organizations as battlegrounds, we must focus on improving their organizational capacity, focus on major tasks and highlight problems, refine measures, clarify responsibilities, and ensure full implementation, so as to constantly promote the overall progress and strength of community-level party organizations.

first, enhance organizational power while strengthening political functions

the political attribute is the fundamental attribute of the party organization, and the political function is the important aspect that reflects the organizational power of the party organization. first, we should attach importance to ideological and theoretical armament. it is the important responsibility of primary party organizations to arm the whole party with xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and to encourage community-level party organizations and members to enhance their awareness of, strengthen their confidence in, and safeguard their two responsibilities. community-level party organizations should take the leadership responsibility for theoretical study, make hard and real efforts to improve their ideological and political skills, and intensify the study and implementation of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. they should make plans for the study and implementation of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and focus on the study and education in batches. to make full use of the theme of the party day, the party group study, so that theoretical study into the daily, often, and constantly deep roots ideological and theoretical armed, so that the theoretical study into the brain into the heart, so that the majority of party members and cadres really learn, really understand and really believe. second, we transferred the demand for comprehensive and strict party self-governance to the community level. general secretary xi jinping has stressed on many occasions that every party branch and every party member should be fully governed by strict party discipline. community-level party organizations should take upholding the authority and centralized, unified leadership of the cpc central committee as the highest political principle, maintain a high degree of unity with the cpc central committee in terms of political stance, direction, principles, and path, and conscientiously resolve the problem of "obstructions" in the implementation of cpc leadership at the community-level level. we have always given greater prominence to improving party discipline, taught and guided party members and officials to strictly observe the party's political discipline and rules, and extended the requirements for comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline to the community level. third, we will consolidate the foundation for building community-level party organizations. grass-roots party organizations are the foundation of the building of the party's governance. to enhance their organizational capacity, we need to make the building of party branches an important part of party organization building, and focus on solving the problems of weakening, weakening, and marginalization of some primary party organizations. party committees at all levels should attach great importance to party branches and grasp party branches, earnestly strengthen leadership and guidance, establish contact points for party branches of leading members, focus on doing a good job in the contact work of party branches of the less advanced party, steadily promote the standardization and standardization of party branches, and build party branches into the gathering point and source of organizational strength of primary party organizations. we should encourage secretaries of party organizations at all levels to focus on the review of their work on party building, guide community-level party organizations to strengthen their awareness of the primary cause of party building, and ensure that secretaries of community-level party organizations are the primary responsible persons. party branches should earnestly fulfill their important duties of educating, managing and supervising party members, and give full play to the role of party branches and small groups as battle forts.

second, enhance organizational capacity in the course of serious intraparty political activities

intraparty political activities constitute a fine tradition and valuable experience of our party in strengthening its organizational capacity, an important feature that distinguishes marxist political parties from other political parties, and an important way to improve the organizational capacity of primary-level party organizations. first, we will ensure that the rules governing the conduct of serious intraparty political activities are implemented. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that institutional strength is the greatest strength of a political party and a country. we must resolutely implement the rules and regulations on strictly enforcing intraparty political activities and activities, and constantly strengthen and regulate the content of intraparty political activities and activities in accordance with the requirement that we emphasize regularity, seriousness, and detail. we must strictly implement the system of three meetings and one lesson, the system of democratic meetings and organizational meetings, the system of heart-to-heart discussions, and democratic evaluations by party members. we must strive to improve the quality of intraparty political life and work to foster a clean and upright political environment. in accordance with the regulations for ensuring that intraparty political activities and activities are conducted in a serious manner, we need to do a solid job of checking and reviewing them, focusing on key issues such as whether the organization is sound, systems are in place, activities are frequent, and guarantees are in place, and resolutely putting an end to any tendency to make intraparty political activities casual, casual, entertaining, or vulgar. second, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism. criticism and self-criticism and active and healthy ideological struggle are important means to strengthen and regulate intraparty political activities and are conducive to improving work and enhancing unity. insist on seeking truth from facts, from the perspective of care for comrade, serious criticism, to accept criticism, no unprincipled "bonhomie," inappropriate "and" is unknown, truly overcome selfishness, declaring recrimination, blush sweat detoxification, ensure that the party's political life has communication understanding, thought resonance and improve together. third, we will improve the supervision and inspection mechanism. without a clear definition of responsibility, accountability and accountability, the organizational strength of primary party organizations will be difficult to ensure. strengthening and regulating intraparty political activities and activities is the common task of the whole party, and we must all work together. we must make it a key measure to strengthen and standardize responsibilities for intraparty political activities and activities, and focus on solving prominent problems. party committees and community-level party organizations at all levels should work together to meet their responsibilities and fulfill their tasks. community-level party organizations should clearly define the division of responsibilities and ensure that others are in charge, in charge and in charge. we need to improve the mechanism for supervising and inspecting the implementation of the code of conduct for intraparty political conduct. we need to ensure that arrangements are made at the beginning of the year, inspections and reports are made at the middle of the year, and annual inspections and assessments are made. we need to do a good job in daily management and guidance, and effectively carry out intraparty political activities and activities to steadily improve the organizational capacity of community-level party organizations.

third, in the grasp of the law of innovation in the promotion of organizational power

good at innovation, the courage to innovate, is to enhance the internal requirements of grassroots party organizations. one is to renew ideas. only through reform and innovation can we find a way out. efforts to deepen and comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline have raised new and higher requirements for building community-level party organizations in the new era. in order to respond to the new demands of the new era with effective organizational work, we must adhere to the spirit of reform and innovation and an indomitable attitude of struggle, constantly emancipate the mind and update ideas, enhance the organizational capacity of community-level party organizations through clear guidance, strengthening weak links, and strengthening functions, and maintain the vitality of community-level party organizations through reform, innovation, and upholding integrity. second, innovation method carrier. we should closely combine the reality of primary party organizations, base ourselves on reality, broaden our thinking, and carry out in-depth thematic activities of various forms and rich contents. adhering to the guidance of branding and characteristics, we regularly carry out themed party day activities to create highlights of community-level party building and spark vitality of community-level party building. full integration of all kinds of resources advantage, digging and using the chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture, an advanced socialist culture, flexible micro lecture hall at the grass-roots level, mass cultural activities, etc., to further explore the "big study, the micro education, small exchange" model, make party members and cadres to power when the "actor", sing the "leading role". earnestly implement the grass-roots party organization the masses, the masses and pooling duties and serve the masses, give full play to the advantages of the internet, set up the "is intimate friends the bridge" between the network interactive platform, pays special attention to the party affairs and the populace to supervise, let the masses "words someone listening to someone tube, the skill to do difficult things, someone to help", make the grass-roots party organization better integrated into the center work, melt into the party members' needs, into the masses concerned.

four, in the forging team to enhance organizational power

party members are the cell of the party's body and the main body of the party's activities, and the construction of party members is the basic project of party construction. the strength of the grass-roots party organization is directly reflected in the overall quality of the party members. first, we must adhere to the focus on leading the team. the organization is strong or not, the key to see the "head sheep". forge strong team, want to build strong party branch group above all. we should comprehensively improve our political ability and always bear in mind that "among all kinds of abilities that cadres need to do their jobs well, political ability is the most important". we should constantly improve our ability to set the direction, make decisions and implement them through ideological refinement, political experience and practical training. we need to work hard to implement democratic centralism, make it more self-conscious and firm, and constantly improve the quality of democratic centralism applied by community-level party organizations. we need to promote democracy, be good at centralism, dare to take responsibility, and better play the role of a fortress. to rush up at the critical moment, critical juncture is clear out, brave when the vanguard, dare to take the lead, have the courage to undertake urgent and dangerous heavy tasks, do the majority of the party members of the masses "backbone", with practical action for the party flag add glory. second, we must adhere to the right approach in selecting and appointing people. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that party organizations at all levels must strictly control their political integrity, competence, and competence, and promptly identify and appoint cadres who are willing, sincere, and successful in their work. we must adhere to the "five criteria" for cadres, pay attention to the examination of their "seven abilities," unswervingly give top priority to political criteria, refine the contents of political inspection, optimize the path of political inspection, and intensify the use of political inspection. we must put our careers first and judge people accurately, and constantly improve the scientific and precise nature of our selection and appointment. we must fully follow the law governing the development of officials, optimize the path for their development, pay attention to training and training young officials at the community-level and in difficult areas, and cultivate a contingent of party officials who have the iron belief, faith, discipline and sense of responsibility. we must take fairness and integrity as the core concept of official work throughout the process of selecting and appointing officials, conscientiously guard against and correct unhealthy practices in the selection of officials, resolutely put an end to cronyism, corruption, leakage of air and other problems, and strictly investigate and punish violations of rules and regulations. we must leave no "secret door" or "skylight" in place, and ensure that the conduct of primary-level officials is clean and upright with the correct employment guidance.

fifth, enhance organizational capacity in the process of stimulating staff members to start businesses

great dreams are not something you wait or shout out, but something you spell and do. the key to strengthening the construction of grassroots party organizations is to encourage and guide the majority of party members and cadres to start their own businesses. first, we will encourage party members and cadres to act responsibly and boldly. party members and officials should strengthen the awareness of "avoiding official affairs and living a life of shame", resolutely overcome the erroneous thinking that more officials should take more responsibility, fewer officials should take less responsibility, and no officials should not take responsibility, and take the initiative to overcome difficulties. general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that work is the top priority for cadres. they should be willing to work actively, competent and good at work, and their enthusiasm is the most important. party organizations at all levels must adhere to the combination of strict supervision and love, attach equal importance to incentives and constraints, and sincerely care for officials politically, ideologically, in their work and in their daily life. we will give support and recognition to those comrades who are up to the task at a critical moment, and who are capable of it. we will give opportunities, platforms, and development to those cadres who want to work, who are capable of it, who are willing to take on responsibilities, and who are good at it. second, we will play the role of exemplary models. a model is a banner, and a party member is a benchmark. focusing on stimulating the enthusiasm of party members, officials and functionaries for starting businesses, we should carry out in-depth activities to create excellence, identify and cultivate a number of advanced exemplars, and give full play to their exemplary role in leading the way. excellent party members who have emerged from the frontline of poverty alleviation, epidemic prevention and control, and major tasks will be used as "living teaching materials" to carry out in-depth learning activities. call on the majority of party members to bright identity, than quality, when the vanguard, struggle for dedication, the courage to charge in front, dedication in the front line, so that grassroots party organizations truly become a strong and powerful fighting fortress. third, we will work hard to deliver results. advocating practical work and paying close attention to its implementation are the fine traditions of our party. general secretary xi jinping attaches great importance to promoting practical work and paying close attention to implementation, stressing that implementation should be the main way to carry out work. the key to stimulating the enthusiasm of party officials and improving the organizational capacity of community-level party organizations is to carry out all the tasks of the party's work in a precise and accurate manner. we need to make clear the existing contradictions and problems, stay committed to the set goals for our work, and take precise and effective measures to address the existing problems, and implement them one by one. in particular, we must crack down on formalism and bureaucratism, and put an end to such problems as drifting in style, unreal work, being divorced from reality, being divorced from the people, and reacting passivity. to the deployment of the key tasks, we must keep an eye on, perseverance, closely follow up and grasp the work process and implementation, really do not fall into place do not relax, do not see the results do not give up, with a solid and pragmatic style of work to achieve results.

source: party construction network