we will focus on implementing the organizational line for the new era-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will focus on implementing the organizational line for the new era

the 21st collective study of the political bureau of the cpc central committee focused on implementing the party's organizational line for the new era. general secretary xi jinping stressed that organizational building is an important foundation for party building. the party's organizational line in the new era provides scientific adherence for strengthening the party's organizational construction. to implement the party's organizational line for the new era, general secretary xi jinping has put forward the basic requirements of "doing a good job in the five areas." we need to have a thorough understanding of the requirements, identify the key areas of our work, and implement them in real earnest.

insist on the implementation of the "two maintenance" in all aspects of the whole process of organizational construction. the fifth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee regarded upholding the party's overall leadership as the first principle and fundamental political guarantee for development during the 14th five-year plan period. to carry out the party's organizational line in the new era, it is necessary to take the "two safeguards" as the highest political principle and constantly improve the system and mechanism for ensuring the "two safeguards". we will adhere to political standards, exercise political competence and practice in leading cadres, strengthen political oversight and supervision, guide party members to become more conscious and firm in upholding the two principles, foster marxist views on the state and the nation, and foster a strong sense of the chinese nation as a community. we will pay attention to political guidance and political absorption, adhere to the principle that the party manages personnel, and constantly attract outstanding personnel from all walks of life to contribute to the cause of the party and the people.

we will continue to strengthen the party's scientific theories. to strengthen the construction of the party organization, should not only "plastic", "soul", especially to enter a new stage of development, the implementation of the new concept of development, good service to build a new development pattern, must always adhere to the party's newest theory achievement and unified thought, unified, unified action, will vigorously implement the party's innovation theory cast soul engineering, continue to promote xi new era of socialism with chinese characteristics real walk thoughts go deep heart. first, we will pay special attention to the education and training of the "key minority", strictly implement the learning system for central groups of party committees (leading party groups), and carry out training by name, assignment and precision. second, we will establish and implement a system of staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, strengthen the principal role of party branches and small groups, and carry out theoretical study that is diversified and differentiated. 3 it is to improve the cadre education training evaluation mechanism, through individual, organization evaluation, superior examination, strengthen the process management and results management, and as the learning performance, chemical transformation problem training, inspection, identification of cadre's important reference, constantly improve the leadership and cadres at all levels to adapt to the new era, new requirements to grasp the reform, promoting development and maintaining stability level and professional ability.

we will continue to strengthen and knit the party's organizational system closely. the fifth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee made a plan for the economic and social development of the "14th five-year" period. only by improving the organizational system that connects all levels and implements them effectively can we ensure the smooth realization of the grand blueprint and the goals and tasks set at the plenary session. we need to strengthen our systems-oriented thinking, make concerted efforts to improve the party's organizational system, and make party organizations at all levels sound, strong, and responsible. we need to do a good job in the "middle section," thoroughly implement the regulations on the work of local party committees, and build party committees at all levels into strong organizations that resolutely follow the command of the cpc central committee, exercise strict management, have effective oversight, have united leading bodies, and conduct themselves in a pure manner. we will focus on the last mile of reform, focus on the rectification of weak and lax community-level party organizations, and encourage community-level party organizations to play a key role in implementing major tasks such as "six stability" and "six guarantees", epidemic prevention and control, rural revitalization, and community-level governance.

adhere to the cadre talent team construction as the emergency bureau, the key to open a new bureau. to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, we must have a contingent of cadres who are politically competent and capable of leading the modernization drive. we will fully implement the party's organizational line for the new era, focus on strengthening the ranks of officials, and encourage them to work and start their own businesses with the correct orientation of personnel selection, so that those who want to work, are willing to work, and are able to accomplish things will have a better place to put to good use. we will uphold the strict principle for a long time to come, and constantly enhance the party's capacity for self-purification, self-improvement, self-renewal and self-improvement. to foster opportunities in a crisis and open a new bureau in a changing situation, we need to have a deep understanding of the underlying laws governing the work of cadres and personnel in the new era, and select cadres and team members for the development of our undertakings, and cultivate talents and gather talents. in selecting and appointing officials, we must attach great importance to both moral character and ability. we must strictly check political integrity, integrity, and competence. we must examine and identify officials on the front lines of major struggles, and find and employ those who have outstanding performance. pay attention to the overall planning and use of cadres of all ages, optimize the structure of the team, enhance the overall function, improve governance ability. our management and oversight should be both vigorous and moderate. we should strengthen oversight over the performance of our duties and duties, and strengthen incentives and protection for officials who dare to perform their duties and perform their duties well. we should form the right direction that officials should be rewarded for their ability, rewarded for excellence, punished for incompetence, and eliminated from the ranks. we need to both attract and retain talented people. we need to deepen reform of the system for managing talented people, improve the environment for their development, and stimulate the vitality of employers.

we will continue to improve the party's organizational system. we need to make the party's organizational laws and regulations and the requirements put forward by the party central committee concrete, and establish and improve a complete system of organizational institutions, including organizational setup, organizational life, organizational operation, organizational management, and organizational oversight. in recent years, the central committee has successively introduced a series of important laws and regulations in the field of party building and organization. these laws and regulations are the fundamental guarantee for us to implement the party's organizational line in the new era. for those that need to be implemented, we will further refine and improve specific, complementary and operational measures in light of the actual situation, and turn prescriptional provisions into concrete work. for those that need innovation, respect the initiative of the grassroots, do more to discover highlights, cultivate models, refine and promote the work, and improve the overall level through points and areas; where we need to explore, we will focus on strengthening areas of weakness and areas of strength and weakness, and take solving practical problems as the breakthrough point and focus for improving our work. we will explore them in practice and standardize them in the process of exploration. we will formulate and promulgate relevant institutional documents to ensure that the main responsibility for comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline is carried out, that the party's political competence is inspected, and that officials exchange information. we will establish a long-term mechanism for studying, applying, and taking examinations, and strengthen oversight, inspection, and evaluation of the implementation of such systems, so as to ensure that they are effective and effective in addressing the root causes of the problem.

source: party construction network