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the formation and development of the party's organizational line

as a proletarian vanguard guided by marxism, the communist party of china has been committed to building a well-organized and well-disciplined proletarian party since the beginning of its founding. party building and the development of the party's cause are, above all, problems of party organization building and development. the party's organizational line is put forward and constantly enriched in the process of strengthening party organization building and promoting the development of the party's cause. on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party, a careful summary of the development and evolution of the party's organizational line is conducive to profoundly grasp the scientific connotation and basic requirements of the party's organizational line in the new era, strengthen the party's organizational construction, improve the party's organizational strength, and make the party stronger and more powerful.

we will develop the party's organizational system

in 1921, on the basis of the establishment of the party's program, the first cpc congress clearly pointed out the standards and procedures for the admission of party members, and began to construct the party's organizational system. it required that when there were more than five party members, a committee must be established. a local committee with more than ten members shall have one member in charge of finance, one in charge of organization and one in charge of publicity. if there are more than thirty members, an executive committee shall be elected from among the members of the committee. in 1922, the communist party of china formulated and issued the first party constitution, which listed the "organization" in a chapter and initially established the five-level party organization system, from bottom to top, the party group, the local party branch, the district executive committee, the local executive committee and the central executive committee. this party organization system has been extended to the four major communist party of china. four to the chinese communist party, the party constitution explicitly: every party grass-roots organs of three or more persons are to set up a branch, the second party constitution stipulated in the "group" upgraded to party branch executive committee and local party branch upgraded to place, thus forming a "4" the party's organization system, the executive committee of the party branch, local, district executive committee and the central executive committee.

in the early days of the founding of the party, the requirements related to the party's organizational construction are mainly reflected in the resolutions of the party congress and the requirements of the party constitution, especially in the resolutions on organizational issues. from the second party congress to the fifth party congress, three resolutions on party organization building were formulated. among them, in january 1925, the four major meetings of the communist party of china and the subsequent adoption of the "resolution on organizational issues", the party's organizational construction in the early days of the founding of the party has a milestone significance. the four major parties of the communist party of china clearly put forward the problem of proletarian leadership and the alliance of workers and peasants, and the development of the revolutionary situation urgently needs to further establish and perfect the party organization system and expand the scale of the party members. in october 1925, the central expanding by the executive committee "to the problem of resolution by organization" stressed: "at the time of now, organizational issues for our party's survival and development of one of the most important question", strive to guide workers, small industry, advanced intellectuals, peasants' consciousness of molecules in revolution as a "my party is the most important responsibility of". it calls for the implementation of the organizational line of making the party mass, "expanding the number of the party, practicing democratic centralism, and consolidating party discipline." at this point, the party organization developed rapidly and the number of its members increased rapidly, realizing the historical leap of the party from the initial small group of organization and propaganda to a mass political party.

put forward the party's "organizational line"

with the number of the five members of the communist party of china exceeding 50,000, the party has become a real mass party, and the problems of the party's cadres, organizational line and organizational discipline have really surfaced. in june 1927, the five party constitutions of the communist party of china began to establish democratic centralism as "the guiding principle of the party", and set up the central and provincial supervisory commission to strengthen the party's discipline construction, and positioned the responsibility of the supervisory commission as "consolidating the party's consistency and authority". the five major "resolution on organizational issues" of the communist party of china began to pay attention to the problem of cadres, emphasizing that "the rapid development of the party, the lack of party cadres and naive, our party naturally does not have the possibility of complete organization and consolidation. 412 counter-revolutionary coup in 1927 and the revolution failed, the early founding and revolution of the early lessons that our party has deepened the understanding of organization construction and the revolutionary road, namely, to overthrow the old regime, the revolutionary victory, must comprehensively strengthen the party's organization and leadership, and organize the masses, to the armed revolution to overthrow the old regime. in 1928, the national congress of the communist party of china clearly took "winning over the masses" as the general line at that time. at the same time, the six party constitutions explicitly define "democratic centralism" as the party's organizational principle, and explicitly use "the party's organizational system" as the title of the third chapter of the party constitution, while the outline of the resolution on organizational issues explicitly uses the term "organizational line." at the sixth congress of the communist party of china, the concept of the party's "organizational line" was clearly used for the first time and the theory of the party's organizational line was initially formed.

the sixth plenary session of the sixth central committee of the communist party of china (cpc) was held in yan 'an in 1938. in mao zedong's "on the new stage" political report, emphasis on "cadres are decisive factors, once the political line is determined" "without the most leading cadres have both talent and virtue, is unable to complete the historical mission of", the "perseverance, in a planned way, cultivate a large number of new cadres" as a "combat mission" at that time, demand must be concerned about the party's cadres, must be good at identifying cadres, must be good at using cadres, cadres must be able to take care of, must insist on revolutionary stance, pursuing a "meritocracy" route of cadres. mao zedong's speech above not only systematically discussed the party's cadre policy and the cadre team construction as the core content of the party's organizational line, but also clearly put forward and established the cadre standard of "having both talent and morality" and the cadre line of "appointing people on their merits". in the 1945 national congress of the communist party of china, liu shaoqi concluded in his report on the amendment of the party constitution that mao zedong's correct line for building the party "first lays emphasis on ideological and political construction, as well as organizational construction". at the same time, it emphasized that "the mass line is the fundamental political line and organizational line of our party", which historically formed the party's view of the mass line and organizational line in the revolutionary period.

the development of the party's organization line in the new period

the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee of the cpc reestablished the marxist ideological, political and organizational line, and put forward and implemented the "four modernizations" of making cadres more revolutionary, younger in age, better educated and more professional. deng xiaoping made it clear that "the party should supervise the party, its members first and its cadres second. for the ruling party, cadres are the most important thing for the party to supervise the party."

from the perspective of organizational construction, the principle of "four modernizations" has become the core content of the party's organizational line and the cadre line since the reform and opening up, and the cadre team construction has become the key content of organizational construction. the constitution of the communist party of china adopted at the 12th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) adds a special chapter on party cadres (chapter vi), which clearly states: "party cadres are the backbone of the party's cause and public servants of the people. the party selects cadres according to the principle of having both political integrity and ability, insists on appointing people on their merits, opposes appointing favoritism, and calls for efforts to make the ranks of cadres more revolutionary, younger, better-educated and more professional." from the perspective of the development and changes in the party's organizational construction since the reform and opening up, there are two major developments and changes besides the emphasis on strengthening the construction of cadres in accordance with the "four modernizations" policy. first, in 2000, new party membership criteria were established, requiring that "outstanding members from other sectors of society who recognize the party's program and constitution, work conscientiously for the party's line and program, and who have been tested over a long period of time and meet the requirements for party membership" be admitted into the party. second, the party construction of "two new" organizations and grass-roots service-oriented party organization construction have become the important content of the party organization construction in the new period.

scientific summary of the party's organizational line in the new era

since the eighteenth congress, comrade xi as the core of the cpc central committee attaches great importance to the construction of the party organization, in july 2018, the national organization work conference speech, xi jinping, general secretary of the new era of the party's organization routes to make scientific generalization, explicitly points out that the new era, the party's line, namely "the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics, fully implement new era, with emphasis on the organization system construction, strive to cultivate high-caliber cadres clean on the loyal to gather the patriotic dedication talents, insist on having both ability and political integrity, good for first, meritocracy, to provide a strong organizational guarantee for upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the party and upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics." this scientific and clear generalization not only realizes the organic unity of organization and person, the organic unity of purpose and means, but also fully embodies the organic unity of organizational system, organizational structure and organizational function, and enriches the connotation and extension of the party's organizational line.

new era scientific generalization of the party organization line enriched the basic theory of the party's organization construction, the focus of the party's organization construction has been clear about the new era, the development direction and the basic requirements, perfecting the construction of the party's basic theory frame, make the party's political line, ideological line and organizational line, the mass line is the clear connotation, specific content requirements, common thread around the party's construction to promote the construction of the party. this scientific summary is not only a scientific summary of the historical experience of the party's organizational construction, but also a theoretical sublimation of the successful experience of comprehensively governing the party and officials with strict discipline since the 18th national congress of the cpc. it not only has a clear problem-oriented and target-oriented, but also vigorously strengthens the party's organizational laws and regulations and system construction, and is committed to realizing the institutionalization, standardization and scientization of the party's organizational construction.

since the eighteenth congress, in view of the party's organization construction, the cpc central committee formulated issued regulations on the operation of the communist party of china central committee of the communist party of china local regulations on the election work of the grassroots organizations of the communist party of china regulations on the election work of the working organ of the communist party of china (try out) "regulation, the chinese communist party branch work regulations (trial) (singles), and a series of basic rules and regulations, and relates to the party construction of a party organization system for the implementation of the route of the party organization, strengthening the construction of the party organization provides the strong support of laws and regulations.

construction and development of the communist party of china in one hundred showed that attaches great importance to the construction of the party is the distinctive features of our party, strengthen the organization construction of the party is the key of the party's construction, it is because of our party at any time, attaches great importance to the party's organization system construction, the construction of party members and cadres, to make our party development organization in the world the most closely, the inner-party laws and regulations, the most perfect, most strict discipline, the party member the largest number of marxist ruling party.

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