we will do a good job in marxist theory education-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will do a good job in marxist theory education

the marxist theoretical research and construction project (hereinafter referred to as "the project") is the basic and strategic project of the party's ideological and theoretical construction, and also the soul project of colleges and universities to cast and educate people. as xi jinping pointed out, "to run our colleges and universities well, we must adhere to the guidance of marxism and fully implement the party's education policy. we must unremittingly spread marxist scientific theory and do a good job in marxist theoretical education. to promote the research and construction of marxist theory in colleges and universities is a necessary part of creating a new situation for the development of china's higher education. we must always adhere to the correct direction of education and education orientation, make good use of engineering achievements, turn the party's achievements in innovative theories into education resources, and ensure that the task of promoting xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era into teaching materials, classrooms, and minds is fully implemented.

stick to the correct direction and make good use of the engineering teaching materials. xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party of china (cpc), pointed out at the meeting of ideological and political theory teachers at the school, "our party is determined to achieve the lasting cause of the chinese nation. it must cultivate useful talents who, generation after generation, support the leadership of the cpc and china's socialist system and are determined to devote their lives to the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics." textbook construction is an important support for casting soul and educating people, and the key to carrying out the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue. promoting xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era into teaching materials, classrooms and minds is a major political task of the project construction. since entering the 21st century, engineering construction takes teaching materials as an important carrier, which provides a strong support for colleges and universities to keep pace with the times and do a good job of "three advances". based on the use of practical engineering textbooks, colleges and universities have realized the transformation from theoretical system to textbook system and from textbook system to teaching system. in addition, colleges and universities also fully undertake engineering tasks and organize experts and scholars to participate in the compilation and revision of textbooks. standardize the use of engineering teaching materials, formulate the construction and use management measures of engineering teaching materials, bring the unified use of engineering teaching materials into the assessment index system and then compaction the responsibility; the teaching materials should be innovated to enhance the pertinence and practicality of the teaching materials by taking the key engineering teaching materials as the teaching outline, supplemented by the auxiliary reading materials, case analysis and empirical materials.

conduct ideological and political courses well to improve the effectiveness of engineering education. youth is the future of our country and the hope of our nation. adolescent stage is the life "jointing booting stage", is the thinking into the most active state of growth stage, need to be carefully guided and cultivated with ideological and political courses. general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "ideological and political courses are the key courses to carry out the fundamental task of cultivating people through virtue." the project has thoroughly implemented the opinions on deepening the reform and innovation of ideological and political theory courses in schools in the new era. through the reform and innovation of teachers, teaching materials and teaching methods, the project has provided basic support for deepening the reform of ideological and political theory courses, and strengthened the ideological and theoretical nature of ideological and political theory courses. colleges and universities always take the "three advancement" work as the top priority and urgent matter, and promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political courses through the renewal of courses, the innovation of teaching and the innovation of methods, so that young students can understand, understand and implement them. fudan university, for example, the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics open jinping new era series course, write, update teaching plans, curriculum courseware, also specifically for education courses configuration 2 credits, required courses for practice teaching link, including the "cycle" marxist theory "in governing the national college students' communication bbs" and so on, to enhance the affinity of education courses and pertinence.

responding to the requirements of the times, serving the party's theoretical innovation. as xi jinping has pointed out, "the vitality of theories lies in continuous innovation, and it is the sacred duty of chinese communists to promote the continuous development of marxism." the project adheres to the principle of strengthening the foundation and strengthening the foundation, advancing with the times, arming the mind and educating the people with the party's innovative theories, and providing a key support for universities and colleges to run ideological and political courses well, strengthen the team of marxist theoretical talents, and train young theoretical talents. it is the primary political task of theoretical work in colleges and universities to timely follow up research and comprehensively and systematically explain xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. thirty lectures on xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the outline of study on xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era have not only provided important learning materials for teachers, but also become required reading books for young students. the practice innovation of contemporary china has created a very broad space for the development of theory, and also provided new research topics. the project focuses on major issues, organizes high-level theoretical research talents to focus on key problems, and produces a large number of research results with theoretical depth and decision-making reference value. facing the future, colleges and universities should deeply participate in the project construction, establish a multi-disciplinary "group army", strengthen the study of marxism, and pay attention to the construction of marxist colleges, build the main front of marxist education and teaching, and effectively transform the research results into the results of education.

source: party construction network