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the key to realizing the long-term goal lies in the leadership of the party

standing on the "two" one hundred goals history intersection, the fifth plenary session of the party's 19th through examining the "the central committee of the communist party of china to develop the national economy and social development of 14 five-year plan and 2035 vision", describes the future development blueprint, clear the goals and direction of the party and the country. the plenum emphasized that the party's leadership is the first principle that must be followed in the economic and social development during the 14th five-year plan period. study and implement the plenum spirit, in the history and reality, theory and practice to deepen the understanding of the leadership of the party, in the comparison of the profound grasp the overall leadership of the party, to strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the cpc central committee is to complete the "difference" plan and 2035 vision the fundamental guarantee of various tasks, firmly believe that as long as rely on the leadership of the party, "two" one hundred goals must be able to meet deadlines.

first, only by relying on the leadership of the party can we formulate scientifically the specific tasks for the 14th five-year plan and the long-term goals for the year 2035.

formulating development plans and delineating long-term goals is the primary link for the party to achieve leadership. "difference" plan and 2035 vision, is the party's first proposed by 19 in one hundred to one hundred the second goal in the first stage of the specific deepening, is the comprehensive construction socialism modernization country new journey, to the second goals into specific program in one hundred, is the next five years, and even a longer period of china's economic and social development action plan. in china today, only rely on the leadership of the party, can make such a historical vision, and only through the leadership of the party, to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects made scientifically, to realize the second goal in one hundred after the specific plan, system deployment tasks that the implementation planning vision system as a whole "difference" planning and "two" one hundred goals, promoting socialist modernization construction of power. and make such strategic choice, have sufficient historical and realistic basis.

from the main objectives and tasks, runoff to build a well-off society in an all-round decisive achievements, major breakthroughs were made in deepening reform and overall major progress was made in governing the country according to law, comprehensive governing party made great achievements, china's economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, significant results were obtained in construction of ecological civilization; historically, from after the founding of the "four modernizations" points "two-step", after the reform and opening-up policy to the modernization of the "three steps" strategy, to today's "two" one hundred goals, as well as embedded into each of these five year plan for national economic and social development, which marked the party one step a footprint, one step one step, with practical action to compose the new blueprint for the scene. the practice view of marxism holds that the understanding of planning vision is based on practice rather than dogmatism and empiricism. comrade mao zedong once pointed out the dialectical relationship between leadership and foresight. he said, "what is leadership? what does leadership have to do with foresight? to foresee is to see in advance the direction of the future. "he believed that without foresight there would be no leadership. therefore, development plans and long-term goals are based on a scientific grasp of current practice, a systematic summary of history, and accurate foresight of the future. it is precisely because our party has always adhered to the principle of "one central task and two basic points", adhered to seeking truth from facts and put the people first, combined marxism with the specific characteristics of china's times, and formulated every development plan and long-term goal in a scientific way. each long-term goal has a clear timetable and road map. it not only plans the task of "crossing the river", but also solves the problem of "bridge or boat". it adheres to the top-level design while remaining cautious of "crossing the river by feeling the stones", which fully demonstrates the theoretical power of marxism to criticize reality and change the world. history and reality have proved that only by relying on the leadership of the party can we scientifically formulate the strategic layout and systematically draw up the blueprint for development and push forward the "two centenary goals" on a new journey.

second, only by relying on the party's leadership can we turn the 14th five-year plan and the vision for the year 2035 into reality.

the key to running china's affairs well lies in the party. the party also holds the key to turning the blueprint and vision into reality. promoting the development plan and long-term goals as scheduled is a key link to test the effectiveness of the party's leadership, but also a test of the party's leadership style and level. it is not an easy task to build china into a modern socialist country in an all-round way. we should never expect to take a leisurely walk, still less expect to accomplish it overnight. on our great new journey, we must always be ready to face crises and challenges at home and abroad, involving political, economic, military, natural disasters and other fields. if the party's leadership fails to cope with these crises and challenges, it will be prone to systemic risks, or make subversive mistakes, delay or even interrupt the party's cause, and bring disaster to the country and the people. the more this is done, the more it shows the extreme importance of the party's leadership.

adhere to the overall leadership of the party, to strengthen and improve the party's leadership, establish a sound mechanism of economic and social development of the leadership of the party system, play a good party runs the coordinates, the core of leadership of the role, better play to the whole country a chess game and concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings system advantage, more efficiently as a whole the economic, political, cultural, social, ecological, party affairs, complete the various tasks of the construction of socialist modernization power. to uphold the party's leadership, we must formulate and improve various systems for its leadership, and put in place a complete set of systems for strengthening and improving the party's leadership, so that it can both stand the test in theory and be effective in practice. it not only meets the needs of the new era, but also meets the needs of building a great modern socialist country. on this great new journey, we must turn the blueprint and vision into reality. it is important that we resolutely implement the two-prong approach. the most important manifestation of the "two safeguards" is that the whole party and the central committee think and act in the same direction. only by carrying out the party's leadership strategy, firmly establishing the ideology and conviction of making the country prosperous through hard work, and carrying forward the glorious tradition and fine style of work of the cpc, can the whole party shoulder the heavy responsibility of building a great modern socialist country. to uphold the leadership of the party, we must resolutely curb political nihilism, oppose all tendencies to weaken, dilute, gloss over, or marginalize the leadership of the party, and resolutely eliminate the formalism of oral politics and surface writings that are impractical and ineffectual. only in this way can we put the party's leadership into practice through every organization and party member, truly form an organizational system that is well-connected from top to bottom and effectively implemented, and make full ideological, work and organizational preparations for the great new victory of building a great modern socialist country.

third, only by relying on the leadership of the party can we pool the strength of the whole party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups in china to set sail.

the fifth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee stressed that in order to realize the 14th five-year plan and the long-term goal for the year 2035, we must uphold the party's overall leadership, fully mobilize all positive factors, widely unite all forces that can be united, and form a powerful synergy for promoting development. up and down with the desire to win, the wind and rain together. historical experience has proved that the party's leadership is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of the "two centenary goals", and the great strength of the whole party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups is the fundamental driving force for the realization of the "two centenary goals".

according to the basic theory of party building of marxism, the greatest political advantage of the communist party is "organization", which is the fundamental and prerequisite for the party to realize leadership. to "organize" requires the party to have a high degree of political leadership, ideological guidance, mass organization and social appeal. through ideological cohesion, political cohesion and value cohesion, the people can gather around the party organization, listen to the party's words, follow its lead, and sincerely love and follow its lead. "organization" itself contains the power of truth, the power of practice. the 14th five-year plan and the forward-looking goals for the year 2035 represent an important step in achieving the second centenary goal and in building china into a great modern socialist country. to realize modernization, fundamentally speaking, is to realize human modernization. modernization can only be realized if the fruits of development benefit all the people and they realize it. therefore, the people are the strength for the development of the country and the nation, and also the strength for the success of the party's cause. only by implementing the people-centered development philosophy and building a modern socialist country that truly meets the will of the people can the broad masses of the people be well organized, all positive factors mobilized, and all forces that can be united. to carry out this important requirement, should be thought guidance, behavior management, publicity and education work, make the party members and cadres of the masses "organized" from "bad taste" and under the leading of socialist core values and forge ahead, making the whole party, army and the chinese people of all ethnic groups is truly organized, consciously, making concerted, passionately walking established vision, inspire them to challenge for the country rich and strong, rejuvenation, people's happiness and inspire them to burning ambition unremitting struggle for socialist modernization drive.

we firmly believe that in the construction of socialist modernization power new great journey, we will organize to gather 1.4 billion the majestic power of the people, inspire the whole party, army and the chinese people of all ethnic groups remain "i will search up and down" mental states and "instead of always since courageously hoof" the action of the power, the party and country and the people's cause forward constantly.

source: party building network