the people's wellbeing reached a new level, demonstrating the concept of the people's supremacy in governance-凯发k8天生赢家

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the people's wellbeing reached a new level, demonstrating the concept of the people's supremacy in governance

"governing the country should be done on a regular basis while benefiting the people." approval of the fifth plenary session of the party's 19 "the central committee of the communist party of china to develop the national economy and social development of 14 five-year plan and 2035 vision" (hereinafter referred to as the "recommendations") that profoundly expounded the next five years or 15 years of the new blueprint of china's economic and social development, provides the all-round construction of socialism modernization country simply follow. after studying the proposal, i deeply realized that the red line of "people first" runs through the whole process. the proposal sets forth the goal of "raising people's well-being to a new level", which fully demonstrates the cpc's people-centered development philosophy, its original mission of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation, and its ruling philosophy of putting the people first.

the communist party of china (cpc) 's relentless pursuit of development demonstrates its people-centered development philosophy. "the state is based on the people, and the state is established for the people." the people are the fundamental force driving development and the greatest confidence of the cpc in ruling the country. the cpc comes from the people, has its roots in the people, and serves the people. it has always taken the people's aspiration for a better life as its goal, and it has won the people's heartfelt support and firm support. this year is the final year for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and in fighting poverty. "well-off" embodies the chinese people's longing for a better life for thousands of years. development is the top priority and the foundation of people's livelihood. without development, "people-centered" will become a source of water and a tree without roots. the five-year plan is formulated and implemented to address development issues. since the founding of new china, the unity of the communist party of china led the people of all ethnic groups in the development, are wholeheartedly rush, created which are rarely seen in the rapid economic development and social long-term stability, miracle from poverty to clothing, from having only adequate food and clothing to the well-off, from general well-off to overall well-off, took the lead in the world to complete the one thousand united nations development goals... under the leadership of the communist party of china, the beautiful picture in the book of songs that "the people also stop working and can get moderately prosperous" is becoming a vivid reality.

the development thought of "taking the people as the center" embodies the character of the people of marxist political party. while strengthening the top-level design, the compilation of the proposal has focused on seeking advice from and serving the people. it has incorporated social expectations, the wisdom of the masses and grass-roots experience into the proposal through multiple channels, so as to make the proposal more in line with the people's expectations and better reflect their will. the proposal takes "putting the people first" as one of the five principles to be followed in economic and social development during the 14th five-year plan period. this fully demonstrates once again that the power to promote development always comes from the people and that the purpose of development is always to improve people's well-being. to keep your people on the highest position in the heart, self-restraint "successful don't have to be in my", "successful" i must be borne, the implementation, maintain good, good development of the masses of the people's fundamental interests as the starting point of development and the foothold, always mutual affinity with the people, and people share the joys and sorrows, and unity of the people, really achievements of development to the people, rely on the people, by the people sharing, thus a wider range of all realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation's mighty power.

the cpc's consistent efforts to increase the well-being of the chinese people demonstrate its original mission of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. the people's livelihood concerns the immediate interests of the people, social fairness and justice. it is the party's original aspiration and perseverance to put the people at the heart of the people and to share the same destiny and heart with them. as a marxist political party, the communist party of china lives and thrives for the people, and strives for them regardless of their sacrifice. the fundamental purpose of our party to unite and lead the people in revolution, construction, reform and development is to ensure a better life for the chinese people. it has therefore been tempered and tempered into glory by the trials and tribulations. during the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020), our party has made remarkable achievements in ensuring and improving people's livelihood through development. the magnificent picture of a better life for the people has been rolled out across china.

"what the people want, what the government wants." the five-year development plans have different contents, but people's livelihood has always been the top priority. during the 14th five-year plan period, more attention should be paid to ensuring and improving people's livelihood. at present, china has entered the stage of high-quality development from high-speed growth. the contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development has become the principal contradiction in society. the people's demands for the quality of life are getting higher and more urgent. "advice" to "well-being" reached a new level of the people's livelihood as a "difference" one of the six main goal of economic and social development, put forward "more fully achieve higher quality jobs" "equal basic public services level increased significantly" "multi-level social security system more robust" "rural revitalization strategy of promoting" and other new and higher requirements, reflects the adapted to new changes of the main social contradiction, and people's new look forward to for a better life. this requires us to pay more attention to people's wellbeing, respect public opinion, be sensitive to their feelings, and respond to their concerns. we need to do more to improve their lives and address their concerns. we need to effectively address their concerns, worries, and concerns so that we will continue to realize their aspirations for a better life.

the cpc as a whole has promoted implementation, which demonstrates its institutional advantage in upholding the supremacy of the people. the supremacy of the people is not an empty and abstract theory, but a vivid and concrete practice, which needs to be implemented to improve people's well-being and solidified in the form of institutions. improving people's wellbeing is a comprehensive and systematic project that covers all aspects of people's lives and involves all areas of economic and social development. shortfalls in any one area will affect the improvement of people's livelihood. they cannot be long or short. in view of the universal concern of all the people education, employment, income, health care, pension, live the people's livelihood problems, our party insisted that the best we can, strengths, perfect system in education, learning to teach, work pay, sickness, old to be raised, live, weak has helped the basic public service system, such as pay attention to in developing continuously jiminsheng short board, promote the well-being of the people's livelihood, to put the system of people's supreme advantages in the people's feeling, happiness and security.

the formulation and implementation of the five-year plan is an important way for our party to govern the country. the proposal not only lays out the 14th five-year plan for development, but also looks forward to 2035, fully demonstrating the remarkable strengths of the socialist system with chinese characteristics and the party's mission of drawing up a blueprint to the end. achieving common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism. it is also a long and gradual process that requires continuous efforts, solid efforts and lasting contributions. the proposal sets forth ambitious goals such as "all-round human development and more tangible progress in common prosperity for all" and emphasizes "solid progress in promoting common prosperity". at the same time, it lays out a series of key tasks such as "raising people's income level". these goals and tasks take into account both current and long-term needs and are both necessary and possible. they are both inspiring and realistic. they are both comprehensively planned and focus on key areas. the people are the creators of history. to create great undertakings, we must fully mobilize the people, closely rely on the people, be good at drawing wisdom and strength from the great practices of the people, and constantly study new situations and problems. we must be good at applying new ideas and technologies.

"days and personnel days urge each other, winter solstice yangsheng spring again." there is no end to improving people's wellbeing; it is only a continuous new starting point. in the course of realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the communist party of china has united and led the chinese people of all ethnic groups to go through numerous mountains and rivers. in the future, we will continue to travel over mountains and rivers, stride forward toward the goal of common prosperity for all people, and create a brighter future for the people.

source: party building network