continuing the "great social revolution"-凯发k8天生赢家

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continuing the "great social revolution"

the history of the communist party of china since its founding is a history of the party rallying and leading the people in continuing the struggle to advance the "great social revolution". in the new era, general secretary xi jinping has pointed out significantly, "only by looking back at the road we have traveled, comparing the paths of others, looking far ahead, and figuring out where we have come from and where we are going, can we look deeply and accurately at many problems." today, standing on the "two" one hundred goal of history on the intersection, look back over the past century our party leads the people in revolution, construction and reform practice in the advance of "social revolution" great glorious years, helps to find out what is "the communist party of china, what to do" this fundamental problem, the quasi "socialism with chinese characteristics from the new era, want where to go" this time problem, so don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, is committed to the upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics the new era of "great social revolution".


the cannon of the russian revolution of 1917 brought marxism-leninism to china, and soon the chinese communist party was born. as a marxist political party, our party has been upholding marxist "scientific cosmology and social revolution" since its founding. in july 1921, a major party congress announced the formal establishment of the communist party of china. the party platform adopted by the congress clearly stipulated that "the fundamental political purpose of the party is to carry out social revolution", so the party naturally shouldering the political mission of "carrying out social revolution". since then, our party has united and led the people to embark on a historical journey of unremitting struggle for the "implementation of social revolution". in the period of the new-democratic revolution, the party's main form of practice and means of realization of "carrying out social revolution" is, in the words of mao zedong, "revolution is an uprising, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another".

as a revolutionary party with marxism as its guiding ideology, our party is a "mission-type party" committed to seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. however, our party was born in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society with backward economy and culture. in order to fulfill its political mission of "carrying out social revolution", it must first complete its historical mission of "realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation" and its ruling mission of "realizing socialist modernization". in particular, is our party leads the people in the process of "social revolution", both to overthrow imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism three mountain, to realize the national independence and liberation, and to change the backward social system and mode of production, to realize the national prosperity and people's happiness. this historical task cannot be accomplished in one move or in a single battle. it must go through a long and arduous historical process, which requires chinese communists to forge ahead and continue to struggle for it.

in the period of new-democratic revolution, comrade mao zedong as the main representative of the unity of the communist party of china led the people find a seizure of power in rural areas to encircle the cities, the armed revolution right path, after 28 years of fighting, victory completed the new-democratic revolution, successfully solved the imperialism and the chinese nation in modern chinese society, feudalism, and the people that the two main contradictions, the end of the country apart and the masses of the people's exploitation slavery tragic situation, the establishment of a people's democratic dictatorship of the people's republic of china, thus created the world revolution in the history of the "miracle" of the chinese revolution victory, the chinese people have since stood up and the chinese nation has embarked on the grand path of great rejuvenation.


the founding of the people's republic of china in october 1949 marked the end of the new-democratic revolution and the beginning of the socialist revolution. in this historical stage, our party "implements the social revolution" the practice form and the realization way also subsequently produces the significant change.

in the process of socialist revolution, our party has put the basic principle of marxism with china's concrete practice, has basically completed in just a few short years time of agriculture, handicraft industry and capitalist industry and commerce socialist transformation, and successfully realized the transition from new democracy to socialism and established the basic socialist system, so as to realize the chinese nation the most extensive and profound social change, for all development and progress in contemporary china laid the fundamental political prerequisite and institutional basis. the party's eighth congress, held in september 1956, declared the basic completion of the socialist revolution and the basic establishment of the socialist system, and clearly set forth the fundamental tasks, lines and principles of the party and the country in the future. this marked that china had entered the primary stage of socialism, and our party rallied and led the people to independently explore a path of socialist construction suited to china's national conditions.

need to stress is that our country after entering the socialist society, while the exploitation of the class struggle as the object of class in society has gone, but this does not mean that our party has political mission of "social revolution" has been finished, it means that our party leads the people started under the socialist system of "social revolution", the large-scale promotion of the construction of the socialist theory and practice. in this process, our party and country have made great achievements in construction and great theoretical achievements. for example, in terms of achievements in national development, china has initially established an independent and relatively complete national economic and industrial system, created the important material and technological foundation necessary for socialist modernization, and cultivated a large number of backbone personnel in political, economic and cultural development. in the theoretical exploration of the governance of the country, the author has put forward such important theoretical viewpoints as "discussing ten relations" and correctly handling "contradictions among the people", thus accumulating important experience of the party's leadership in socialist construction. these major achievements in practice and theory have provided the material foundation, theoretical preparation and valuable experience for the chinese nation to turn its destiny from a fundamental one to a sustained one to prosperity and strength, to embark on the path of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era of reform and opening up, and to advance the socialist modernization drive in an all-round way.


the third plenary session of the 11th cpc central committee held in december 1978 made the historic decision to shift the party's focus of work to economic development and to carry out reform and opening up, ushering in a new era of reform, opening up and socialist modernization. comrade deng xiaoping as the main representative of the chinese communists scientific judgment of the trend of the times and the actual situation in china, stick to solve the primary stage of socialism, social principal contradictions of our country both adhere to the "ancestor", and insist on emancipating the mind, ongoing theoretical innovation and practical innovation, scientific answer "what is socialism and how to build socialism" this basic problem, deeply reveals the connotation of socialism essence and socialism law of development, thus opens up our party leads the people on the road of socialism with chinese characteristics "social revolution" in the new journey.

marxism believes that any real revolution is a social revolution, which is based on the movement of contradictions between the productive forces and the relations of production. it is not only a social movement to break away from the old political superstructure, but also a new movement for social construction. our party grasps the basic principle of marxism, from the beginning of reform and opening up was solemnly declare: realizing the four modernizations, requirements rapidly increase productivity and also requires changes with all the aspects of productivity does not adapt the productive relations and superstructure, change everything don't adapt to the management way, activity way and thought way, so it is a widespread and profound revolution. this means that in the new era our party has led the people to "carry out the social revolution" with a new form of practice and realization. deng xiaoping put forward clearly: "revolution is the liberation of productive forces, and reform is also the liberation of productive forces. to overthrow the reactionary rule of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism and liberate the productive forces of the chinese people is revolution, and therefore revolution is the liberation of the productive forces. once the basic socialist system has been established, we must fundamentally change the economic system that hampers the development of the productive forces and establish a socialist economic system that is full of vigor and vitality so as to promote the development of the productive forces. this is reform, and reform is also the liberation of the productive forces." "reform is china's second revolution".

in the new era, the reform and opening up as our party leads the people in the "new great revolution", is the party in the new historical conditions leads the people in the practice of "social revolution" form and the way of implementation, its essence is the self-improvement and development of the socialist system, the fundamental purpose is the liberation and development of social productivity, unceasingly to meet people's growing material and cultural needs and improve people's living standard, constantly promote all-round social progress and common prosperity for all our people. successfully pioneered the "new great revolution" and the development of the socialism with chinese characteristics, the great liberation and development of the social productive forces, make in just a few years in our country has become the world's second largest economy, chinese people ushered in the great leap forward from insufficient food and clothing to the well-off affluent, came from the stand of the chinese nation to rich the great leap forward.


with long-term efforts, socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era. based on the new historical juncture in china's development, general secretary xi jinping solemnly declares that "socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is the outcome of the great social revolution led by our party and the people, and it is also a continuation of the great social revolution led by our party and the people, and must be carried out consistently". it solemnly states that "upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era is a great social revolution, which requires us to constantly carry out a great struggle with many new historical features". this means that our party has pushed the "implementation of social revolution" to the new stage of "socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era".

since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core is suggested "four great" global, push forward "five one" the overall layout and coordination to promote "comprehensive" four strategic layout, adhere to the "great revolution" lead "great social revolution", with strong political courage and responsibility for a number of major policies, launched a series of major initiatives to promote a series of major work, promote the party and national historic changes and made historic achievements in career, our party in the forge of the "great revolution" self become more strong; at the same time, with great thought and political wisdom consciously answer "new age what kind of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics," the big era subject, promote marxism achieved a historic leap forward again, founded the new age of xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics. in the course of the "great social revolution" in the new era, our party has united and led the people in achieving the "miracle of rapid economic development" and the "miracle of long-term social stability" rarely seen in the world.

looking back to the "great society revolution" glorious history, we can deeply found: the new democratic revolution to socialism revolution, from the reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics of new age - over the past century in the practice of our party's struggle all through the "social revolution" the distinctive theme; from a historical perspective, this theme is the "grand logic" that runs through the history of the party, the history of new china, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialism. what's more, we can deeply understand that the key secret for the cpc to lead the people from victory to new victory in the process of revolution, construction and reform is to continue advancing the "great social revolution".

in the new era of the conquest of the struggle, for more than 9100 of the communist party must consciously practice mission, his mind firmly revolutionary ideals and the revolutionary spirit, dare to completely-new, have the courage to bear, continually has many new historical characteristics of great struggle, to put our party unity to lead the people have been a "great social revolution" in 99, the campaign of new era for the team to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to seize the great victory of socialism with chinese characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation of china's dream and make unremitting struggle.

source: party building network