to realize a great dream requires a great struggle-凯发k8天生赢家

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to realize a great dream requires a great struggle

society moves forward in a movement of contradictions, where there are contradictions there will be struggles. contradictions are objective and universal. struggle is the concrete embodiment of the objectivity and universality of contradiction. as a chinese saying goes, "things are different when they are different." as long as there is a material world, there will be differences and contradictions. nothing is without contradictions, and there is no world without contradictions. where there is contradiction, there will be struggle. the interdependence and mutual struggle of contradictory aspects in all things determines the life of all things and promotes the development of all things. it is in the contradictory movement between the productive forces and the relations of production, the economic base and the superstructure that society develops and advances. in the new era, we must continue to forge ahead toward the great goal of realizing the chinese dream of great national renewal with an unrelent spirit and an indomitable will.

anyone who has run a marathon knows the "devil's seven miles". the last seven kilometers near the destination is the seven kilometers where victory is in sight, the seven kilometers where human strength is close to the limit, and the seven kilometers where problems are most likely to occur. if there is a little carelessness, the work may fall short and all the previous work may be abandoned. after long-term efforts, entered the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics means we entered the new era of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream is more and more close, means that since modern times and tribulations came from the chinese nation stand up strong, rich and up to the great leap forward, ushered in to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation's bright prospect, stable to solve the problem of food and clothing of the billions of people in our country, on the whole a well-off, will soon build a well-off society in an all-round way, the people a better life needs is becoming more and more widely, also means difficult risk increasing, the challenge of contradictions. for our party to rally and lead the people in effectively responding to major challenges, felling major risks, overcoming major obstacles and resolving major contradictions, we must embark on a great struggle with many new historical features. any thought or act that seeks enjoyment, is inactive or avoids conflict is wrong.

great struggle is the objective need of the development of domestic and international situation. as for the domestic situation, thanks to more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the contradiction between the people's ever-growing material and cultural needs and backward social production has been basically resolved, and the principal contradiction of the new era has been transformed into one between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. the achievements china has made in its development are widely recognized by the world. however, some outstanding problems of unbalanced and inadequate development have yet to be solved, the quality and efficiency of development are not high enough, china's capacity for innovation is not strong enough, the real economy needs to be improved, and ecological and environmental protection remains a long and arduous task. poverty alleviation remains a daunting task. there is still a large gap between urban and rural development and between regions and in income distribution. the people face many difficulties in employment, education, medical care, housing and old-age care. the level of social civilization still needs to be improved; social contradictions and problems are intertwined, the task of comprehensively governing the country by law remains arduous, and china's governance system and capacity need to be strengthened. some reform plans and major policy measures need to be further implemented. there are still many weak links in party building. as far as the international situation is concerned, the struggle in the field of ideology remains complex and national security faces new circumstances. these contradictions and problems require us to continue "a great struggle with many new historical features".

the core of the great struggle is to achieve the "five more conscious". increased awareness of action is the core of success for a person, an organization, and a political party. it is called "the same as the upper and lower desire to win". the whole party must more consciously uphold the leadership of the party and china's socialist system, and resolutely oppose all words and deeds that undermine, distort, or negate them. we will be more conscious of safeguarding the people's interests, and resolutely oppose any act that undermines them or is divorced from them. we will more consciously address the current of the times of reform and innovation, and resolvedly address longstanding problems. we will more consciously safeguard china's sovereignty, security, and development interests, and resolutely oppose any attempt to split the motherland or undermine ethnic unity and social harmony and stability. we will be more conscious of guarding against all kinds of risks and resolutely overcome all difficulties and challenges arising in the political, economic, cultural, social and natural fields.

the key to a great struggle is to carry forward the spirit of struggle and improve the ability to fight. the communist party of china is a party that dares to and is good at fighting. without the fighting spirit and ability, there would have been no cpc, no new china and no great achievements in china's reform, opening up and socialist modernization. to carry forward the spirit of struggle is an ideological problem, which should be solved through party spirit cultivation. strengthening the spirit of struggle should be included in party spirit cultivation, and efforts should be made to enhance the spirit of struggle of party members, especially party members' leading cadres. "a scholar is not necessarily an official, but an official must be a scholar". the ability of leading cadres to fight is not only their own matter, but is of vital importance to the development of the cause of the party and the country. strengthening the fighting ability is a common requirement for all leading cadres. the competence of leading cadres in foreign-related fields is directly related to national sovereignty, security and development interests. in particular, they should not be taken lightly in improving their competence in fighting. the fighting ability of leading cadres is not innate, and can only be improved through study and practice. by strengthening study, we can apply the knowledge we have learned to practice, and in practice, we can enhance our fighting ability to solve problems, so as to win new victories in the great struggle.

source: study times