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three characteristics of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era

2017 central economic work conference in the first xi jinping, a new era of the economic thought of socialism with chinese characteristics at the same time, the main connotation of the thought summed up as "the seven adhere to the" : namely adhere to strengthen the party's centralized and unified leadership in economic work, perfecting the system of the party central committee leadership economic work mechanism, ensure our country's economy along the right direction; we must adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, which is integrated into our overall plan for promoting the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy. by adapting to and guiding the new normal of economic development, we have clearly answered the question of how china views its economic situation and how it conducts its economic work, and effectively guided the whole party and society in their judgment of the economic situation. we will ensure that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and that the government better plays its role. we will make proper handling of the relationship between the government and the market the key to economic restructuring and inject strong impetus into economic development. we will continue to improve macro-control in response to changes in the principal contradiction facing china's economic development, take supply-side structural reform as the main line of our economic work, and prescribe a cure for the sustained and healthy development of the chinese economy. adhering to the new problem-oriented strategy for economic development, and promoting the coordinated development of beijing, tianjin, and hebei, the yangtze river economic belt, and the "one belt and one road" initiative, have exerted a far-reaching impact on china's economic and social development and reform. sticking to the correct working strategies and methods, taking seek improvement in stability as the general tone, grasping the degree of macro-control and sticking to the bottom line thinking provide an important methodology for promoting sustainable and healthy economic development. through this generalization, we can grasp the following three main characteristics of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era.

overtly political

among the seven components of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era, the first part "adhering to the centralized and unified leadership of the party over economic work" and the second part "adhering to the people-centered development thought" are not economic theoretical problems in the traditional sense, but political problems. the two parts into the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics as jinping the first and second part of the economic thoughts, not only highlights the importance of new era and that xi jinping the economic thought of socialism with chinese characteristics is the political system, as an important factor, pay attention to from the perspective of the relationship between political and economic studies and discusses the role of political economic theory, analysis of economic problems is not constrained by political economics or economics framework or paradigm, but out of the economy to see, from the political research and discusses the economic angle and height, xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era will become the "political economy" with distinctive chinese characteristics, chinese style and chinese style.

in fact, in theory and in practice, economics and politics have always been closely linked. the research object of marxist political economy is "relations of production", that is, "relations between man and man" under a certain system, which obviously cannot be without political attributes. in western economics, the early institutional economics also attached importance to the institutional factors in the study of economic problems, taking the relationship between people as the starting point of the study. lenin once said, "politics is the concentrated expression of economy... politics has to take precedence over economics. under the socialist system, the importance of politics to economy is more prominent. mao zedong believed that "political work is the lifeline of all economic work. this is especially true at a time of fundamental change in the socio-economic system ".

"leadership by the communist party of china is the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics, the greatest advantage of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, and the party is the highest political leadership force," was an important conclusion of the fourth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee. it is a clear requirement of the fourth plenary session to "implement the party's leadership in all areas, aspects and links of national governance". china's economic reform and development are naturally inseparable from and should not leave the leadership of the party. to uphold the party's centralized and unified leadership over economic work is to ensure that china's economy develops in the right direction. the way in which the party exercises centralized and unified leadership over economic work has improved as the situation has changed. general secretary xi jinping stressed, "we should adapt to the new changes in the domestic and international economic situation, focus on the main theme, change the practice of simply attracting capital, investment, projects and production, and shift the focus of economic leadership to improving the quality and efficiency of development and accelerating the formation of a new mode of economic development." "the party's leadership over state-owned enterprises is an organic unity of political leadership, ideological leadership and organizational leadership." therefore, no matter from the macro level or micro level, the party's leadership is reflected in the process of economic operation. xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party of china, said: "to adhere to the thought of people-centered development is the fundamental position of marxist political economy." economic development itself is about whom to serve, on whom to rely, and how to share the economic benefits. the idea of people-centered development "embodies the fundamental purpose of our party to serve the people wholeheartedly, and embodies the materialistic historical view that the people are the fundamental driving force for development." "the idea of people-centered development is not an abstract and mysterious concept. it should not be merely talked about or stopped at the ideological link. it is embodied in all aspects of economic and social development." "we should firmly adhere to this fundamental position in economic work deployment, economic policy formulation and economic development." from general secretary xi jinping's remarks, we can see that people-centered development is a theoretical principle that not only embodies the fundamental purpose and academic position of the party, but also runs through the overall plan of promoting the five-pronged overall plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, and is implemented in all links of economic development. the theoretical achievements based on and reflecting this fundamental position have naturally become the inherent meaning of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics in the new era.

outstanding practicality

practicality is an important embodiment of ideological and theoretical value. the practicality of theory refers to the characteristic that theory originates from practice and in turn guides practice.

the practicality of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era is first reflected in the fact that it comes from practice. it comes into being and develops in practice because of answering practical questions in the new era. practice is the source of theory, the only standard to test whether a theory is correct or not, and the driving force for the development of theory. mao zedong said, "truth is discovered through practice, and truth is proved and developed through practice." xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era was formed in this process. the five years from the 18th national congress of the communist party of china to the first mention of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era marked the beginning of a period of deep-water reform, a new stage of economic development, the emergence of new features in china's economic operation, the emergence of more new challenges, and the acceleration of economic restructuring and major changes in the pattern of development. in the past five years, major breakthroughs have been made in comprehensively deepening reform, great achievements have been made in economic development, people's living standards have been constantly improved, and profound and fundamental changes have taken place in the economy and society. new practice calls for new theories and provides a practical basis for the formation of new theories. a series of new ideas, new judgments, new ideas and new ideas emerge at the historic moment, becoming the latest achievements of socialist political economy with chinese characteristics. based on this process, the 2017 central economic work conference concluded that "xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era is the theoretical crystallization of the practice of promoting china's economic development in the past five years", which is a natural outcome.

if is not limited to five years, but looking at jinping new era of socialism with chinese characteristics the whole process of economic thoughts gradually systematized, comrade xi participation and leadership before the eighteenth big economic reform and development of practical experience and theoretical results is also form the basis of the practice of the thought, can find the source of many important ideas and perceive its context, in order to more deeply understand and grasp the theory comes from practice, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, the truth of such important principle.

secondly, the practicality of xi jinping thought on socialist economy with chinese characteristics for a new era is also reflected in its guidance on practice. the value of theory lies not only in revealing and reflecting laws, but also in leading the times, guiding practice and making practice conform to objective laws. it is because of the guidance of practice that theory becomes the "force of truth" to promote economic and social development. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "once the communist party manifesto was published, it gave impetus to the development of world socialism in practice and profoundly changed the course of human history." "marxism has not only profoundly changed the world, but also profoundly changed china." xi jinping, the new era of the economic thought of socialism with chinese characteristics as produced in practice and proved by practice of the correct theory, in china's economic development phase transformation in the process of the difficulties for us to break through the reform, across the rapids reform, expand opening to the outside world and judge the trend of economic development, clarify the development ideas, establish new development idea, grasping the main line of the economic work, making obeys the law of economic development of a new era of economic strategy, find the focus of promoting economic development, innovative ideas and methods, such as macro-control provides an important theoretical basis and strong thought weapon, it will become an action guide for china to achieve high-quality economic development and achieve its goal of becoming an economic powerhouse in the new era.

profound academic rationality

general secretary xi jinping attaches great importance to the scientific rationality of ideology and theory. when he spoke at a symposium for teachers of ideological and political theory in 2019, he stressed that the teaching of ideological and political theory should "adhere to the unity of politics and rationality" and "respond to students with thorough theoretical analysis". we study xi new era economic thoughts on socialism with chinese characteristics, in addition to feel strong times breath, innovative theory, will also feel this logical rigor and strong "engagement" interactive ", "simple and easy to understand, make reading learners learning and know how.

the data show that general secretary xi jinping's ability to master and apply economics theories comes from his hard reading of economic works. he read including "das kapital", etc, the marxist political economics books, also read a large number of western economics works, in economics, especially the works of the marxist political economics to perusal and related knowledge and grasp of the principle of the political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics for general secretary xi innovation laid the theoretical foundation, "ingenuity, single heart", earned his economic thought a solid theoretical support.

source: study times