purify political ecology with yan 'an spirit-凯发k8天生赢家

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purify political ecology with yan 'an spirit

during his visit to shaanxi, general secretary xi jinping pointed out that the yan 'an spirit should be used to purify the political ecology. this is based on the new era of great struggle, from a macro perspective of the further development of comprehensive governing party, the scientific connotation and era value yanan spirit to make a new judgment, to under the condition of a new era in yanan spirit nourishes the new great project of party building, to promote construction of the political ecology of clear air is wind, continuously improve the quality of the party's construction has important theoretical and practical significance.

in the history of the formation and development of the political ecology within the communist party of china, yan 'an period is a special and crucial historical stage. during this period, the cpc led the people in creating a new situation of the chinese revolution, in which the chinese revolutionary force grew from weak to strong, and in which a new situation of its own political ecological construction was created, and the cpc gradually grew stronger. in the leadership of the communist party of china people's revolutionary struggle in the process of forming the theory with practice, seeking truth from facts, democratic centralism, close ties with the masses and criticism and self-criticism, serving the people heart and soul, strict party discipline, etc. of the basic elements of party politics, and rise after the yenan rectification movement as a party political ecology, the basic specification for the formation of good party politics laid the deep ideological basis, in the endeavor of history presents an advanced image of marxist political party.

to purify the political ecology with the yenan spirit, we must give priority to the serious intra-party political life. the formation of a good political ecology of the communist party of china in yan 'an period was deeply rooted in the serious intra-party political life. at present, to keep pace with the times development and the innovation yanan period of formation of the political life of the basic norms, closely around firm correct political direction of the primary contents of yanan spirit, and firm belief in socialism with chinese characteristics, to seriously implement the about several guidelines of the party's political life under the new situation, new era to enhance political nature and political life of the party, principle, militancy, in the new era in the political life of the soil to create a picturesque scenery politics.

to purify the political ecology with the yan 'an spirit, we must fully absorb the essence of the inner-party political culture contained in the yan 'an spirit. as a concentrated reflection of the cpc's nature, purpose, fine tradition, lofty morality and great feelings, the yan 'an spirit is deeply rooted in the fine political culture fostered by the cpc in the great project of party building during the yan 'an period. we should uphold the people's position, promote correct values, strengthen the people-centered value concept, innovate institutions and systems that serve the people, and use the cpc's earth-moving pioneering spirit in the yan 'an period to inspire the cpc's creativity and fighting spirit in the new era.

to purify the political ecology with the spirit of yan 'an, we must learn from the party's self-revolution construction experience in yan 'an period and improve the party's self-revolution ability in the new era. mao zedong said at the seventh national congress of the communist party, "houses should be cleaned regularly. the face is to should wash often, do not wash also can dust face. our comrades' thoughts and the work of our party may also be contaminated with dust. we should also clean and wash them." the self-revolution of the party in yan 'an period is the inevitable requirement to promote the social revolution. at present, to strengthen the construction of political, on the basis of the fundamental construction from the aspects of political, thought, organization, style and so on continue to strengthen the party's new era self purification, self-improvement, self innovation, self-improvement, fresh air show and lead the wind is the party politics of ecological construction, so as to promote deepening the party leads the people in the new era of great social revolution.

great political parties shape great spirit, and great spirit nourishes great cause. no matter what kind of party in the history of development, no matter in the face of what kind of development tasks, no matter what kind of risk in the face of the test, yanan spirit all have been nourishing the cause of the party and the people, constantly emit light new era, the communist party of china people always keep the yanan period so a kind of selflessness, so a high morale, so a scientific spirit.

source: study times