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increase theoretical publicity to create a good atmosphere for theoretical innovation

xi general secretary pointed out: "must attach great importance to the role of the theory, reinforcement theory self-confidence and strategic concentration, compared to after repeated practice and theory of right, to unswervingly adhere to the", "propaganda and ideological work is to consolidate marxist guiding status in the field of ideology, consolidating the common ideological basis of the party of the national people's solidarity struggle." therefore, to promote the sustainable and healthy development of theory, it is necessary to strengthen the propaganda of theory and create a good public opinion environment for the innovation and development of theory.

first, fully understand the importance of theoretical publicity to promote reform and innovation development

theory is the forerunner of reform and innovation. every step forward of the theory should be followed by further armed theory and further propagated theory. armed with ideology and theory, we will have a backbone in understanding problems and will not lose our way. we will have a high degree and depth in grasping problems, and we will have confidence and strength in grasping work. comrade mao zedong pointed out that "our policy should be made known not only to the leaders and cadres but also to the broad masses of the people" and that "it is a marxist-leninist art of leadership". comrade xi jinping has pointed out that "the power behind words is thought and tao". this succinct and penetrating argument emphasizes the importance of theoretical propaganda.

at present, the media competition is changing from the era of winning by information to the era of winning by opinion. lao tzu had a saying: "the tao is always done, and all are done". the power of theory to grasp the human mind is enormous. in the field of social ideology, theory usually plays a key role in "drawing up a broad outline but making a wide range of views, and interpreting a whole volume and making a full explanation". , therefore, should from the height of the development of reform and innovation, fully understand the importance of theory construction and propaganda, firmly established "content is king, views first" concept of publicity, efforts to channel "opinion" transformation, highlight the thought core and universal theory, control theory and discourse, make the theory topic docking with the people's daily work and life, to reflect theory value care, truly the theory of moral advantage into public opinion guide words advantage.

entering the new era, higher requirements have been put forward for theoretical innovation and theoretical armoury, and the role of theoretical propaganda has become more prominent, with more arduous tasks and greater responsibilities. however, it cannot be ignored that the current theoretical propaganda work is seriously lagging behind and cannot meet the requirements of the new situation and new tasks. there are mainly the following weak links.

first, the theoretical weight is not enough, academic insufficient, some of the publicity is limited to work exchanges, business reports, most of the good experience and good practices did not rise to the theoretical height.

second, the theoretical propaganda means is monotonous, the mode is old, the routine is old, the form is rigid, is not lively enough, the published article has the phenomenon that "the reason cannot be said, said cannot be spread".

third, the theory propaganda condescending, empty preaching, copy, lack of the masses of language, speech boring and stiff, lack of charisma, affinity and timeliness, difficult to attract readers.

, therefore, to further strengthen and improve the theory propaganda, increase publicity of the theory of colour and weight, speak good story theory, the theory to better understand and accepted by people, give full play to the theoretical guidance, build good public opinion atmosphere for innovation development, fundamentally break the deep-seated contradictions and problems faced by the theory of responsibility.

second, fully understand the urgency of creating a good atmosphere of public opinion and promoting the construction of theory

theoretical innovation is the process of putting forward new ideas, new viewpoints and new judgments through creative thinking activities on the basis of sublating and discarding, exploring new laws according to new practice. the vitality of theory lies in innovation. from "needham's riddle" to "qian xuesen's question", they all point to one problem: innovation cannot be achieved without a sound environment. to create a good social environment and public opinion atmosphere is the basis of theoretical innovation and the urgent task of theoretical propaganda.

theoretical innovation needs the understanding and support of the broad masses of the people and the strong support of a good social environment. to promote theoretical construction, we need to form a good environment in which everyone advocates theoretical innovation, everyone desires theoretical innovation, and everyone can make theoretical innovation. propaganda work with the encouragement theory innovation cultural ecology and public opinion atmosphere, through the persistence of the publicity, build value theory, care theory, innovation theory, applied theory of atmosphere, construction respect knowledge, respect for talent, create environment, let the innovative thinking, innovative activities and innovative talents fully activated, thus effectively promote the active participation of all kinds of active innovation subject theory innovation.

theoretical publicity should play the four roles of ideological guidance, public opinion promotion, spiritual motivation and cultural support. as a banner, around the general situation, reform and innovation of general requirements, singing the main melody, playing good zhudongzhang, increase weight theory propaganda, scientific planning, elaborate organization, focus on garden layout, key columns to theory, strengthening public opinion guidance, expand the influence and enhance persuasion, vigorously promote theoretical innovation, inspire interest in theory, improve people's rational consciousness, make everyone understand the theory innovation, participation in theory construction, support the development of the theory and form a reform on the basis of theory, rely on innovation theory, the theory of development depends on public opinion atmosphere and social environment.

to create a favorable public opinion environment for theoretical construction, it is necessary to form a cooperation mechanism of deep interaction between the self-owned media and the mainstream media, a reasonable and orderly publicity and planning mechanism, a release mechanism of standardized operation and a feasible incentive mechanism. we should promote supply-side reform in the field of theoretical publicity, encourage theoretical resources and factors to concentrate on excellent newspapers, authoritative websites and key areas, and increase effective theoretical supply. difficult, as long as the attention is not difficult; the road path, only action has a way out. we should promote innovation in content, channels, forms and mechanisms, further improve the color and academic level of theories, and give full play to the main role of theories in the field of ideology.

third, we should improve the way of publicity and give better play to the theoretical publicity role of various media

in order to publicize good theories and then assume the responsibility of creating a good environment for theoretical innovation, it is necessary to keep up with the changes of the times, meet the needs of readers, enhance work initiative and improve the effectiveness of propaganda. we should be pioneering and innovative, follow the law of publicity, pay attention to the art of publicity, improve the style of work and style of writing, and constantly improve the appeal and appeal of theoretical publicity. we should not only study "opinions", but also study "opinions". we should study the way of narration, write good theoretical articles and tell good theoretical stories, so that people can enjoy listening, reading and watching them. at the same time, we should make full use of the advantages of new media, strive to make innovations in ideas and means, consolidate the traditional position, seize the new position, achieve the unity of content and form, ideology and interest, traditional media and new media.

one should "understand the local atmosphere". to constantly update the concept of publicity, combined with the characteristics of the media, in-depth practice, focus positioning, accurate focus, and readers of the industry characteristics and thinking inertia resonance. both to high standards, high level planning theory propaganda theme, always pay attention to close to the practice, the reform development connotation, and always adhere to the basic requirement of low-key pragmatism and the "three close to" principle, improve the means of propaganda work, make the profound ideas, through various effective route of transmission into into the brain into the heart, the ground to take root, to conform theory propaganda, grasp regularity and creative.

second, we should "breathe the earth". adapt to changes in the environment of spread and focus, the differentiation trend, speed up to build the new pattern of consensus guidance, use "internet " information technology means, at the same time of running the traditional media such as newspapers, network bbs, wechat, weibo, new media, such as the mobile news into the important channel of transmission theory, break through the media shape boundary, build multi-level, three-dimensional theory propaganda platform, make propaganda forms, methods, means and times development and social progress. with the coverage of new media communication, the blind spots of theoretical communication should be eliminated, an open platform of information content production, communication, sharing and interaction should be built, and the "last mile" of theories should be opened to readers, so as to comprehensively, timely, accurately and vividly communicate theories and expand the coverage, effectiveness and influence of theories. in the characteristic of the efforts, the use of the popular ways and methods, so that the theory of propaganda better into the daily work and life, really do "moisten things silent".

third, we need to stay grounded. comrade mao zedong believed that the primary principle of propaganda was to "fully conform to the party's policies" and embody the party's principles. at the same time, we must learn to follow the mass line, so that theory can reach the masses, master them, come from the masses and go to the masses. to close relation to the development of reform and innovation, strengthen the theory of "story" the vitality of discourse system and advanced culture, to express, through effective public opinion propaganda explaining to answer people's attention and concern of theory, strive to build a bridge between theory and practice, cognition and action, help the people learn to use the marxist stand, viewpoint and method to recognize and solve the problem, in feeling and experience, understanding, and using the control theory, enhancing consciousness, better realize the theoretical value, solve theory where the problem of transformation, how to translate, let the people further strengthen their confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics.

in addition, it is necessary to attach great importance to the cultivation of talent teams, and vigorously cultivate a number of theoretical propaganda talents with fine business, upright work style and strong professional spirit, so as to continuously expand the propaganda power of public opinion, form a professional and combined talent team with reasonable structure, and provide a strong guarantee for theoretical propaganda work. we should improve the working mechanism, mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, form joint efforts, and better implement the tasks of theoretical publicity.

source: study times