the mission of the communist party of china-凯发k8天生赢家

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the mission of the communist party of china

the century-old party is in its prime; great achievements in the future. the organization department of the cpc central committee has released the 2019 intra-party statistical bulletin on the eve of the july 1 party founding festival. statistics show that by the end of last year, the total number of cpc members had reached 91,914.

in 1921, there were only more than 50 party members in china, and now there are 91,914 party members. this is a set of striking and inspiring figures, and it is also a powerful force encouraging people to make progress and firm convictions. it is also a historical picture that shows our party has grown from a young one after a hundred years of vicissitudes to the most powerful vanguard in the world today. this fully demonstrates that as we enter a new era, the party's creativity, cohesiveness, and fighting capacity have been significantly enhanced, and its governance capacity and leadership level have been significantly improved. it reflects the glorious journey of the chinese people, led by the communist party of china (cpc), from standing up to becoming rich to becoming strong. in reviewing the party's journey, there has been no slackening of effort or hesitation in stopping, but only the stars and the sea.

the communist party of china led the people in completing the new-democratic revolution and restarting an ancient civilization that was economically and culturally backward. the communist party of china is composed of the most loyal, the most aware, the most revolutionary advanced elements, from the birth of the proletariat to assume the interests of the proletariat, the liberation of the proletariat and the liberation of all mankind, the ultimate realization of the mission and responsibility of communism. the communist party of china in the marxism-leninism with chinese workers' movement came into being, after hard exploration to combine with the reality of the chinese revolution in the process of, found a way to rural areas to encircle the cities, the road of armed seizing power, after 20 years of arduous struggle, the huge cost to overthrow imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, three mountain, has obtained the victory in the new-democratic revolution and established the new china, opened a new era of chinese history from chaos to cure, from weak to strong, fundamental changes in the development of the chinese people's destiny and history, and politics brought new energy to the world.

under the leadership of the communist party of china, the people established the basic socialist system, fundamentally reversing the poverty and backwardness of modern times. national independence was never the end of the chinese revolution, but the beginning of the pursuit of national prosperity and the happiness of the people. in lenin's "poor countries can not after capitalism development stage and the transition to the soviet system, after a certain stage of development and transition to communism, the communist party of china the scientific socialism compose again on the ground in china, to carry on the socialist revolution, completed three major socialist transformation, realize the transform of production private ownership as the task of socialist public ownership, established the socialist system, exploring to promote socialist construction, to the pioneering and practice of socialism with chinese characteristics provides a political prerequisite and institutional basis and valuable experience, it has changed the great leap from china's decline in modern times to the fundamental reversal of its destiny and continued progress towards prosperity and strength.

the communist party of china leads the people in opening up the path of socialism with chinese characteristics in a creative way, so as to make china rich and strong. face twists and turns and difficulties, the communist party of china have always been able to the great revolution itself to promote the great social revolution, to the third plenary session as the turning point, to establish the correct ideological line, political line and organizational line and completed the work shift, opens the new historical period of reform and opening up, opened a chinese a magnificent page in the history of modern history, has created a remarkable achievements. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), under the leadership of the cpc central committee with general secretary xi jinping at its core, historic changes and achievements have been made in the cause of the party and country, and socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era with great strides. in particular, from the perspective that the survival of the party and the country are at stake, we firmly insist that the party should supervise the party and comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline. we have put forward the general requirements for party building in the new era and pushed forward the new practice of comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline, so that the party will be more capable and competent to lead the chinese people to realize the goal of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

the mission calls for responsibility, and the mission guides the future. although the communist party of china has gone through nearly a century, it is still vigorous, still in its prime of life, and still full of spirit. history and reality have made it clear that the communist party of china is worthy of its historical mission, the hope of the nation and the great trust of the people. at present, in the face of major changes unseen in a century, the overall strategy for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and the great struggle facing many new historical features, our party is embarking on a journey to strike the strongest note of the times.

source: study times