emphasize the identity of party member to arouse the consciousness of party member-凯发k8天生赢家

except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
emphasize the identity of party member to arouse the consciousness of party member

"two learn one to do" learning education implementation unit, is each branch; the main body of implementation is each party member. test the results of learning education, mainly according to the rectification of branch problems and qualified party members of the training situation, the weight of the largest one of the indicators, is to emphasize the identity of party members, wake up the awareness of party members.

emphasize party membership

a strong contingent of party members is the organizational basis for the accomplishment of the party's historical mission. without thousands upon thousands of cpc members rushing forward and succeeding each other, the cause of the party and the people cannot be carried forward. practice has proved that the expansion of party membership is not only an important sign of the party's construction entering a new stage, but also a management challenge that cannot be ignored. two hundred thousand communists, for example, established the soviet union; two million communists, defeated the fascists; twenty million communists, however, became their own gravediggers. the historical tragedy of the rise and fall of the soviet communist party tells the world that if the majority of party members have weak consciousness and numbness, and the majority of party branches are lax in discipline and regulations, then a large number of party members does not mean a strong cohesive force or a high degree of recognition by the people. if the education and management of party members cannot keep pace with the expansion of party members, then the large number of party members often means the decline of membership value and the weakening of the vanguard role of party members' consciousness.

if most party members forget who they are and fall behind the masses in critical moments, there will be no possibility of solving problems in the long run if there are no party members who have the courage to shoulder their responsibilities. a party member, in thought, forgot the party membership; in action, confused with the ordinary people, muddle through, a zombie. with more and more such party members, the party with a bright history will gradually disappear. no wonder, when the hammer and sickle flag dropped over the kremlin, that about one in 15 soviets was a communist, and not a man! "two learning and one doing" should be achieved by studying the party constitution and regulations, emphasizing the membership of party members, and clarifying the responsibilities of party members, so as to truly become a model student worthy of the name and a real pioneer in the cause.

arouse the consciousness of party members

what kind of party member consciousness, transform into what kind of party member behavior. ordinary people say and do the same things without much harm, but party members should think twice before they act and ask themselves whether a party member can say or should do the same. in daily life, if the masses do not know the truth and make radical statements, party members do not encourage and encourage others. if the masses are ignorant and superstitious and pray to the buddha, the party members do not teach science, but follow closely behind. if the masses are deceived and do not believe in marxism-leninism, and if party members do not spread the truth, then why are party members called "party members"? in practice, when party members and cadres take the mass line well, they should focus on the art of work and integrate themselves into the masses effectively. instead of becoming the masses, they should adhere to the principles of work and learn to handle them with care if they need to be flexible. next, the consciousness of party member is the forerunner that carries out 4 kinds of consciousness. if party members and cadres at all levels do not take the lead in talking politics, obeying the overall situation, or keeping up with the central committee, how can we persuade the masses to believe in and love the party? today, the ranks of our party members are growing rapidly, about 20 times larger than when the people's republic was founded. how can the world's largest political party, with more than 80 million party members, turn its advantage in quantity into advantage in quality and twist its more than 80 million "ideologies" into a single rope? the key is to arouse the awareness of party members and help some party members upgrade from "unqualified" in a certain aspect in a certain period to long-term comprehensive "qualified".

the party organization is a school, and "two studies and one action" is an exam. every party member and cadre should take advantage of this learning opportunity to improve theoretical literacy, exercise the mental will, broaden the horizon of thinking, emphasize the identity of party members, and wake up the consciousness of party members.

source: study times