guo lujiang: strengthen the key point and effective path of the party's governing ability construction-凯发k8天生赢家

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guo lujiang: strengthen the key point and effective path of the party's governing ability construction

leadership by the cpc is the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics, the greatest strength of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, and the party is the highest political leadership force. the ruling ability and leadership of the party determine the effectiveness of governance. strengthening the building of the party's ruling ability is an inherent requirement and key measure for modernizing the country's governance system and capacity. general secretary xi jinping has stressed the importance of "organically integrating the strengthening of the party's long-term governance capacity with the improvement of the level of national governance." this important judgment provides a fundamental basis for us to have a deep understanding of and grasp the strengthening of the party's governance capacity and the modernization of china's governance system and capacity.

our party is a marxist political party that has been in power for a long time in a country with 1.4 billion people. to remain the vanguard of the times, the backbone of the nation and the governing party of marxism, the party must always be strong in its own right. historical experience tells us that one important reason why the party has been able to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in unswervingly advancing the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics is that the party has always attached great importance to its own development, especially its governance capability. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has constantly deepened its requirements for improving the party's governing ability and leadership. the fourth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee set out from the perspective of "upholding and improving the party's leadership system, and improving the party's level of scientific, democratic and law-based governance", and proposed to "improve the system of improving the party's governance ability and leadership level", which put forward new and higher requirements for strengthening the party's governance ability construction. to this, broad party member cadre must deeply understand the importance that strengthens the party to be in power ability construction and urgent matter.

1. to strengthen the party's governance capability, we must grasp three key points.

first, we need to further enhance our leadership by looking at the world, recognizing changes and making scientific decisions. we should grasp the main tone of the times, reflect the party's political leadership, ideological guidance, mass organization, and social appeal in a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the characteristics of china's important period of strategic opportunities for development, and continue to broaden our horizons, enhance our insight, and exercise our excellent ability of strategic planning. it is reflected in the accurate recognition of change, scientific response, proactive change, the courage and good at meeting challenges to turn danger into opportunity, firmly grasp the initiative to promote the development of the cause; this is reflected in sticking to the reality of everything, maintaining strategic focus, improving decision-making ability, and working hard to do our own thing well.

second, we need to further improve our executive force, stand on a better political platform, take on our responsibilities, and ensure the effectiveness of our work. we should view problems and handle affairs from a political perspective, keep a high level of consistency with the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee, make no concessions, excuses, or shirks responsibilities, and be more conscious and resolute in carrying out our work and advancing all undertakings with absolute loyalty to the party. in the face of contradiction, dare to face up to difficulties, dare to stand up in the face of crisis, dare to assume responsibility in the face of mistakes, dare to resolutely fight against evil trends, do more practical, more practical, pragmatic, with a strict style of work to improve the efficiency of implementation. in particular, leading officials should be truly responsible and in the forefront, and encourage the "key few" to take on key responsibilities and the "vast majority".

third, we need to further enhance our creativity, stay committed to innovative thinking, enhance our capacity for reform and innovation, and keep an enterprising spirit. china is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development, with bright prospects and severe challenges. in the face of the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, some party members have not been able to fully adapt to the ability and level, and some leading cadres of governance and professional ability obviously can not keep up. in this regard, the majority of party members and cadres need to enhance their learning ability, create a strong atmosphere of being good at learning and brave in practice; we should have the courage to make breakthroughs, explore effective methods and approaches to solve difficult problems, actively study new situations and solve new problems, and be good at promoting work creatively in combination with reality. we need to base ourselves on reality and strive for practical results. we need to devote ourselves more consciously to the trend of reform and innovation, resolutely remove obstinately entrenched problems that hold back better development, and constantly open up new prospects for development.

2. an important task at present is to actively explore effective ways to continuously improve the party's governance capability.

arm the whole party with the party's innovation theory. we have a deep understanding of the basic spirit, content and requirements of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, its scientific system and original contributions, and the marxist thinking and working methods that run through it. in combination with the development course of sinicization of marxism, i have deepened my understanding of the party's innovation theory, combined with the glorious course since the founding of the people's republic of china, and combined with the governance practice of the cpc central committee. at the same time, we should vigorously promote the style of study in which theory is linked with practice, find the correct position in the practice of keeping the original intention and bearing the mission, combine knowledge with practice, and pay close attention to the implementation.

build a contingent of cadres with high quality. to promote the development of all undertakings of the party and the state, the key lies in the people and the conduct of the cadres. we will adhere to the principle of the party exercising oversight over cadres, putting both integrity and talent before virtue, appointing people on their merits, combining strict supervision with deep love, giving equal importance to both encouragement and restraint, and ensuring that the standard for good cadres is fully implemented. we must uphold the correct guidance for selecting and appointing officials, correct the ethos for selecting and appointing officials, highlight political standards, and select and allocate better leading bodies at all levels. we will pay attention to training the professional competence and spirit of cadres, identify and reserve young cadres, and train and train young cadres at the grass-roots level and in places with difficulties and hardships.

we will build vibrant primary-level party organizations. primary-level party organizations are the battle bastions of the party in primary-level social organizations and the foundation of all the party's work and combat effectiveness. to strengthen the party's governance capability, we need to lay a solid foundation and promote the efficient operation and vitality of community-level party organizations. we need to keep to the correct political orientation and energize community-level party organizations in carrying out their political responsibilities for party governance and self-governance. we should focus on the central task and serve the overall interests of the party, and stimulate the vitality of community-level party organizations in promoting the development of the party's cause. we should respect the principal position of party members and stimulate the vitality of community-level party organizations in developing intra-party democracy. we should grasp the pulse of the times and stimulate the vitality of primary-level party organizations by innovating organizational and activity modes. we need to provide care and support within the party and stimulate the vitality of community-level party organizations while enhancing party members' sense of honor and mission.

in addition, the supervision and restriction mechanism should be improved constantly. we will further innovate oversight tools and improve relevant laws and regulations. we will ensure that the party becomes a vibrant marxist governing party that always marches ahead of the times, that the people wholeheartedly support it, that has the courage to make self-revolution, that can withstand all kinds of trials and tribulations, and that has great vitality.

source: study times