adhere to the people -凯发k8天生赢家

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adhere to the people - centered practice of consciousness

"governing the country is a matter of principle, while benefiting the people is the foundation." on may 22, general secretary xi jinping attended the deliberation of his inner mongolia delegation to the third session of the 13th national people's congress, stressing that "the foundation of the communist party of china is in the people and the blood is in the people. the fundamental purpose of the party to unite and lead the people in revolution, development and reform is to ensure a better life for the people. no matter how many challenges and pressures we face, no matter how many sacrifices we make, we will never waver in this regard." keeping the people at the top of our mind and constantly meeting the people's new expectations for a better life is where our party's interests, mission, value and life lie.

the question of why people, is a fundamental question, a matter of principle. without a clear understanding of this question, one is not entitled to be a communist or a marxist.

except for the interests of the working class and the overwhelming majority of the people, the party has no special interests other than those of the masses, and no party member has a special position that goes beyond the masses. no party member is allowed to be detached from the masses or to be superior to them. general secretary xi jinping stressed: "to seek happiness for the people is the original heart of the chinese communists. we must never forget our original intention and always take the people's aspiration for a better life as our goal." to uphold the principle of doing everything for the people, and to lead the chinese people in creating a better life, has vividly illustrated the fundamental position of the chinese communists, the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and the fundamental pursuit of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. in different historical periods of revolution, construction and reform, our party has always put the people at the top of its mind, always wholeheartedly served the people, and always worked hard for their interests and happiness. the line, principles and policies formulated by our party fully reflect the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. the entire history of the cpc's struggle is a history of serving the people and relying on the people, a history of serving the people and taking the people as the center, and a history of serving the people wholeheartedly.

to keep the people at the top of our minds, we must firmly uphold the people's position. the position of the people is the fundamental position of marxism, and it is a significant symbol for a marxist political party to distinguish itself from other political parties. upholding the people's position, representing their interests, standing on the side of the people and serving the people heart and soul are the fundamental political positions of the cpc. the question of position is not illusory, but real. in a capitalist society, capital is the real master, and the logic of capital is the dominant logic of the society. power is ordered by capital, controlled by capital, and serves capital, which determines that the bourgeois party has no other choice but to represent the interests of capital. in china, the people are the real masters. to represent the interests of the people is the supreme interest of the cpc. to always stand on the side of the people is the lofty mission of the cpc. in a handful of people and the vast majority of the interests of the see-saw, in the interests of capital logic and the logic game, the chinese communists should have its own stand and concentration, and consciously choose to stand on the side of most people, conscientiously, standing on the position of the people thought that the question, make decisions, to do things, a career, do a faithful representatives of the people's interests. to leave this article is to leave marxism fundamentally; to betray this is to fundamentally betray the cause of the communists.

since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping has taken the fundamental position of putting the people at the center and made a series of important statements on improving people's lives and ensuring and improving their livelihood. for example, it expounds the chinese dream of great national rejuvenation, stressing that "the chinese dream is ultimately the dream of the people". to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, it is emphasized that "the key to a moderately prosperous society lies in its fellow townsfolk" and that "no one should be left behind on the road to a moderately prosperous society". we deepened reform in an all-round way, stressing that "we must rely on the people to push forward reform" and that "more fruits of reform and development will be shared by all the people in a fairer way". we will comprehensively run the country in accordance with the law. we will work hard to ensure that the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case. comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline, stressing that "the key issue is to maintain the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people." we will take targeted measures to alleviate poverty and lift people out of poverty, stressing that "we will never leave behind a poverty-stricken area or a poverty-stricken people"... in recent years, under the downward pressure of the economy, various indicators of people's well-being have risen against the trend, and more fruits of reform and development have been shared by all the people in a more equitable way. this has increased people's sense of gain, happiness and security. this demonstrates the concept of "there is no final destination, only a new and continuous starting point" in meeting people's expectations for a better life. it fulfies the party's firm commitment to "steadily advance toward common prosperity on the basis of the continuous development of the economy and society" and demonstrates the value pursuit of "enabling the people to live a better life."

putting the people at the top of our minds and meeting their new expectations for a better life are not empty words but concrete actions.

the viewpoint of practice is the primary and basic viewpoint of marxist philosophy, and advocating practical work is an important quality of a communist. empty talk is bad for the country, but hard work is good for the country. socialism is done, socialism with chinese characteristics is done in the new era, and everything in the world is done. we must put the people at the top of our minds, solve the most immediate and realistic problems of greatest concern to the people, and meet their new expectations for a better life. if you don't keep your feet on the ground and act honestly, there is no hope at all. at present, to meet the people's expectations for a better life, we need to focus on what the people care about most and those who need to be cared about most. we need to do one thing after another, year after year.

since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi for the core always adhere to the people as the center of thought, in the well-being of the people, for maximum performance, from the most concern of the masses of the people's livelihood sufferings in the heart, and laid it on the reform and development of responsibility, a large number of people move to the ground, will promote the development of achievements more fair benefit all the people, at the higher level constantly meet people's increasing needs of the good life.

in any era, the interests of the people are often multifaceted. some of these issues may be light, some may be heavy, some may be slow, and some may be urgent. we cannot focus on them all at once. without the key, there is no clue, no way; without priorities, there will be no policies or propositions. without emphasis, there would be no ups and downs in the work. at present, the people are most concerned about the most direct and practical interests of the following issues: first, we must work hard to ensure the people's satisfaction in education. education is the cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress and bears on the country's future. we should carry out the fundamental task of cultivating people with moral integrity, train socialist builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectually, physically, physically, and aesthetically, so as to provide strong personnel support and intellectual support for economic and social development. second, we will work hard to ensure employment. employment is essential to people's livelihood. we need to adhere to the strategy of giving top priority to employment, implement a more proactive employment policy, create more jobs, focus on solving structural problems in employment, encourage businesses to create jobs, and achieve relatively full and high-quality employment. third, we will make income distribution more reasonable and orderly. income distribution is the source of people's livelihood. it is the most important and direct way to improve people's livelihood and ensure that the fruits of development are shared by the people. fourth, establish and improve a fairer and more sustainable social security system. social security plays the role of social stabilizer. we will implement a plan for universal participation in the insurance system, strengthen policy coordination, improve the basic old-age insurance systems for urban workers, basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents, basic urban medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injuries, and maternity insurance, improve the social assistance system, and raise the level of social welfare. fifth, we will improve the health of all people. without national health, there would be no overall well-off life. we should give high priority to safeguarding the people's health rights and interests and promote the building of a healthy china. the fight against covid-19 fully embodies the cpc central committee's concept of respecting life, putting life first and putting human life at the mercy of heaven. sixth, we must ensure people's wellbeing. the bottom line is an insurmountable warning line, a critical point of qualitative change. as far as people's livelihood is concerned, the bottom line is the lifeline, security and hope of the people. it is a borderline that cannot be retreated and must be defended. the bottom line thinking is to be in awe of the bottom line, to defend the bottom line. we will continue to ensure that social policies support the bottom line. we will ensure that everyone participates in, does their best, and enjoys the benefits of social development. for example, targeted poverty alleviation work and special campaigns to fight corruption and eliminate evil are extremely important projects for people's wellbeing, and we should never give up halfway. we need to do more practical things to help people in need, and less work to make the flowers on top of the icing on the cake.

we must put the people at the top of our minds and meet their new expectations for a better life.

formalism deviates from the people-centered position, endangers the fundamental interests of the people, is incompatible with the nature and purpose of our party and its fine style of work, and is a major enemy to the party and the people. our party has always opposed formalism. mao zedong clearly pointed out: "formalism is a naive, low-level, mindless thing." at a time when the fight against corruption has won a landslide victory, formalism has become a prominent contradiction and problem within the party and a major obstacle to the implementation of the party's line, principles and policies and the major decisions and arrangements of the party central committee. since the 18th cpc national congress, general secretary xi jinping has issued a series of important instructions on strengthening the party's style of work and refraining from formalism and bureaucracy. the general office of the cpc central committee issued the notice on continuously solving the problems of formalism plaguing the grass-roots level and providing a strong work style guarantee for securing a decisive victory in completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, which laid out plans for cracking the defects of formalism.

formalism is not only a matter of style, but also of politics. there is no such thing as good formalism or bad formalism. no matter what formalism is, it goes against the law of the development of things and will cause serious losses to the cause of the party and the people. not only work adversely on the harm of it, formalism, costly, and may even cause the party and national interests, serious losses to people's lives and property safety, such as the investigation of major production safety accidents in recent years, the major environmental pollution accident, the significant food safety accidents, major public security event, major illegal land use, serious ecological damage events, major mass incidents, etc., often hidden behind the party members and cadres not bear, inaction, and is not responsible for the formalism, bureaucracy, some seemingly natural disaster, accident is man-made. the result will be serious damage to the fundamental interests of the people, to the relations between the party and the masses, to the image and credibility of the party, and to the ruling foundation of the party.

formalism is a stubborn disease. it is not a matter of a day's suffering from formalism, nor is it a matter of a day's work to solve formalism at its root. formalism is obstinacy, repeatability, diversity and variability. to combat formalism, we must focus on old problems and new manifestations, comprehensively review and target therapies, and strengthen governance at the source and institutional building, so as to further free cadres at the grass-roots level from the constraints of formalism. to guide the broad masses of party members and cadres to learn deeply do have a good grasp of xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, education guide party members and cadres to firmly establish a correct view, always keep in mind the people's interests above all else, to take responsibility for on and be responsible for the unified, will never be thought leadership satisfaction, let people down. we need to give a high political priority to formalism and bureaucratism, and deepen governance over and implementation of the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee.

to rectify formalism, we should do good work for a long time. at present, in coordinating the prevention and control of covid-19 and economic and social development, party organizations at all levels and their party members and officials have, on the whole, maintained a good working style, which is in line with the cause of the party and the people, and fully demonstrates the political character of communists in the new era. at the same time, we should also note that some of the formalism problems plaguing the grassroots still exist, and some of them are still serious. we must stand in the matter of the party's ruling foundation, is the party's survival, is to realize the "two" one hundred goals and the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation's political height to recognize the dangers of formalism and bureaucracy, take out the blade inward, revolutionary courage, determination and courage, determined to pernicious disease operation of formalism and bureaucracy, dense, strict political discipline and rules, strictly implement the general secretary xi important instructions instructions spirit and deployment of the cpc central committee decision, determined to do "two maintenance", to ensure that regulation does not go through the motions, not focus for virtual work, ensure that the people actually tangible results were obtained in, to ensure a decisive victory in completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and a decisive battle against poverty.

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