four manifestations of cultural confidence-凯发k8天生赢家

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four manifestations of cultural confidence

each nation has its own culture, each nation hopes that its own cultural essence is bright and clear, stands proudly in the forest of each national culture, and can lead the world cultural trend. however, not every nation can generate such confidence. in this regard, the issue of cultural confidence should not be abstractly discussed, but should have a materialistic perspective, a comparative approach and a historical perspective. the same should be said of the cultural self-confidence of the chinese nation, which is a hot issue at present.

cultural self-confidence is firstly reflected in the emphasis on national will power and cultural vitality in the process of national independence. if a nation has created a splendid culture in its history, it will gradually form a sense of superiority and confidence in its national culture in the accumulation of history. however, if, due to the changes of the times or the situation, this nation gradually falls behind, is bullied and invaded by other powerful nations, and fails to obtain independence and liberation for a long time, cultural self-confidence and sense of superiority will be greatly impacted and affected. this is the fate of the chinese nation in modern times. the rise of western industrial civilization soon reduced the traditional chinese civilization based on small-scale peasant economy to a weak position in the confrontation. in the face of the strong western culture, the advanced chinese people have to learn from it to transform the national culture and national character, on the other hand, in order to stimulate the morale of the whole nation to save the nation, improve the cohesion, combat effectiveness and have to emphasize their confidence in their own nation and culture. this period, but to see the emphasis on cultural self-confidence is not really culture itself is advanced or not, and conform to the historical trend or not, but rather a long history and culture, based their own national emotion and deep suffering consciousness, that won't die, the chinese culture of the chinese nation will not die, will be able to defeat the strong, realize the national independence and liberation, cheer yourself up, motivating people struggle of faith and confidence, can also be called one of the most basic national survival confidence. the emphasis on such strong and tenacious national vitality and continuous cultural vitality is the most basic meaning of cultural self-confidence. a nation that is ultimately unable to control its own destiny and is being slaughtered by others cannot speak of self-confidence.

cultural confidence is embodied in the conscious cognition and strategic design of the development direction of national culture. for a once-brilliant and long-suffering nation, when it realizes the deficiency of national culture and the superiority of advanced culture under the pressure of survival crisis and development, it must devote itself to thinking about the future development direction of its own culture when conditions and environment allow. the thinking and design of the development direction of national culture reflects the cherishment and responsibility for national culture and the confidence in the vitality of national culture: i believe that national culture can adapt to changes in time and will be revitalized and resplendent along the direction of scientific development. if we can't face up to the malpractice of national culture, we will fall into conservative and ossification and be eliminated by history. if self - denial, will lose the subjectivity of national culture. the correct principle is to turn challenges into opportunities, dialectically identify, clean up and discard, take the essence and discard the dross, and promote the development and reconstruction of national culture. this kind of cognition and planning is embodied in the learning and absorption of all the achievements of human civilization. without the stimulation and promotion of such foreign culture, national culture cannot find the coordinate system, and it often lacks the pressure and power of innovation and qualitative change. only when the sea embraces all rivers and draws on the strengths of others, can we achieve our own improvement and catch up with others. this kind of cognition and planning is reflected in the deep understanding and strategic grasp of the future development trend of culture. the development of history has its own law, the development of the times has its own trend, the development of culture has its own trend. to grasp the future development trend of culture requires us to correctly analyze the history, time and situation of the nation under the guidance of scientific thought, and to advance the national culture with an open, exploring and innovative spirit.

cultural confidence is supported by great achievements in realistic development and is reflected in great confidence in the bright prospect of national rejuvenation. cultural confidence should not only be based on culture, but also be supported by great achievements in construction and development. if we fail to find the right path of development and national rejuvenation, we will encounter numerous problems, frequent contradictions and risks that are difficult to control, and slow or even long-term stagnation and regression in our development. is in the process of realistic development of construction, in the national major problem facing the challenge of globalization and constantly cracking process, transformation of traditional culture is an opportunity for innovative and creative development, prominent foreign culture to draw lessons from and absorb the necessary, the national culture to learn each other mutual learning, long symbiosis, the cognition to the ethnic culture development and planning to further adjustment optimization. in this respect, the culture of a nation or a state of confidence, only in the continuous development of economic and social process, in the process of the improving of the national comprehensive strength, in the process of the gradual improvement of people's life, in the modernization of national governance, especially in the process of effectively deal with to the challenge of the major crisis, to set up really, generally cultivating. this actually reflects the basic principle that the existence of marxist society determines social consciousness. to be specific, the issue of chinese cultural confidence today cannot be separated from the solid progress in the process of national rejuvenation, especially the exploration and development of the right path of rejuvenation. it is precisely on the basis of the opening up of the right path and the great achievements of practical development that we are more confident than at any time in history about the bright prospect of national rejuvenation.

cultural confidence is finally embodied in the sense of self-conscious mission to lead the development and progress of the whole human race and the conviction that it can definitely promote the development and progress of the whole human race. cultural confidence is not only directed towards the glorious history of the past, but also towards the future of history, not only in terms of their own countries and nations, but also towards the history of the world and the entire human race. in this regard, the true cultural confidence of a nation must also be embodied in the sense of conscious mission, high sense of responsibility and the conviction that it will make great contribution to the development of the whole human race and the progress of the whole world civilization. with an eye to the future, the world, and guidance, we should think first, think first, and contribute to the world. in history, chinese culture has been in the leading position of world culture for a long time. this kind of tradition and status makes the elite group of the nation gradually have a sense of destiny, endowing their own culture with the mission and responsibility of leading the world, which has become the cultural inheritance gene of the nation unconsciously in the long-term development and continuous continuation of history. in particular, the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, which has been reborn after a great crisis, is a result of the strong national vitality and cultural cohesion, which makes the national elites believe that the revived chinese culture shoulders a special mission of world history. as the guiding ideology of our party, marxism also clearly embodies a value concept of carrying morality for mankind and caring for the fate and future development of mankind. the fusion of cultural tradition and marxist values and the glorious and volatile national history together form the value commitment of chinese culture to the whole human history.

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