the awareness of danger is a necessary political accomplishment-凯发k8天生赢家

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the awareness of danger is a necessary political accomplishment

the awareness of crisis is a scientific thinking that reveals the inherent laws of governance by using marxist standpoint and method, and a scientific judgment of the deep-seated contradictions and problems in social development. our party has come from suffering, grown up in suffering, gone through a bloody storm, overcome difficulties one by one, and created a marxist party that is suffering and brilliant. in resolving every risk, meeting every challenge and winning every victory, the wisdom and strength of perseverance and courage of generations of communists shone through.

from the birth of the communist party of china, in every critical moment, can win, is that the communist party of china has a commitment to the original mission. to remain true to one's original purpose and to keep one's mission firmly in mind is to keep in mind the original purpose and mission of the communist party of china in seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. as revolutionaries, we must never lose the spirit of revolutionary struggle. the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. global turbulence and risk factors are on the rise. there are many unknowns and challenges ahead. we must stay focused, work in the present moment and plan for the future, think more about difficulties and dangers, think more about challenges and risks, make decisions and processes more solid, and deliver results that the people are more satisfied with.

to speak of the sense of hardship is, above all, to worry about the party. in the party speak the party, in the party for the party, in the party worry about the party. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core has assessed the situation, carried out in-depth and comprehensive efforts to tighten party discipline, removed serious hidden dangers within the party with a revolutionary spirit and a strong sense of urgency, and won a landslide victory in anti-corruption work. in the face of a complex and challenging international environment, we need to consolidate the achievements of reform and opening up, build a global community with a shared future, and move to the center of the world stage. the people's yearning for a better life is our goal. for a long time, poverty has seriously affected our overall goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. people's livelihood is not only an economic issue or a social issue, but also a political issue. with targeted poverty alleviation and eradication, the whole party mobilized and the whole people participated, we have achieved remarkable results in poverty alleviation, won the support of the people, made a solid step forward in overcoming the middle-income trap, and laid a solid foundation for achieving common prosperity. on our journey to build china into a great modern socialist country, we will not face smooth sailing, and we will encounter many challenges on our way to achieving the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. in terms of tactics, we must attach great importance to, guard against and solve problems, and actively respond to them. we are sure to win one victory after another.

the sense of danger is an heirloom of the ruling communist party of china. in advancing major reforms and resolving complex problems, we must not only maintain strategic focus and achieve satisfactory results, but also be more mindful of potential dangers. we must focus on the worst, make the best preparations, and work for the best results. we have entered the deep-water zone of reform and opening up, and we have been dealing with problems that have accumulated over the past few decades. unexpected natural disasters, overlapping contradictions and social risks to maintain stability, and the volatile international situation and complex and sensitive surrounding environment all require us to be more aware of potential dangers. to be more aware of potential dangers is to increase our sense of responsibility. leading party cadres at all levels should be held responsible, responsible and responsible for guarding soil in a sense of crisis. "carry 'wu gauze cap' officer, not cover 'wu gauze cap' do official". always think of the people's suffering, will be more a responsibility; if you care about the party and the country at any time, you will have more responsibility. only at critical moments can you stand up, and only at critical moments can you get out.

the sense of crisis reflects the ability of party members and cadres to control the development of things and the ability to think in a coordinated way. the awareness of anxiety is the reflection of the bottom line of reality and objectivity. if contradictions exist objectively, worries will exist objectively. therefore, we can't talk about worries out of the reality, or create them out of nothing. the awareness of danger is a scientific prediction and an important test of the ability of party members and cadres. in may 1945, mao zedong pointed out at the party's seventh congress that "no foresight, no leadership". fear of incompetence and incompetence are major dangers for the ruling communist party of china. our revolutionary history, socialist construction history and reform and opening up history have shown us the great achievements we have made. however, every step we have taken has not been easy. with greater achievements and a bigger business, we will have more work to do and more difficulties and problems to face. on the way forward, we will face greater difficulties and greater risks. only by having the courage to overcome greater difficulties, the determination to meet greater challenges, the ability to cope with greater risks, and the ability to avert danger will we be able to achieve one larger goal after another.

to be more aware of potential dangers is not an empty promise. first, study harder. learn from practice, learn from the people, learn from the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries. the inheritance of the red gene, the persistence of the original intention and the response to the century-old changes are all compulsory courses for the contemporary communists. secondly, practice bravely. the key to the improvement of ability and ability is not to avoid, to walk in the face of contradictions and to face difficulties. third, be good at summary. grasp the law, build the mechanism, prevent and control the source, reduce the risk, accurate demining, no matter what. it is not only fully prepared to resist the black swan, but also able to control the grey rhino. in dealing with the cause of the party and the interests of the people, we must have the foresight and insight to risks and do not ignore a risk, do not let go of a hidden danger. we must always seize the initiative in our work, plan for the worst, work for the best, and do practical things and good deeds for the people with our ability and ability, so as not to let the people suffer losses.

to be more aware of potential dangers, we need to improve institutions and mechanisms and build a legal system. we will establish systems and mechanisms for risk analysis, decision evaluation, coordination, prevention and control, and emergency command, and endue front-line commanders of major emergencies with decision-making power at risk, so that cadres at all levels will have a sense of danger in their posts and consciously improve their ability to cope with risks. we must hold accountable those who are irresponsible, irresponsible, or do nothing to cause damage to aircraft, and set a clear direction.

source: study times