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the focal point of promoting the party building of state-owned enterprises

since the holding of the national conference on party building in state-owned enterprises, great changes have taken place in party building in state-owned enterprises, and remarkable achievements have been achieved. but compared with the central requirements, there is still a gap. in order to effectively solve the existing problems and effectively push forward the party's construction in state-owned enterprises, the following six aspects should be paid enough attention.
first, we should further study and understand the important spirit of general secretary xi jinping's speech at the national conference on party building in state-owned enterprises. general secretary xi jinping's important speech is a milestone for the party building of state-owned enterprises and has strong political guidance. he pointed out that state-owned enterprises are an important part of the party-led national governance system and it is natural to uphold the party's leadership. he also pointed out that adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening party building are the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises and the unique advantages of china's state-owned enterprises. when talking about how to strengthen and improve the party building of state-owned enterprises under the new situation, it puts forward the clear requirement of "four passes". state-owned enterprises need to study hard and carefully read xi general secretary important, this paper addresses the issue of some highly specific widely discussed, through the study group, truly strengthen the consciousness of the party's leadership, adhere to the party leadership of state-owned enterprises comprehensive requirements in state-owned enterprise leading personnel take root in my heart, to enhance the self-consciousness and the urgency to do a good job in party construction work.
second, we should further strengthen the effective guidance of investigation and research. the national conference on party building in state-owned enterprises has new requirements on adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening party building in many aspects. it is far from enough to rely on the exploration of enterprises themselves. for some complex problems, we can hold experience exchange meetings and problem exploration meetings to seek solutions based on collective wisdom. the overall picture is good and hard work has been done, but there is still a lot of potential to be tapped. the integration of party leadership into corporate governance, for example, is a critical and difficult issue. at present, there is an encouraging situation of active exploration and bold practice. all central enterprises to carry out the secretary of the party committee (party) and "may" chairman, general manager of full-time deputy secretary and deputy secretary of the request to the board. however, the progress of "integration" of various types of enterprises at all levels is not balanced, there is a gap in exploration, and the results are uneven. in order to better solve these problems, on the one hand, it is necessary to continue to encourage exploration, on the other hand, it is necessary to timely guide. for some of the basic problems, to formulate documents, form norms, some can be interim provisions, pilot documents, in practice gradually improve, solidify.
third, we need to further strengthen training to effectively solve the problem of "meeting". in order to implement the spirit of the national conference on party building in state-owned enterprises, central enterprises have made great efforts in equiping party building forces, and in particular have selected some cadres who are familiar with production and operation to carry out party building work. some people still do the work of party building along the previous work ideas, some people because of from the production and management post to come over, in the face of the new period of party building work feel helpless, can not take out effective methods, reflected some new problems. in the near future, it is mainly to increase training efforts, as soon as possible to supplement the relevant comrades do the party building work of knowledge and methods. in the long run, the party should build the work of talent from the grass-roots level, more than the post exercise, train a large number of personality temperament, professional quality are suitable for talent. at present, the enterprise party school, each kind of cadre institute should increase the enterprise party construction worker's training intensity, strives for the enterprise all party construction worker to be able to accept the half month above the party construction training. at the same time, pay attention to do a good job of mentoring, please some experienced comrades to impart knowledge, methods and experience. in addition to organize party affairs workers to strengthen the discussion of some major issues, mutual inspiration, common improvement.
fourth, we should further adapt to the new requirements, and make every effort to select and strengthen the secretary of the party committee (leading party group) of the state-owned enterprises. party building is the secretary's first responsibility. now the secretary and the chairman of the "shoulder to shoulder", the secretary of the comprehensive quality, ability level put forward higher requirements, the selection of a strong secretary team is particularly urgent. we should take long-term and fundamental measures to cultivate more qualified and outstanding party secretaries from the grass-roots level. we must thoroughly change the situation in which the chairman of the board of directors, the general manager and the secretary of the party committee are both strong. party secretary can only use strong cadres, not weak cadres, otherwise, strengthen the party's overall leadership of state-owned enterprises is an empty promise. the party, government, military and civilian studies, east, west, north and south, the party is the leader of all. the party is the highest political leading force. we should select outstanding cadres who are familiar with the work of being a man, the construction of the party, and the production and operation of the party to the post of party secretary. at present, we should increase the cultivation of this kind of cadres, put the professional cadres who have the right temperament and temperament and have not done the work of party building in the past on the post of party affairs for cultivation, and try to cultivate them into compound talents to meet the needs of use.
fifth, we will further take concrete and effective measures to cultivate outstanding young cadres with dual abilities. this is to strengthen the leadership of the party and the party building of the fundamental solution. we must plan from a high starting point, meet high standards and meet high quality requirements. to achieve such an effect, the need for the left and right, the joint efforts of all aspects of the enterprise. it is crucial to cultivate outstanding young cadres. the cultivation of outstanding young cadres in enterprises should draw lessons from local successful experience, adhere to the production and operation and party affairs work posts exchange and rotation training, the party affairs work posts as an important platform to train and exercise cadres, and strive to make them become both understand the production and operation, and familiar with the work of party construction "double-energy" cadres. along such a training path, we can not only train a number of excellent cadres for party construction, but also make up for the limitations of production and management talents, so as to improve the ability of enterprise management and party management, and accelerate the pace of enterprises to do better, stronger and bigger.
sixth, to further strengthen the improvement and improvement, efforts to improve the quality and level of the party construction of state-owned enterprises. state-owned enterprises are the important material and political foundation of socialism with chinese characteristics, and their main task is production and operation. work should be carried out around the production and operation of the enterprise. in accordance with such positioning, the enterprise party building work to highlight the work focus, close to the actual staff, adhere to the simple operation, pay attention to the work effect, efforts to improve the level. according to the needs of production and operation, centering on the goal of a period of enterprise, mobilizing all aspects to do a good job is the work of state-owned enterprises must always consider the key, always pay attention to the aspects. we need to take the responsibility system for party construction as an important principle, and ensure that the main responsibility of the party committee, the responsibility of the discipline inspection commission, and the responsibility of the members of the leadership team are fully implemented. enterprise party building work is also a person's work, both can not be anxious to achieve, more can not be eager for quick success, to moisten things silently, subtly. the comrades who do the work of party building should pay attention to making friends with the staff and carry out the work with their hearts and feelings. the party building work of an enterprise must never leave production and operation, work for the sake of work, work for the sake of activity, check for the sake of inspection, do something that has nothing to do with production and operation. some aspects of the central government's clear requirements must be strictly followed, and there can be no flexibility, discount or free will. each work carries out, must run succinctly, guarantees to receive the tangible result. we must thoroughly solve the problem of "two skins" and formalism, make the party's construction work effective and popular, and make the cadres and the masses feel from the bottom of their hearts that it is indeed necessary to do so.
source: study times