when the chips are down, who are the real communists?-凯发k8天生赢家

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when the chips are down, who are the real communists?

general secretary xi jinping pointed out clearly in his speech at the meeting on coordinating and promoting the prevention and control of pneumonia and the deployment of economic and social development that "the real communist party member is the one who can rush to the critical moment and get out of the critical moment". this sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia is a major public health emergency that has occurred in china since the founding of the people's republic of china. this is a major crisis and an important test. in the battle against the epidemic, a smokeless battlefield, the majority of party members led the charge, selfless dedication, the courage to assume responsibility, not afraid of sacrifice, played a pioneering role, become the backbone of this severe struggle.

the more difficult the more forward, this is the inherent political nature of the communists. since its founding, the communist party of china has gone through numerous revolutionary wars. in order to achieve national liberation and people's happiness, the communist party of china has spared no effort to lay down its head and shed its blood. mao zedong pointed out that the communist party must have vitality, must have a strong revolutionary will, must not be afraid of difficulties and with the indomitable will to overcome any difficulties of the spirit. liu shaoqi put forward in the "eight criteria for a communist party member" that all party members must be brave and resolute in the revolutionary struggle and must not retreat in the serious and difficult circumstances. anyone who is selfish and unwilling to sacrifice himself for the people cannot be a communist. "for the sacrifice of many aspirations, dare to teach the sun and moon for a new day", this is the communist party member's heroic feelings, "ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people", this is the communist party member zhengzheng oath in the oath, in the epidemic prevention and control of the front line, the communist party member with life and blood loyalty to fulfill this oath.

standing up in a crisis is the communist party's consistent loyalty. since the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia, under the order of the party central committee, the majority of party members have given top priority to the safety of the people's lives and health, regarded the epidemic as a silent order, regarded prevention and control as their due responsibility, and resolutely devoted themselves to fighting the epidemic. wherever there is need, there are party members; wherever there is danger, there are party members standing up. in the severe and complex situation of the epidemic, against the time race, and the battle of the disease, is facing the test of life and death. party medical staff have asked for battle, "fearless of life and death, no pay", to protect life, with faith and love painting on the "most beautiful retroactive"; party members and cadres by the front command, to keep the soil responsible, with the most rapid action to prevent the spread of the epidemic to build an iron wall, with responsibility and responsibility to polish the loyalty of the people's public servants; party members and members of the media rushed to the front line in spite of difficulties, guided the way with the banner, eliminated the panic with the facts, and promptly conveyed the confidence of the people of the whole country to overcome difficulties and unite as one. party member volunteers take the initiative to act, dare to make contributions, active in every corner of the epidemic prevention and control, with a little light gathered into a strong anti-epidemic force. a party member is a flag, a party organization is a fortress, the majority of party members in the crisis with their lives to write loyalty, with loyalty to wipe the emblem of the party, let the party flag in the prevention and control of the outbreak of the frontline always flying high.

grass withstands high winds, and fire stands the test of gold. epidemic situation is a mirror, epidemic prevention and control is to test party members as a "touchstone". in this severe struggle against the epidemic, the vast majority of party members were able to "rush up, can not come out", withstood the major test, handed over the qualified answer paper. however, there are also some party members and cadres who perform poorly or even poorly. some of them are afraid to take responsibility and are unwilling to take responsibility. some are tired, procrastinate, the situation is unclear, the train of thought is not clear; some perfunctory to cope with, style floating, work is not fine, implementation is weak; some shirk, hide, or even run away; there is also bureaucracy, serious formalism, fraud, deception, to bring irreparable losses to the epidemic prevention and control. all this blackens the title of "communist party member" and must be dealt with with strict accountability. daliangpanning sand beginning to see gold, lead wash as long as possible to leave the natural color. the broad party organization must examine the party spirit of the party member, the pure party team in the major test, maintains the party's advanced nature and the purity forever.

"the people's work often fails after a few successes, and with prudence, nothing fails." party officials should be keenly aware of the complexity of the current epidemic prevention and control and the situation of economic and social development, and enhance their sense of victory, responsibility, benevolence and prudence in achieving the two victories in overall planning. we must be on high alert for ideological paralysis and war weariness, actively respond to new challenges posed by imported war "epidemics" from overseas, and work tirelessly to take concrete and detailed measures. we must resolutely overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, restore orderly order to production and life, pool our minds and work together to win the battle against poverty, and achieve the decisive goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and fighting against poverty.

source: study times