efforts should be made to improve the capability of "double maintenance"-凯发k8天生赢家

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efforts should be made to improve the capability of "double maintenance"

"protecting the two" is the highest political principle and fundamental political rule of the party, and bears on the future and destiny of the party and the success or failure of its cause. the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will not be achieved easily or by beating drums and gongs. "two to maintain", is by no means shouting slogans, attitude can be done. in the face of long-term, complex and severe tests, we must strive to improve the "two maintenance" capabilities if we want to rush up at critical moments and get out of the way at critical moments. this is a very important and urgent matter.

work on deep understanding

xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era is marxism in contemporary china and marxism in the 21st century. a deep understanding of this important thought is a prerequisite for upholding the "two pillars". only by learning to understand and grasp the essence, can we carry out and fight hard. if we go through the formality of studying xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and do not digest it without understanding it, we will cause great losses to the cause of the party and the people.

deep understanding, the first to really learn. the deeper you learn, the more true you believe, and the better you practice. taking true learning as a major political responsibility, we should devote ourselves to comprehensive and systematic learning, timely follow-up learning, in-depth thinking and practical learning, so as to learn firm faith, loyalty and reliability, and mission responsibility. we will establish and improve the learning benchmarking system focusing on the "four first" and the guiding spirit of important speeches and instructions given by general secretary xi jinping. we will organize learning in the first place, plan the first step of work, implement the first requirement of tasks, and inspect and assess the first content, so as to ensure that there is no delay, omission, discount or deviation.

deep understanding, the key to combine. the combination is the ability, the level, the method. combination is to put yourself into, put in the work, profound grasp of the marxist stand, viewpoint and method, which runs through understand the powerful process of truth and personality charm, find the insufficiency, the capacity of cognition on board and practice on the gap, exercising the scientific thinking, enhance the comprehensive ability and control ability, enhance the scientific nature of the work, foresight, initiative and creativity.

work on genuine approval

love is the cause of love. to strengthen political, ideological and emotional identity, to be sincere and persistent, to be trustworthy and profound, is the endogenous power of "two maintenance". in reality, some people work on the "bad taste", walking on the "left behind", in the final analysis, is not in the depths of the mind to achieve "two maintenance". only from the heart of the identity, to have a more conscious, more profound, more in place to maintain, to really be responsible, responsible, responsible.

heartfelt approval comes from great achievements. since the eighteenth congress, in the face of the world from the big change in one hundred, in the face of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation's strategic global, xi jinping, general secretary of the vision, directional, flag is suggested global, hands-on, solved many want to solve problems that not for a long time, we wanted to do a lot of the past without succeeds, promote the party and national historic changes and made historic achievements in career, the party's face, the face of national and people's appearance, the appearance of the army and unprecedented changes have taken place in the face of the chinese nation. "two maintenance", is to continue travelling, create new more wonders of fundamental political guarantee, is the new era to push forward the development of socialism with chinese characteristics of fundamental political guarantee, is the communist party of china "to" forever, "line" of marxism, socialism with chinese characteristics "good" fundamental political guarantee.

heartfelt approval, from the great feelings. feelings are the deep expression of persistent faith and firm will. the firm ideals and beliefs of the people's leaders, their lofty revolutionary character and their strong sense of historical responsibility reflect the great feelings of the people's leaders for the people and reflect the political character, value pursuit and spiritual style of the contemporary chinese communists. deep understanding, sincere support core, determined to maintain the core, the "two maintenance" as the spiritual pursuit, will be able to stay awake, when rapid advances in cloud loose when firmly calmly, thousands of mill strike when more and more firm, under any circumstances will not change, the same, keep winning the heart of the heart, responsibility, love of the heart and the heart of the prudent, the beginner's mind fall in action, the mission to bear on the shoulder, fixed anrushan do wind and rain, the more dangerous the more forward.

work hard before you do it

the unity of knowledge and practice, do well, is to achieve "two maintenance" the inevitable requirements. the slogans are loud, the actions are light, the problems are pushed, the contradictions are avoided, the problems are not handled, the emergency is not the first hand, the risk crisis frequently mismanaged, all these are not "two maintenance".

do it well. you must know the facts and report them. do not touch the truth, do not tell the truth is the "two maintenance" of the enemy. having a problem is not terrible, terrible is the style floating, the base is not clear, can not see the problem, can not find the crux, ask three don't know. more terrible is for their own selfish interests, do not want to tell the truth, do not want to report the truth, only report good news and not bad news, or callous to the problem, turn a blind eye, sit and wait for an accident, or cover pressure, drum spread flowers, "drum spread pot". party members and leading cadres must always carry forward the party's good traditions and conduct, and must promptly, comprehensively and objectively report major problems to party organizations. practice has repeatedly proved that reports are better than no reports, early reports are better than late reports, and truthful reports are better than discounted reports. only truthful reports can truly provide reliable basis for scientific decision-making of superiors and strive for initiative for good work.

to do well, we must plan for the long-term and the overall situation. party member the leading cadre is to strive to stand higher and see farther, think more fully, "more" wide, jump out of the pattern of the ego, fade out after the former, the personal ambition into the career development, for the current and long-term when not make "hurry", seeks the local and global not dozen "calculation", adhere to the orientation, under the overall situation in the global action.

do well, you must make up for your shortcomings. in a sense, weaknesses are problems and vulnerabilities are risks. weaknesses and loopholes in personal ability, team level, institutional mechanism, management system and other aspects restrict career development. leading cadres not the icing on the cake, economic development is not only short, but to strengthen the consciousness of hardship and the bottom line of thinking, and keep careful and see every ye zhiqiu keen, fill the short board, stop up the leaks, strong or weak item in prominent position, reserve "package" and "toolbox", under the good chess, play zhudongzhang and julio cruz, in swallow the short board, plug loopholes in effectively dissolve the risk, the problem to solve at the time of the bud, before.

work well, must grasp the fine grasp solid grasp ground. rain wet, the wind has no trace, difficult to solve the problem; scum, perfunctory, sooner or later something big will happen. party member the leading cadre to really be a good captain "construction", "cutting and the shopkeeper," don't do to advance the work of avoid by all means broad requirements, needs to grasp the implementation, "is what, why, what, how to do" to be clear, "led by who, to what extent are dry, dry good dry what is bad, how to supervise, how to solve the problem" to clearly, as a career to do the work, under the full embroidery kung fu, carry forward the spirit, nail to maintain castle peak resilience is not relaxed, not easily broken end loulan not also, focused, and under the robot body, slowly but surely, keep improving, to hammer out the best works that can stand the test of history, practice and the people.

work hard to fight bravely

in the face of big is big is not able to show the sword, dare to struggle in a critical juncture, there is no superb ability in the struggle, do the battle will win, is the important test of "two maintenance". the struggle of communists has a direction, a position and a principle, and leading cadres of party members cannot cherish their own "feathers". we must resolutely fight against those who disagree. by fabricating and distorting facts, false opinions are used to vent anger and stir up popular feelings. their essence is to weaken the party's authority and leadership position, undermine the party's centralism and unity, and disrupt its hard-won prosperity. especially when the situation is complex and the challenges are severe, some erroneous thoughts will rise to the surface, and they will criticize and point out with ulterior motives, with the purpose of hindering the implementation of the central committee's major policies and policies, making decisions and arrangements, and damaging the party's image and the relationship between party members, cadres and masses. we must stand up and take a clear stand, be upright and upright, and carry out the struggle with a clear flag.

have the courage to correct those who run off course. in the process of implementation and implementation, due to the lack of timely and accurate calibration of standards and tables, deviation phenomenon is inevitable. there are "time differences, temperature differences, deviations and gaps". if not corrected and repaired timely, the overall development may be affected, and even strategic and subversive mistakes may occur. in this regard, party members and leading cadres should use political courage and wisdom to correct deviations and bring them back to the right track in a timely manner.

don't be afraid to be serious about what's missing. for ideological paralysis, indecision, or timidity, and muddle through, or can't bear, don't want to responsible for, or repeat push to take off, left hide right shine, even ratting out work out problem, such as the party member the leading cadre to stand up, should not only keep high vigilance against and guard against himself responsible for areas of significant risk, also should pay close attention to global big risk, immediately clappers in solution or the first time put forward opinions and suggestions; "zero tolerance" and "never let go" of any problems and omissions in work. we should be vigilant, red faced, and hard faced. we should maintain the "two maintenance" in a firm, conscious, correct and competent manner.

source: people's daily