we will strengthen the public foundation for advancing law-凯发k8天生赢家

except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
we will strengthen the public foundation for advancing law-based governance in all respects

the fourth plenary session of the party's 19th through "the central committee of the communist party of china about to uphold and improve the system of socialism with chinese characteristics, promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability of certain major issue decision", "increase the intensity of the dissemination work, enhance their awareness of the importance of the rule of law, perfect the public law service system, strengthen the rule of law the foundation". this is an important task to realize the rule of law in all respects. it also points out the path and direction for strengthening the people's awareness of the rule of law and promoting the construction of a society under the rule of law.

first, we will strengthen the culture of rule of law. advancing the rule of law in an all-round way requires the participation of the whole society and the enhancement of the concept of rule of law in the whole society. we must promote the socialist spirit of rule of law in the whole society and build a socialist culture of rule of law. as the main body of the rule of law construction, the people's rule of law quality is the foundation of the whole country's rule of law quality. to advance the rule of law in all respects in the new era, we need to vigorously promote the socialist spirit of the rule of law, lay a solid ideological foundation, cultivate social soil, increase the enthusiasm and initiative of the whole society in implementing the rule of law, and foster a social atmosphere in which abiding by the law is honorable and lawbreaking is shameful.

socialist cultural construction of rule of law, refers to the construction of a socialist country under the rule of law and the socialist rule of law system as the goal, from the perspectives of maintain constitutional authority of law, promote the rule of law from the system civilization basic paradigm, in practical guidance to establish the rule of law code of conduct and way of life of the practice of dynamic process, its basic tasks include advocating the concept of socialist rule of law, promote the socialist rule of law spirit and foster the rule of law thinking. in the process of comprehensively promoting the rule of law, the culture of rule of law has a profound impact on the construction of rule of law. to refine the basic requirements of the rule of law culture system for a specific code of conduct, fully respect the principal position of the people's pioneering spirit, and actively build the characteristics of different types, different areas, different positions of the rule of law culture, carrying out all kinds of popular forms of cultural activities under the rule of law, the rule of law belief and consciousness of the rule of law, conception of rule of law, rule of law thinking is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, to promote comprehensive law to create a good cultural atmosphere under the rule of law.

second, we will strengthen publicity and education on the promotion of law. law - based education and publicity is the long-term and fundamental work of comprehensively governing the country by law. the work of law popularization is not only to interpret the connotation of law to citizens in popular language, but also to maintain positive interaction with society in the whole process of law practice. the fairness and justice of each case is the best proof of the authority of law. the more people care about hot and difficult issues, such as education and employment, medical and health care, land expropriation and relocation, food safety, environmental protection, production safety and social assistance, the more it should and is more likely to become the best time to popularize the law. in fact, the formation of some hot social issues and events is largely due to the lack of timely interpretation of relevant departments' laws and regulations, and the lack of thirst quenching. to perfect "who who who head the franco-prussian, law enforcement the franco-prussian" responsibility mechanism, establish effective dissemination demand communication platform, give full play to the leading cadres demonstration leading role, unceasingly to strengthen the construction of the franco-prussian workers, volunteers and focus on enhancing the franco-prussian and pioneering education, effectiveness, enhance their awareness of the importance of the rule of law in the osmosis, let people accept the rule of law education, efforts to promote formation of handle affairs according to law, they will find method, problem solving usage, dissolve the contradiction by method of a good environment for the rule of law. when strict law enforcement and impartial justice are brought into reality and become the best textbook for the popularization of law, the power of law can closely follow every citizen.

third, we will strengthen the administration of legal services. public legal service is an important part of the government's public function and an important measure to ensure and improve people's livelihood. we will accelerate the development of the system of public legal services and promote balanced development of basic public legal services, so as to better meet the people's demands for multi-tiered, multi-tiered, diversified and high-quality legal services. in recent years, local governments have made in-depth practical explorations in light of their actual conditions, and vigorously promoted the construction of three platforms of public legal service entities, hotlines and networks. the supply capacity and level of public legal services have been constantly improved. at the same time, it should be noted that there are still some difficulties and problems in the construction of the current public legal service system, and there are still differences in the level of legal service between urban and rural areas, regions and groups. in 2019, the state office of the cpc issued the opinions on accelerating the development of the public legal service system, proposing that a modern public legal service system covering both urban and rural areas, convenient, efficient and equally beneficial should be established by 2022. to accelerate the public law service system construction, improve the mechanism of legal aid, rights protection mechanism, in accordance with the dispute resolving mechanism, vigorously promote public legal service entity platform, hotline platform and network platform construction, strengthen the public legal service resource sharing, promoting equal basic public legal services, and through public legal services "the last kilometer", efforts to meet the demand of the people's public legal services.

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