carry forward the spirit of struggle and bear responsibility-凯发k8天生赢家

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carry forward the spirit of struggle and bear responsibility

our party was born in a time of internal and external turmoil and national crisis. it has been marked by struggle ever since it was born.

"we must never forget what we set out to do and what we have set out to do. we must never forget the danger, the death and the joy. we must never forget our worries. general secretary xi jinping stressed at the education summary conference on the theme of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind" that we must carry forward the spirit of struggle and have the courage to take responsibility. the important speech of general secretary xi jinping is of great guiding significance and realistic pertinence for mobilizing party members and officials to temper their political character of loyalty and clean responsibility, and making more conscious efforts for the party's historical mission in the new era.

a revolution without self is not enough, and a revolution without spirit is not enough. this education on the theme has boosted the morale of party organizations at all levels, party members, officials and officials to start their own businesses and take on their responsibilities, and promoted reform, development and stability in all fields. since last year at the end of may, within the broad masses of party members and cadres to the blade to carry out the spirit of criticism and self-criticism, ask didn't change his mind, mission, bear no responsibility, enhanced for parties share sorrows, for the dedication, benefits the people the sense of responsibility, strengthen the sense of urgency to sit still, inspired and promising drive and seize the day, the more dangerous the more fighting spirit forward. we combined theme-based education with the implementation of the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee, with efforts to address prominent issues of reform, development and stability, and pressing issues of party building, and with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china.

current and future a period, the development of our country has entered various risk challenge to accumulate even focus show period, facing a major struggle will not less, economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological civilization construction and national defense and army building, hong kong, macao and taiwan, diplomatic work, the party's construction, etc, and more and more complex. in other words, the closer we get to the great goal of national rejuvenation, the more difficult it will be. the struggle we speak of today is not a struggle for its own sake, nor is it a struggle for its own selfish interests. it is a struggle to realize the people's aspiration for a better life and the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. to measure the fighting spirit of party members and cadres and their willingness to take on responsibilities, we must rely on their courage to show their swords in the face of major challenges, to face up to difficulties, to stand up to crises, to take responsibility for mistakes and to fight against unhealthy trends.

at present, some party members and cadres are unwilling, afraid or unable to take on responsibilities. some do "old good man", "peace officer", "wall head grass", worry about "more dishes, more bowls", believe in "more plants less thorns, meet difficulties do not hand out", "in order not to have an accident, would rather not work", "just want to fight for success do not want to run, just want to make a difference do not want to work"; some are "the clay bodhisattva in the temple, can not stand the wind and rain", meet contradiction panic, meet struggle straight jieizi. how can you still look like a communist? ! lack of fighting spirit, no sense of responsibility or inaction, not only can not accomplish anything, but also doomed to bad things, great things. greenhouse does not grow towering trees, slack people do not great cause. the masses of party members and cadres in the wind and rain, in the long, strong bones and muscles, practice play as hard back, iron, his shoulders, right dare word first, dry the word pledge, have the courage to bear, as, in effectively cope with a major challenge, resist major risks, overcome resistance, solve the major contradictions in charge in the first, spurs.

with the body xu country, what not to do? with the body xu, why dare not do? carry forward the spirit of struggle, have the courage to take responsibility for action, in which post to which post to do a good job, to perform any responsibility to complete this responsibility, we can successfully achieve the goals and tasks, with today's struggle to achieve tomorrow's glory!

source: theoretical network