together, we played the revival of the chinese nation-凯发k8天生赢家

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together, we played the revival of the chinese nation

general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that all people in the non-public sector of the economy and other new social strata should promote the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, give back to society, benefit the people and be qualified builders of socialism with chinese characteristics. in recent years, the new social class promotes learning, advocating innovation, strengthen the political leading, sparkling highlights to participate in social affairs, successively set up various platforms and carrier, which focus on three tough topics such as research into, make recommendations and build consensus for new results, active voice, spread the positive energy new strides.

the new social stratum is the group born with the reform and opening up and is the endogenous driving force to promote the innovation of social governance system. for a group of this size and structure, the first step is to identify "who i am, where i come from, where i am, where i am going, who i listen to and who i follow". without the communist party, there would be no new china and no socialism with chinese characteristics. the party is the center of the concentric circle, reflecting the consistency of the common ideological and political foundation. the new political party system in china is to "play a symphony", and the communist party of china is the "orchestra conductor". under the guidance of the general conductor, all parties, organizations and people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life play the role of "performer", and play together the "revival movement" of chinese style, chinese style, beauty of each other and beauty of the united states.

the new era and the new class need to inherit the "red gene" and "victory code". there is something in history that belongs to the future. once you find it, your thoughts will last forever. inherited, development is eternal. in the face of the changing international situation and the arduous task of reform and development, the new social strata need more than ever the call of faith to build consensus, the need for unity to overcome difficulties. the red gene contains in the heart, acts on the spirit, is pulling us "knowledge for the people, professional service to the country" the deep power. the new social strata from the chinese revolution, construction, reform of the "trilogy" to temper the original mission, to supplement the spirit of calcium, steady the thought of the rudder, to build the foundation of faith. people in the new social strata will never forget their original intention, strengthen their confidence, anchor new missions and new directions, and unleash new forces worthy of the new era.

in the new era, the new class should strengthen the national consciousness and their own capacity. the blood in the veins of new social classes is always hot. in the traditional chinese culture, patriotism has become the spiritual pillar of intellectuals. from "for the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful" the purpose of a diplomat, to "all the sorrow and the sorrow of the first, after the world of joy but joy" higher level, from "and can't be hony, a long way to go," our, to the house of the fortunes of a "the rise and fall in the world," the feelings, deep enough to trigger a new social class people emotional resonance. in the new era, the new class should not forget their original intention, and integrate their personal dream and professional dream into the national dream and national dream, so as to strengthen their weaknesses, strengthen their strengths and strengthen their fundamentals, and constantly enhance their ability to grasp politics, conduct investigations and research, drive and influence, work together, and act as advisers and administrators.

in the new era, the new stratum should write the "new social stratum" of high-quality development. people from new social strata have provided important talent support for the three major challenges, deepening supply-side structural reform, and promoting high-quality economic development. we will make the new social class people talk, said the new social classes, let party hear more people in the new social class, more new social classes people hear the word of the party, further play to the new social ranks questions, propaganda policy, straighten out the mood, boost the confidence of the unique role, helped the party and the government related policy decisions take root. the new social class should be able to "face each other" as well as "key to key"; we should not only make vigorous efforts to advise and mentor the government, but also guide the people we contact to consolidate common ground and differences, consolidate the common ideological and political foundation, draw concentric circles online and offline, and spread the "voice" of national rejuvenation.

"it is better to see what is done than to hear what is said, and it is better to see what is done than to see what is done." the vitality of the socialist system with chinese characteristics lies in its adaptability to china's national conditions, its effectiveness, and its support by the people. because the system that embodies the wisdom of the party and the people is the result of endogenous evolution, gradual improvement, and integrated innovation, it has a profound logic of history, theory, and practice. people from new social strata should actively and positively refute wrong views, help the party and the government reduce resistance, increase synergy, and provide new driving forces for economic and social development.

source: theoretical network