chen qing: we will fully implement the basic system of guiding the position of marxism in the field of ideology-凯发k8天生赢家

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chen qing: we will fully implement the basic system of guiding the position of marxism in the field of ideology

the communist party of china is a political party armed with marxism, and marxism as the guiding ideology of our party is the choice of history, the choice of the people and the choice of the times. adhere to marxist guiding status in the field of ideology of the basic system, is made by the fourth plenary session of the party's 19 major strategic deployment and important system innovation, is our party for the first time as a basic system, clear marks of the cpc central committee with comrade xi for the core understanding of the law of socialist cultural construction has entered a new level. we must deeply grasp the significance of the basic system and practical requirements, committed to advanced the theory of marxism as a guide to promote the construction of socialist advanced culture, and actively build system ", "five major work, a strong advance propaganda thought field modern management system and management ability, constantly consolidate the common ideological basis of the united struggle of all the people, to ensure that the marxist guiding status in the field of ideology and fully implement the basic system, to ensure that our country always stride forward in the direction of the socialism, vigorous development.

we will vigorously build a system of "learning" that equips the whole party with the party's theory of innovation and educates the people

marxism is a scientific exposition and rational summary of the objective laws of social and historical development, and a powerful ideological weapon that constantly leads the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics to victory. the party's nearly century-old history and the great course of socialist revolution, construction and reform are also a historical process in which innovation in practice and in theory complement each other. in the new era, to uphold and consolidate the guiding position of marxism, the most important thing is to uphold and consolidate the guiding position of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. ideological and theoretical firmness and sobriety is the premise of political firmness. studying the latest theoretical innovations of the party earnestly is our ability to do all our work well. it is also a skill that must be mastered universally by leading cadres to succeed in their work. we should strengthen the standardized learning system for leading cadres, the "key minority". we will further improve and improve the system of learning centered on theoretical learning of party committees (leading party members' groups) at all levels, adhere to system learning, follow up learning, learn at the first time, and keep in touch with practice. we will strengthen the regular learning system for party members and cadres, the "key subjects". a sound system of the implementation of the party branch (usa) learning, combining "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" subject education, to study the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics "xi new era outline for important reading, learning organization to guide party members and cadres system and a comprehensive grasp the party's innovation theory, using good institute of party school (school of administration), the cadres at all levels and other channels to increase the intensity of education and training, built with good" powers "learning platform, establish and improve the inspection training examination mechanism. we will strengthen the interactive learning system for ordinary people. according to different social group differences in focus and recognition, in universal focus, in-depth to carry out the basic theory of oriented to preach, full use of the new era of civilization practice center through the spread of the theory of "the last kilometer", making the financial media products of publicity, let xi new era of socialism with chinese characteristics to spread more silence.

we will speed up the establishment of a system of "academic theory" to interpret chinese practice with chinese theories

to develop socialism with chinese characteristics, we need to constantly explore in practice and theory, and use the theory of development to guide the practice of development. we should take research to answer major theoretical and practical questions of the new era as our main focus, so as to promote the prosperity of chinese academia, develop chinese theory, and form a discipline, academic, and discourse system that effectively supports socialist ideology. these important thoughts have pointed out the direction for promoting the fundamental system of adhering to the guiding position of marxism in the field of ideology and constructing a solid "academic theory" supporting the unification of theory and practice. to firmly "four confidence" as the key to implement the basic system, based on our party leads the people in the rapid economic development and social stability of the rare "miracles", and based on anti-poverty struggle history since the founding of the magnificent and poverty around the crucial achievements typical experience, the deepening of the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy of research, research achievement through to logic behind the theory, system reason, enhance the confidence of the cadres and the masses and bottom spirit. focusing on the theoretical publicity and interpretation of chinese characteristics, based on the unique cultural tradition, historical destiny, basic national conditions, to inherit and carry forward the essence of china's outstanding traditional culture, good at using the international comparative perspective of publicity and interpretation system advantages. strengthen the problem consciousness and problem oriented, with a view to study and implement the party's in the 19th and the 19th session of 2, 3, plenary meeting spirit, focus on the realization of "two" one hundred goals, research development in our country and our party is faced with major theoretical and practical problems, insist on a link in the development of eye problems, enhance strategic systematic thinking, put forward to correct thinking and effective way to solve the problem, trying to reveal the human social development, especially the big logic trend of social development in our country. give full play to the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics research center, school of marxism, social science fund, a think-tank, high-end platform such as traction leading role, guide's journal active set theory topic at various levels and the party newspaper, introduced a batch of strong academic, high readability, age atmosphere of theoretical research, makes the theory highlands and matrix theory.

efforts should be made to build a "casting soul" work system in which the guiding position of marxism runs through all aspects of cultural construction

culture is the soul of a country and a nation. cultural confidence is more fundamental, broader and deeper. it is more fundamental, deeper and more lasting. the guiding role of marxism should be extended to all aspects of cultural development. all work and activities in the field of culture should be carried out and advanced around this fundamental system. in the current our country social cultural ecology is more complex, social ideology increasingly diverse, under the situation of social value orientation has become increasingly diverse, only firmly stick to marxist guiding status in the field of ideology of root system, can be determined the direction of socialist culture with chinese characteristics, in order to better construct the chinese spirit, chinese value, china's power.

we should thoroughly implement the regulations on the party's publicity work, further strengthen the principal responsibility of party committees at all levels in publicity work and the specialized functions of the publicity departments of party committees at all levels, strengthen the party's overall leadership over publicity work, effectively improve the guarantee and supervision of publicity work, and promote scientific, standardized and institutionalized publicity work. stick to the people centered writing guide, adhere to the people for the first, innovation, the creation as the base, the reform to, guide the broad masses of literary and art workers from hard attentively, acura, eulogize the motherland, acura acura party hero, introduce more rich historical background, excellent works full of modern flavor, sending out sweet earth, focus on promoting cultural prosperity. promote equal public cultural service standardization, and promote the development of cultural industry with high quality, the key to solve culture supply not right not precise and cultural resources on the imbalance between urban and rural areas, unreasonable industrial structure, cultural and industrial convergence is not closely related questions, make a cultural development more fair to benefit all people.

we will actively establish a system of "educating people" to train new people in the era of national rejuvenation

what kind of person, is the primary issue of education, to adhere to the party to educate people, for the country to educate the original intention and mission. to strengthen and improve ideological and political education in schools is a clear demand of the fourth plenary session of the 19th central committee of the cpc, a major mission to train new people to take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation, and a basic project to uphold the fundamental system of guiding the position of marxism in the field of ideology. to advance the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and continue our efforts to achieve the great renewal of the chinese nation, we need qualified socialist builders and successors and new members of the times who will always uphold our ideals and convictions. as long as we keep firm faith in marxism, socialism and communism, as well as confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics for generations, our cause will be invincible. we should carry out the general requirements of party building in the new era, further strengthen the building of primary party organizations in schools, and unite the majority of teachers, staff and students. we will vigorously promote the latest achievements of sinicization of marxism into textbooks, classrooms and the minds of teachers and students, and integrate scientific theories into education and teaching in an all-round way. make good use of the main channel of classroom teaching, establish the system and mechanism of all-staff, whole-process and all-round education, make all kinds of courses, management and ideological and political theory courses form a synergistic effect, and constantly promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political theory courses. to strengthen students' ideological and political work and follow the laws of ideological and political work, teaching, student growth pattern, for ideological and theoretical education and student interest gongmingdian, immersive immersive deepen the socialism with chinese characteristics and the chinese dream propaganda education, closely combined with the implementation of the "new era of patriotic education to implement outline" new era of citizen morals construction implement outline ", organization to carry out the pertinence of effectiveness of practice. we should take teachers' ethics as the first criterion to evaluate the quality of teachers, highlight the cultivation of teachers' ethics in the whole process, and build a team of high-quality teachers who can adapt to the mission of education and teaching in the new era.

we will accelerate the construction of a "safe" work system that compacts the responsibility system for ideological work

ideological work is the work of building the heart of the country and casting the soul of the nation. strengthen the party's comprehensive leadership of ideological work, adhere to the marxist guiding status in the field of ideology the basic system, must establish and strengthen the implementation of ideological work responsibility system, must build good responsibility system ground compaction "safe" working system, to safeguard the political security, culture, ideology, it is not only a new era of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics a major problem, is especially propaganda and ideological front for the whole party must take on a strategic task. we need to take a clear stand and adhere to the party's management of propaganda and ideology, strictly enforce party political discipline and rules, and foster a sound political environment in which propaganda and ideology are conducted in a clean and upright manner, and we need to work diligently and start businesses. we should give full play to the "baton" role of assessment, further strengthen the important position of ideological work in the responsibility system for party construction, the performance appraisal of party and government leading bodies and units, and promote the deployment and implementation of ideological work together with other work. we will further strengthen the management of various positions, fully implement the principle of being in charge of hosting and territorial management, and in particular strengthen the construction and management of network positions, so that ideological positions will become solid positions for the dissemination of advanced ideas and cultures. we will improve the inspection and inspection system for ideological work, the joint conference system and other relevant systems, so that the system will be strengthened and the responsibility will be effective. we will ensure that each person performs his or her own duties, and that each person is responsible and effective in keeping up his or her duties. we will keep a firm grip on the leadership of ideological work.

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