behind the miracle is the system-凯发k8天生赢家

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behind the miracle is the system

the communist party of china is a party that dares to create miracles. since the founding of the cpc in 1921, it has led the chinese people to establish the people's republic of china after 28 years of bloody struggle, and realized the historical leap of the chinese people standing up. what a marvelous human miracle! since the founding of new china, the party led the people constantly explore the socialist road, establishing and perfecting the socialist system, and achieve the economic, political, cultural, social, and a series of significant achievements, comprehensive national strength has improved and a sharp rise in the international influence, came from the chinese nation stood up, rich and strong of the great leap forward. the fourth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee summed up the great achievements of the past 70 years as "two wonders", namely, "the miracle of rapid economic development and the miracle of long-term social stability rarely seen in the world".

the judgment that "rare in the world" is appropriate and universally acknowledged. there are nearly 200 countries and more than 20 developed countries in the world. in the light of their development history, especially the current situation, the sense of identity and pride that are rarely seen in the world have all come from the hearts of chinese people. at the same time, we can also find strong evidence from impartial media and expert comments around the world.

we cannot ignore the qualifier in front of the "two wonders". before the miracle of economic development, there was the word "fast". how fast? it took a few hundred years for developed countries to complete their industrialization, but it only took china 70 years. the authoritative figures are clear: china's gdp rose from 67.9 billion yuan in 1952 to 367.9 billion yuan in 1978 and exceeded 90 trillion yuan in 2018. china's economy grew at an average annual rate of 9.4 percent from 1978 to 2018, while the world economy grew at an average rate of 2.9 percent over the same period. china's per capita national income reached us $9,732 in 2018, which is already higher than that of middle-income countries, and china is on the verge of becoming a high-income economy.

rapid development miracle expression in the number, more reflected in people's feelings. when i came to beijing in 1987, i sometimes proudly told people that i had "grown up" in beijing. yes, when i came to beijing, there was no second ring road. the second ring road was completed in september 1992. i remember that when the car opened, the media kept reminding the driver not to drive too fast without traffic lights. look at beijing today, one ring after another, from hard facilities to soft environment, compared with any other big city in the world, its degree of modernization is hard to compare. as for the highways and high-speed railways connecting the whole country, it seems that people can feel the pleasure of travelling fast and improving in an instant.

social stability is also preceded by a qualifier called "long-term". 70 years along the way we also encountered some serious setbacks, have experienced some major test, also hit head-on some unexpected risks, some people have a deep concern, but under the strong leadership of the communist party of china, we have successfully through a and a difficulty, continue to maintain the stability of the country's political and social situation, construction and reform a series of major achievements at the same time, this is the world's population first big country, is how not easy!

the contrast is more convincing, the contrast is more profound. look at some countries, political parties. with regime change, widespread violence and shootings, which country is the safest in the world? go to the net read the comment of broad netizen and comment, can draw a conclusion naturally. having just experienced the great ceremony of china, the firm voice and spectacular scene are the most direct and vivid interpretation of the "miracle", and all of them are deeply proud and honored to be chinese.

the word "miracle" is a very difficult and unusual thing to explain in modern chinese. china's rapid economic development and long-term social stability, by no means casually obtained, behind it contains a profound institutional background and institutional basis. it can be said that the "two wonders" are the concrete and vivid embodiment of the remarkable advantages of china's national system.

the leadership of the party is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of the "two great miracles". the party led the people in creating the "two great miracles." this is a testament to 70 years of practice and the conclusion of 70 years of history. history tells us that in yesterday's china, no other political party could make the chinese people stand up. in today's china, no other political force can lead the people to create a miracle in the history of human development. the fourth plenary session of the party's 19th to adhere to the leadership of the party system as the basic leading system tries to highlight, is the leadership of the communist party of china as the essential characteristics of socialism with chinese characteristics and the system of socialism with chinese characteristics biggest advantage more powerful and the most sufficient play, is to ensure that the future of china duly completed socialist modernization power, realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation the chinese dream is the most basic system arrangement.

socialism with chinese characteristics is the fundamental way to realize the "two great miracles". the road determines the direction, the road works miracles. only the communist party of china can create socialism with chinese characteristics, and only the path of socialism with chinese characteristics can become broader and create more miracles. the 19th session of the fourth plenary session of the party and the people in the long-term practice of the socialist system with chinese characteristics as the theme of the whole, emphasize from the height of the system and perfect, and associated with the national management system and management ability of modern, is the basic system guarantee the development and progress in contemporary china to further implement the state governance in various areas each link of different levels of the major initiatives.

the basic socialist economic system is the fundamental driving force for the realization of the "two miracles". as one of the characteristics of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, in the course of reform and opening up, we have removed the shackles of the concept of socialism as opposed to the market economy, gradually established and improved the socialist market economy system, greatly liberated and developed the productive forces, and unleashed and stimulated the vitality of various market entities. the fourth plenary session of the party's 19th to the socialist market economic system and distribution according to work as the main body, the variety of modes of distribution coexist with public ownership as the main body, a variety of ownership economy common development system, three common as socialist basic economic system, the theory and system level, is to enrich and deepen the basic socialist economic system, in practice, also will certainly to better play to the superiority of the socialist system, further liberation and development of the productive forces, promote the development of economy, high quality, have a significant impact.

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