we will unswervingly safeguard national political security-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will unswervingly safeguard national political security

general secretary xi jinping's series of important speeches on safeguarding china's political and security have laid a solid foundation for our efforts in safeguarding china's political and security in the new era and pointed out the way forward. we must always follow the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, strengthen the "four consciouses", strengthen the "four confidence" and maintain the "two safeguards", be more mindful of potential dangers, strengthen our fighting spirit and skills, and do our best to safeguard china's political and security work.

uphold the leadership of the party and uphold both

the leadership of the communist party of china is the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics. first, strengthen political leadership and ensure absolute political loyalty. we will always take the banner of the party as our banner, the direction of the party as our direction, and the will of the party as our will. we must maintain a firm political position, improve our political capabilities, strictly observe the party's political discipline and rules, ensure that the cpc central committee resolutely responds to its recommendations, resolutely implements its decisions, and resolutely disobeys its prohibitions, and resolutely combat all acts that undermine its authority and centralized and unified leadership. second, strengthen the ideological leadership, to ensure the absolute purity of thought. we will continue to strengthen our armed forces with theories, study xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, and draw on the powerful forces of truth, thought, and practice. we should give full play to the advantages of ideological and political work and the functions of community-level party organizations, vigorously strengthen the ideological construction of the party, firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, earnestly consolidate the foundation of belief, complement the calcium of spirit, stabilize the rudder of thought, and ensure firmness and strength of action with a high degree of ideological unity and unity. third, strengthen organizational leadership, to ensure that the use of absolutely reliable. adhere to the principle of the party cadres, according to the standard of good cadre in the new period, choose good with strong leadership and leading cadres at all levels, cadres comprehensive considerations of political loyalty, concentration, political bear, political power, political discipline, to ensure that always on ideological political action conscientiously with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core remain highly consistent.

we will firmly uphold the bottom line and effectively prevent and defuse major risks

political security is the lifeline of party and national security and the bottom line that cannot be shaken. first, we will focus on prevention at the source. we will make overall planning for various resources, further improve the information network, and resolutely nip problems in the bud and solve them at the initial stage. we will continue to carry out basic investigation and investigation into various potential risks affecting political and security security, and improve our ability to dynamically monitor and give real-time warning of risks. second, stick to active attack. we will strengthen special projects and special work to prevent major cases that affect political security. we will intensify oversight of cyber security and work hard to create a sound cyber environment. third, prevent risk transmission. we will make an in-depth investigation into risks and hidden dangers in the economic and financial sectors and prominent problems arising from various social conflicts, promptly, effectively and properly handle them, and prevent conflicts from overlapping, spreading and escalating, and risks in the economic and social sectors from spreading to the political and security sectors. we will give full play to the leading role of the campaign against organized crime and crime, crack down on and closely guard against the infiltration of organized crime into the political sphere, root out all forms of organized crime that undermine the foundation of the party's governance, and resolutely safeguard political security.

we will resolutely punish corruption and always maintain the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people

the biggest risks and challenges facing the party are corruption and unhealthy practices, which must be firmly opposed. first, we will continue to maintain high pressure and deterrence. we will continue to carry out targeted treatment and precise punishment, keep a close eye on major projects, key areas and key posts that concern overall development and national security, and intensify efforts to combat corruption. we will continue to take the fight against corruption and corruption and the thorough investigation of "networks" and "protective umbrellas" as the main task and an important criterion for measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, and ensure that the fight against corruption and corruption is carried out in parallel with the fight against corruption at the grassroots level. second, focus on early and small gathering of people. uphold discipline in the early, early catch small, from the basic law enforcement behavior, from the basic operation of standard management, strengthen the formation of education, warning education, efforts to form compliance with the rules and regulations of the ideological consciousness, action consciousness. we will continue to focus on solving problems that the people have strong concerns about, earnestly implement the central government's eight-point regulations and the detailed rules governing their implementation, unswervingly rectify the "four cardinal principles" and promote new practices, and take concrete actions to win the trust of the people. third, improve the system and mechanism to fill loopholes. we will put in place a list of problems, improve institutional norms, strictly enforce rules and regulations, and enforce them strictly. we will resolutely show yellow cards and red flags to those who fail to comply with regulations, prohibit them from doing so, allow them to be flexible at will, and evade them in bad faith. we will continue to address both the symptoms and root causes of corruption, strengthen the deterrence of those who do not dare to commit corruption, strengthen the cage of those who do not wish to commit corruption, and develop a long-term mechanism for managing power, affairs, and personnel through institutional oversight. we will focus on key links in the exercise of power and on risks to integrity, ensure that all inspections and inspections are carried out, and make greater progress in the fight against corruption.

adhere to the ideological field, solid ideological work

ideological work concerns the future and destiny of the party, the long-term stability of the country, and national cohesion and centripetal force. we must firmly grasp the leadership, management and discourse power of ideological work. first, we must build our positions. we will take the internet as the main front for ideological and publicity work, strengthen social management of the internet in accordance with the law, strengthen management of new technologies and applications of the internet, ensure that the internet is managed and controllable, and create a clear cyberspace. we will earnestly implement the responsibility system for ideological work, include it in the arrangements for inspection and inspection, strengthen the management of ideological positions, and resolutely prevent the dissemination of erroneous ideas. second, focus on positive publicity. adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, continue to improve the way of online publicity, carry forward the theme, stimulate positive energy, grasp the online public opinion guidance of the time, degree, effect. with a view to uniting and winning over the majority, we should carry out public opinion struggles with reasonable force and restraint, strictly guard against and restrain online attacks and infiltration, and help cadres and the masses draw a clear line between right and wrong and clarify their vague understanding. third, we will do a good job in education and guidance. we will continue to carry out education and guidance in the field of thought and public opinion, establish regular communication channels, and strengthen online and offline communication. we will continue to bring representatives such as new media practitioners into the field of view of united front work, and let them show positive energy in purifying cyberspace, carrying forward the theme, and maintaining the security of ideology.

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