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except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
we will advance law-based governance in all areas

to make the system of socialism with chinese characteristics more mature and finalized, we need to advance the rule of law in all respects, further improve the governance system and enhance governance capacity

in today's china, the rule of law runs through every link of governance. to improve community correction, "community correction should be carried out in accordance with the law, respect and protect human rights"; in view of juvenile delinquency, put forward the "implementation of graded prevention, refined education correction measures"; based on the trend of archives work gradually turning to digital management, to clarify the legal effect of electronic records... at the recent 14th session of the standing committee of the national people's congress, legislation in a number of specific areas was highlighted. the refinement and precision of legislation is a vivid portrayal of the progress of china's rule of law.

in a sense, promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity is also a process of continuous development of institutional civilization. and rigid system should run smoothly, cannot leave the safeguard of rule of law necessarily. from enacting the supervision law to making special legislation for vaccine management, from deliberating the draft civil code, to revising the environmental protection law and the air pollution prevention and control law, the legal system and institutional system have become more and more perfect. from emphasizing that "the rule of law is the basic way of governance" to requiring leading cadres to "improve their ability to use the rule of law thinking and methods" to declaring that "the deepening of reform and opening up calls for the rule of law", the concept of rule of law has gained increasing popularity.

since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has incorporated the comprehensive rule of law into the four-pronged strategy, and continuously advanced the modernization of china's governance system and capacity in a law-based way. we are committed to the rule of law and the building of a law-based country, government and society. we have played an important role in liberating and invigorating society, promoting social fairness and justice, maintaining social harmony and stability, and ensuring lasting peace and stability of the party and country.

the rule of law is an essential requirement and important guarantee for upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, and an inevitable requirement for modernizing china's governance system and capacity. in advancing the rule of law in all respects, we have kept power and power in a cage of institutions. we will never allow our words to replace the law, our power to suppress the law, or our power to pursue profits in violation of the law or bend the law for personal gain. we stressed that "law-based governance is the most reliable and stable form of governance," and resolutely put an end to "making decisions with one's head, making a statement with one's chest, or walking away with one's ass." we called for "efforts to enable the people to feel fairness and justice in every judicial case" and greatly increased judicial credibility. these profound changes have brought together the belief of the whole society in the rule of law and laid a solid foundation for the country's institutional civilization.

in order to modernize china's governance system and capacity, an important task for us is how to deal with the relationship between reform and the rule of law. reform should focus on removing institutional weaknesses, and the rule of law should pay more attention to maintaining the authority of the law and maintaining stability of economic and social order. how to balance? in response, xi jinping stressed that "reform and the rule of law are like two wings of a bird and two wheels of a car". "every major reform yu fayou according to", because to do yu fayou according to, we insist on the orbit of rule of law as a whole, balance social interests and social forces to adjust social relations, the standard social behavior, resolving social contradictions, in the face of reform into the deep water area, social interest more diverse situation, can pass "a fault in law" to resolve disputes, gain credibility. it is by correctly handling the relationship between comprehensively deepening reform and comprehensively advancing the rule of law that we have ensured that our society is both vibrant and orderly in the midst of profound changes.

the rule of law is the most important tool for running a country, and the rule of law is an important support for the country's governance system and capacity. take the upcoming foreign investment law as an example. some of the new foreign investment management systems established in this law have been preliminarily established and proved effective in practice, while others have provided ground-breaking provisions. timely summary of the practice of good experience and good practice, mature experience and practice can be raised into a system, into law; if the conditions for practice are not ripe and it is necessary to make a trial first, authorization shall be given in accordance with legal procedures; laws and regulations that do not meet the requirements of reform shall be revised and abolished in a timely manner. this mutual promotion of the rule of law and governance has run through the 70 years of new china, especially the 40-plus years of reform and opening up. the system has the overall nature, the stability, manages the fundamental, manages the long-term. today, as we work to make the system of socialism with chinese characteristics more mature and finalized, we need to advance the rule of law in all respects, further improve the governance system and enhance governance capacity.

"law, the end of governance". in such a large developing country as china, the rule of law under the leadership of the communist party of china is a profound change in china's national governance and a solid guarantee for the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. continuing to advance law-based governance in an all-round way will enable the modernization of china's governance system and capacity to move forward on the track of rule of law and ensure that the cause of the party and the country develops vigorously and enjoys lasting peace and stability.

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