to be brave in self-凯发k8天生赢家

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to be brave in self-revolution is to be brave in struggle

historically, the great cause of the party and the people were born in revolution and struggle, develop and expand, to the "ship to the shed, the mid-levels" critical moment, need more to self revolution spirit and boldness, further carry forward the fighting spirit, enhance the struggle ability, in the face of various risks challenge dare to struggle, struggle, seize the new victory great struggle.

it is a fine tradition for the party to win the struggle to have the courage to make self-revolution. today, our party has grown to be the world's largest governing party with over 90 million members. the courage to make self-revolution is a remarkable and unique political advantage that distinguishes the cpc from other political parties in the world. it is precisely because the marxist party has the courage to make its own revolution that it can constantly overcome risks and challenges in the process of revolution, construction and reform, and promote historic achievements and changes in the cause of the party and the country. in the new era, profound changes have taken place in the world, in china, in the party and in society. in the face of the severe challenges posed by the "four tests" and the "four dangers", inheriting and carrying forward the fine tradition of courageous self-revolution has become the key to winning the great struggle.

the courage of self - revolution is a necessary way to carry forward the spirit of struggle. do not forget the original intention, remember the mission, must have a strong self-revolutionary spirit. self-revolution is first of all an ideological revolution, which requires a profound understanding of the ideas of materialist dialectics on the identity and combativeness of contradictions, and the realization that contradictions are universal in all things and their development, and are objective and not subject to the subjective wishes of human beings. we must strengthen our ideological weapons, resolutely abandon any thoughts and actions that seek happiness, become inactive and slack off, or avoid contradictions.

the courage of self-revolution is a powerful weapon to enhance our fighting ability. self-revolution is like the promotion of internal practice, and carrying out struggle is more like the field of battle, which requires the cultivation of high-strength skills in internal and external practice. self revolution of our party is the party's theoretical innovation as the fundamental guidance, blade inward, scraping the bone healing poisonous political courage, to carry out the correct party struggle, with good criticism and self-criticism, in alarm, self-reflection, beyond the self purification, self-improvement, self innovation, self-improvement, and constantly enhance the party's creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, consciously actively maintain their advanced nature and purity of the struggle process.

the courage of self - revolution is an important guarantee to form a joint force in struggle. upholding the authority of the cpc central committee and centralized and unified leadership, and resolutely preventing and opposing decentralization within the party, are important lessons and magic weapons that enabled our party to forge ahead in the face of various risks and challenges and achieve historic victory. in the great struggle to advance the new era, we must unwaveringly continue to consolidate and persist. we have maintained a high degree of unity with the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core in major struggles, firmly upheld the position of the people, fully implemented the mass line, united all forces that can be united, mobilized all positive factors, and strived for unity, cooperation and win-win results in the struggle.

source: theoretical web