to understand and adhere to the original intention of chinese communists with historical thinking-凯发k8天生赢家

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to understand and adhere to the original intention of chinese communists with historical thinking

since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping has attached great importance to historical thinking and its role in governance and advocated historical thinking, an important scientific thinking methodology. in the crucial year of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the central government made an important decision to carry out education on the theme of "never forgetting our original intention and keeping our mission in mind" from a historical perspective. the original intention and mission of chinese communists are generated and tested in history. only by understanding and grasping the original intention and mission of the cpc with historical thinking can we truly recognize and stick to our original intention.

1. the historical conditions for the birth of the initial intention of the chinese communists

historical materialism holds that only under certain social and historical conditions can one understand the emergence and development of an object. the communist party of china was born when the nation was in danger, and laid its initial heart in answering the historical proposition and undertaking the historical mission.

in the middle and late 19th century, under the powerful ships and cannons of western powers, ancient china was forced into the process of modernization and globalization. marx, too, had cast his eyes far to the east, saying sympathetically that "one by one the crumbling empires of asia are becoming the prey of ambitious europeans." the invasion of western powers and accelerated the decline of chinese the disaster of the chinese nation, in the domestic squeezed between strong and weak of foreign enemy, the majority of the chinese people's life increasingly mired in poverty, no dignity, and no food and clothing, in the long history of the chinese nation is in the lead in stark contrast to the tragic fate of the after the opium war. against this historical background, the historical proposition facing the chinese nation is very clear, that is, to get rid of the fate of oppression and exploitation, to achieve national independence and rejuvenation, so as to give hundreds of millions of people the basic guarantee of survival. it should be said that the advanced molecules at that time had a clear understanding of this situation and made a hard exploration for it. however, history has given a negative answer from the reformism of kang youwei and liang qichao to the three people's principles of sun yat-sen. without the guidance of scientific theory, scientific analysis of china's reality and effective class mobilization, all kinds of social struggles inevitably fail.

the bang of the october revolution brought marxism to china, pointed out the direction and provided a new choice for the chinese people who were struggling to find a way to save the nation from extinction. from this scientific theory, the chinese communists correctly answered the question of "for whom" and "by whom" of the chinese revolution, and on this basis laid down the chinese communists' consciousness of "who i am". the masses are the starting point, destination and source of strength of the cpc's revolution. the cpc has no special interests of its own. born out of the land and the people of china, the cpc was born out of the historical proposition of china at that time. to seek happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation is the most simple and direct pursuit of the cpc in the realistic context of the development of china's modern history.

2. history entrusts us with the task of upholding our original intention

seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation is the original intention and mission that history has entrusted to the chinese communists. in the different historical stages of china's revolution, construction and reform, the world, national conditions and party conditions are different, and the historical tasks are different from the subjects of the times.

new-democratic revolution period, the whole country under domestically, social unrest, failure, safety and survival needs of the people's most basic still difficult to meet, happiness life, national rejuvenation, is the great ideal, the chinese people to get rid of the oppression and exploitation, and make the chinese nation to get rid of the fate of the behind is the realistic demand. therefore, under the guidance of marxism and based on china's special national conditions, the communist party of china has fully mobilized the broad masses of the people, worked hard to promote the localization of marxism in china, and found a revolutionary road suitable for its national conditions. through 28 years of bloody struggle, the communist party of china united and led the people of all ethnic groups in overthrowing the three mountains, completing the new democratic revolution and establishing the new socialist china under the people's democratic dictatorship.

after the founding of new china, to realize the original intention and mission of the chinese communists, it is necessary to establish an advanced social system in line with china's reality. therefore, on the basis of the completion of the new democratic revolution, the communist party of china to establish and consolidate the socialist system as the basic task, unite and lead the chinese people to achieve the socialist revolution, establish the basic socialist system, pushing forward the construction of the socialism thus complete the history of the chinese nation is the most extensive and profound social change, for all development in contemporary china laid the fundamental political prerequisite and institutional basis.

since the reform and opening up, based on a new understanding of china's national conditions, the communist party of china has always adhered to economic construction as the center, and blazed a path of socialism with chinese characteristics. reform and opening up have removed all previous systems and mechanisms that hindered social development, greatly liberated and developed the productive forces of society, fully stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of the broad masses of the people, and embarked on a process of sustained, stable and rapid development. since reform and opening up, people's living standards have risen significantly, china's overall national strength has grown significantly, and its international standing has risen significantly.

since the eighteenth congress, our party has to bear great political courage and strong responsibility, bearing on the development of china and to make new, new strategy put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas, open a series of new practice of governing principle politics, we wanted to do a lot of the past without succeeds, promote the historic change within the party and the state of business, so that socialism with chinese characteristics into the new era. it is through the tireless efforts of generations of communists that the chinese people today are closer than at any time in history to the great ideal of a happy life and national renewal.

beginner's mind is easy to get, but hard to keep. throughout the history of the development of political parties in the world, many once-prominent political parties eventually fell into decline. despite all the setbacks, the chinese communist party continued to forge ahead and create great achievements, which enabled the chinese people to stand up, become rich and strong. a history of the communist party of china is a history of the communist party of china's continuous efforts to build a solid foundation for the happiness of the chinese people and the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. since its founding, the communist party of china has gone through numerous difficulties and obstacles. at different historical stages, chinese communists have changed according to the times and the situation, but they have stuck to their original intention. the original intention of the chinese communists has been tested in history. it is the fundamental truth that the chinese communists have comprehended from their own history that their original intention remains unchanged and unswerving.

3. practice beginner's mind in the practice of creating history

"leading cadres should read more history," xi said. "history is the best teacher. in the long course of history, the chinese nation has created a splendid culture of its own and accumulated rich experience in governance, including both successful experience in social development and progress in a time of prosperity and profound lessons from social turbulence in a time of decline." obviously, reading history is to understand the real history itself on the one hand, but more importantly, it is necessary to draw experience and wisdom from the summary and reflection of history, so as to better cope with the contemporary issues facing people and create a better future. "never forget our original intention and never forget our mission" is a solemn political oath made by our party in the new era. our original intention and mission are not empty political promises, but must be carried out in the practice of creating history.

first, firm ideals and convictions. general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "' never forget your original intention, you will always achieve your goal. 'ideals and beliefs are the spiritual pillars of our communists." marxism shows us the direction, provides the method and the motive force, seeks the happiness for the chinese people, seeks the rejuvenation for the chinese nation is the marxism great ideal faith chinese expression and the chinese practice. in real life, some leading cadres encounter problems of one kind or another. in the final analysis, their ideals and beliefs are not firm enough. history also tells us that if we deviate from marxism, our party will lose its soul and lose its direction. only by firmly believing in marxism and communism can the cpc stand all kinds of tests in the process of practice.

second, we must uphold the people's position. at the very beginning of its founding, the cpc clearly stated on its banner that "the interests of the people are above all else" and that "serving the people wholeheartedly" was the fundamental purpose of the party. the foundation and strength of the party lie in the people. to trust, rely on and serve the people is what the party has always stood for and an important guarantee for the success of its cause.

third, face up to historical setbacks. human history has a fundamental feature, that is, the history of twists and turns in the development, in the wave forward and a spiral upward trend. it is not dialectical and unscientific to assume that we are going forward without any obstacles and retreating. it is foolish to give up once we encounter setbacks. the history of the communist party of china is not without setbacks and failures. however, on the whole, it is because we are brave enough to face up to the fundamental characteristic of human history that progress is bound to be accompanied by setbacks, and we are good at making rational summaries of the failures we have suffered that the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics can keep developing despite twists and turns.

fourth, respect the law of history. seeks happiness for the people of china, is seeks the revival of the chinese nation is the value pursuit of the chinese communists and the ideal target, it meets the demands of the people, follow the law of historical development, but, in accordance with the concrete practice of beginner's mind, if you don't respect history rule, inverse historical trend, we will be far from beginner's mind is more and more. only in the historical practice of the unity of scientific nature and value can we truly adhere to the original intention and brave mission.

fifth, we need to find the right historical position. general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that history, reality and future are interconnected. history is the past reality, reality is the future history. the history of the communist party of china is a gradual approach to the ideal goal of the process, is one by one accurate positioning, interrelated and progressive historical stage. entered the new era, historic changes have taken place in the party and the state's career, has made brilliant achievement, we should not only certain achievement, and to avoid one-sided exaggerated the significance of their own time, to grasp the integrity of our past, present and future, found in the historical basis and foundation of reality in the logic of history to grasp the direction and task.

sixth, grasp the historical node. history is not a linear process of uniform speed. looking back at the history of our party, we will find that the accurate grasp of some key historical points has enabled us to stick to our original intention and direction and achieved a major leap in history. socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which means that the chinese nation has made a great leap forward from standing up, becoming rich and becoming strong. it has also ushered in a bright future for the great renewal of the chinese nation. at this critical juncture, we must study and implement xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. we must be firm in our convictions, rally the people, make proper plans, and work hard.

engels pointed out: "a party that knows its own purpose and knows how to achieve it, a party that really wants to achieve it and has the indomitable spirit necessary to achieve it -- such a party will be invincible." in the history of laying down and carrying out the original intention, the cpc is such a party. we believe that our party will also be an invincible party in the present and future when it sticks to the original intention and undertakes its mission bravely.

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