stick to the problem orientation and always keep the political nature-凯发k8天生赢家

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stick to the problem orientation and always keep the political nature

this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and the 70th anniversary of the party's governance across the country. the effect of thematic education should be reflected in enhancing party spirit, enhancing ability, improving style of work and promoting work of party members and cadres. the majority of party members and cadres should always maintain the political essence of communists in strengthening the party spirit and carrying out the mission of beginner's mind.

beginner's mind and mission are the fundamental motivation to inspire generations of chinese communists to fight bravely one after another. general secretary xi jinping pointed out that the reason why the cpc won the support and support of the people is that our party has always adhered to its original aspiration and mission of seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. our party has more than 90 million members and more than 4 million community-level party organizations. in the final analysis, the cpc must always strive for the happiness of the chinese people and the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. only in this way can our party stay in power for a long time, the country enjoy lasting peace and stability, and the people live a happier life.

our party always represent the fundamental interests of most people in china, and close contact with the masses of the people of flesh and blood, the root deep among the masses of the people, in addition to the interests of the masses of the people have their particular interests, thus to arouse the enthusiasm of play to the initiative of the masses of creativity, solidarity and lead the people to overcome difficulties, and keep moving forward. practice has fully proved that, adhere to the original heart, brave mission, for the original heart and mission of unremitting struggle, the cause of the party to ensure the right direction, the team can be pure and perfect.

to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, party members and officials must be reminded of their original intention and mission. over the years, some party members and cadres have forgotten "where they came from and where they are going", "who i am and who i am for", blurred or even violated their original intention and mission, forgotten or abandoned the fine traditions and style of work of the party, and brought losses to the cause of the party. in the new era, while the ranks of party members are growing, there is an urgent need to strengthen party spirit cultivation and ability construction. moreover, as socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the principal contradiction in chinese society has been transformed into a contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development.

the communist party of china has the courage to reform itself, and can keep its original mind in self-purification. an important reason why the party can overcome all kinds of risks and challenges from inside and outside and deliver a qualified answer paper is that it can always carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, face up to problems consciously and the courage of the blade to the inside, and remove the virus that erects the healthy body of the party in time. the more the cause of the party develops, the more it is necessary to remind the whole party to stay true to its original intention and keep in mind its mission, to prevent and eliminate undesirable phenomena in the course of in-depth study, careful practice and strict practice, to purify the political ecology within the party in the spirit of self-revolution, and to constantly improve the party's cohesion, combat effectiveness and leadership.

it is a fine tradition of our party to carry out centralized education at critical moments and take the initiative to solve various prominent problems in party building. this time, the theme of "stay true to your original intention and remember your mission" should be problem-oriented and results-oriented. we must go after the problems, identify them, dig deeper into their root causes, and focus on solving outstanding problems.

solve the problem of insufficient learning. if we do not attach importance to learning and are not good at learning, we will not be able to take on the new mission and make new achievements in the new era. to carry out thematic education, we should keep learning throughout the whole process, deepen the understanding of the great significance of thematic education, deepen the understanding of the party's original intention and mission, and deepen the understanding of the risks and tests the party faces. to adhere to the ideological construction, the theory of strong party so as to promote learning, well versed in, nobuyuki unity, promote the general party members and cadres comprehensively systematics, deep thinking, with practice, to read the original, the original text, the realization principle, grasp xi new age the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics, a profound understanding and the understanding of its significance, core principles and spirit, rich connotation and practical requirement, by learning to avoid the lack of ideal faith, mental state, strengthening consciousness of "four", firm "four confidence", "two maintenance". we should not pursue formalism in our study or rush for success. we should make new progress through accumulated efforts. we should attach importance to integrating knowledge with practice, applying what we have learned into practice, and improving our ability to use the party's innovative theories to guide our practice and promote our work.

solve the problem of insufficient responsibility. as reform has entered a deep-water zone, some party members and cadres are afraid or unable to take on responsibilities. general requirements must earnestly implement the new era of the party's construction, resilience with scraping the bone healing of courage, perseverance firmly and with the problems affect the party's advanced nature, weakened the party's purity of resolute struggle, cannot bear as not solve problems, to complete the party's each work deployment and mission requirements, efforts to create withstand practice, test the performance of the people and history.

solve the problem that style is not hard. original intention and mission are not abstract and empty, but embodied in concrete struggle. to continue education to guide the broad masses of party members and cadres consciously practice the party's fundamental purpose, the opinions of the masses, the mass line is deeply rooted in thought and specific fulfil action, strive to solve the people most concerned about the most realistic benefit question, constantly enhance the people to the party's trust and confidence, build a party with the most reliable long-term administration of class basis and mass basis. we should educate and guide party members and cadres to maintain the political quality of being pragmatic and honest for the people, and to be officials in a clean and honest way.

problem solving skills are not strong. can stick to the original intention and mission, and the ability and quality of party cadres have a great relationship. we should encourage party members and cadres to improve their services, raise their awareness of dedication, and improve their ability to work in all areas. we should firmly adopt a people-centered development philosophy, and win the trust of the people with the practical results of benefiting and fulfilling our duties for them.

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