do nothing else for the party and the people-凯发k8天生赢家

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do nothing else for the party and the people

general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "we should be determined to do great things, not to be determined to be a senior official, maintain a calm mind, pay attention to personal gains and losses, focus on no distractions and work hard to do things for the party and the people." in the education under the theme of "keeping one's heart in the beginning and keeping one's mission in mind", party members and cadres should strictly check this requirement, carefully examine, reform and improve themselves, work for the party and the people without any attention, and realize the value of life in serving the people.

"things like grass spring long, people like clouds leave no shadow." through the ages, the value of life has never been determined by position, but by success. according to the ancients, only when one's moral integrity, meritorious service and speech are upheld, can he be called immortal. but "lu great, not immortal". determined to do things, not at the height of position, in an ordinary position, can make an extraordinary career; on the contrary, if he is determined to be an official and not hesitate to try his own way, he will eventually fall from the throne of power even if he can climb to a high position.

be it work or be an official, the first thing to aspire to. determination is the premise of all the beginning. wang yangming once said: "zhifu, handsome gas, people's life also, the root of the wood, the source of water also. determined, is so important. ambition can be big or small. it was under the guidance of this great aspiration that the chinese nation has made a great leap forward in the past hundred years, from standing up and becoming rich to becoming strong.

party members and cadres must keep in mind the original intention and mission of the chinese communists, always strive for the happiness of the chinese people and the rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and actively devote themselves to the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics with a vigorous attitude. to do great things, we must do what is beneficial to the people. a person's ideal only with the future of the country, the fate of the nation combined with the value, a person's belief only with the social needs, the people's interests consistent with the significance, can do good things for the people, do practical work. it is not above doing small things to do great things. no matter how small the work of the people is, it is also a big thing. if we do not start from a small thing, we can do no big thing. if we do a seemingly ordinary thing well, it is extraordinary; if we do a seemingly simple thing well, it is not simple.

position is only a platform to do things, should not be the purpose of doing things. party members and cadres should have a clear understanding of their way into politics. if they only regard job promotion as the highest goal, they will only focus on their positions instead of their career, and their mind and energy will only be used for interpersonal relations and face-making projects. they will easily go into the illegal ways of profiting by speculation, using power for personal gain and violating laws and disciplines. only for, there is only one; where there is a throne, there is a deed. to do big things in the first place, can take responsibility. as long as one has the heart to serve the country and the people and do business, even an ordinary post is a stage for doing business, and even a small place can make a big difference.

the world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. party members and cadres are the backbone of the times, no matter when and where, all want to bear in mind that his mission and, with "seeks happiness for chinese people, for the chinese nation renaissance" aim high, do not take people's great trust, clear conscience historical choice, start but lines of actors, when overcome difficult striver, with heavy burden, overcome the difficult action, interpretation, loyalty to the party in the afternoon, to the people in the struggle for the interests of the people's unremitting write glorious chapter in life.

source: theory web