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party leadership is the core strength of china's development

this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and the 70th anniversary of the ruling of the communist party of china. during this period, no matter how many twists and turns, china has been steadily moving forward, from almost being expelled from the world to approaching the center of the stage. there are many reasons why china has been able to change dramatically in such a short period of time, but the most critical one is the leadership of the communist party of china. the leadership of the party is the biggest and most core advantage of the 70 years of new china. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, upholding and improving the leadership of the party is the fundamental and lifeblood of the party and the country, and the interests and happiness of the people of all ethnic groups in china.

win the choice of history and the people with the original mission

political science textbooks often mention that the party is a part. many political parties in the world can only represent the interests of "some" people, and different "parts" won power through competition. after the election, the strongest "public will" prevailed over the weaker "public will", and it was difficult to find the largest common denominator of people's interests. the survival goal of many political parties in the world is to govern, but all parties must come to an end. therefore, political parties do not need to consider representing the interests of everyone, so they do not need to have such long-term plans and lofty ideals.

the mission of the communist party of china is to answer the question of "where did you come from?" and "where are you going?" the cpc came from the lofty ideal of communism and went to the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics. from the semi-colonial and semi-feudal old china to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the cpc has always borne the great responsibility of rejuvenation. the communist party of china comes from the people, goes to the people, and always upholds the people's position. from hard struggle to great victory, the cpc has always maintained its political essence. after suffering, can see brilliant; how can you see the rainbow without wind and rain? if a country is governed for a long time by a political party with ideals, convictions, dedication and responsibilities, it will surely forge ahead with its set goals, overcome one hardship after another, meet one challenge after another, win one victory after another, and enter into another beautiful era. without the communist party, there would be no new china. without the communist party, there would be no great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

the party leads the country in the right direction

in terms of the relationship between the party and the state, western countries entered the modern history from ad 1500. after a long period of war, the nation state was born, and political parties were born in the process of exploring national governance, forming a state-centered political tradition. the status of political parties is not so important. china after 1840 years in the darkness of the problems we face at home and abroad, many chinese people experienced the war, was broken, suffered severe suffering, in such an environment gave birth to the most ability "to pull in, both helped building to collapse" of the communist party of china, the communist party of china leads the chinese people of all ethnic groups in the victory in the new-democratic revolution created the law of the people's republic of china. the party prospers the country, and the party strengthens the country; a strong party is a strong country, and a strong party builds a strong country.

to lead the country is to set the right direction for national development and progress. on the one hand, it can mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all aspects through the principle of democratic centralism; on the other hand, it can form a unified will, avoid fragmentation of national governance, and cultivate strong national capacity. as long as we have the right direction and precise goals, the cpc will be able to concentrate its efforts to accomplish great things, difficult tasks and good deeds. over the past 70 years, under the strong leadership of the communist party of china, the chinese people of all ethnic groups unite, grasped the nettle and forge ahead, strive to move forward, backward from the closed to open, from insufficient food and clothing to the comprehensive well-off, chronic towards a strong and prosperous, and created a great miracle in the history of the development of a human, came from the chinese nation stood up, rich and strong of great leap forward.

we will ensure political order through a new political party system

it is not that many developing countries do not want to settle down to pursue development, but the opportunism of short-term governance and the boycott of opposition parties during the period of governance have resulted in a negative outcome for the country's long-term development. a political party a plan, you sing me on stage; you are in power, i oppose. opposition for opposition's sake, checks and balances for checks and balances. checks and balances are done, nothing is done; objection over, nothing can be done.

the history of political development in western developed countries shows that democracy is not the premise of comprehensive economic and social development, but the historical achievement of comprehensive economic and social development. therefore, "democracy is the premise of development", "my today is your tomorrow", these views are specious. in fact, what many developing countries lack in the first place is not democracy, but the order to achieve development.

since the founding of new china, china has adopted the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system led by the cpc, which is different from the one-party system of the former soviet union and the multi-party system of western countries. take the democratic parties as an example. they represent different sectors and represent different opinions. since the democratic parties have gathered professionals from various fields, they are often able to think from a professional perspective and offer insightful views on major decisions, legislation, personnel arrangements and major work arrangements of the cpc, thus making public policy more scientific. all members of democratic parties are basically intellectuals. chinese intellectuals have a fine tradition of cultivating morality, keeping families in line, governing the country, and bringing peace to the world. they can be turned into institutional channels to offer advice and maximize public interests.

in terms of the effectiveness of the party system, the more common divisor can represent the interests of the people, the higher the effectiveness of the system. most developing countries in the world choose the two-party system or multi-party system. political parties can only represent the interests of "part" of the people, and it is difficult to realize the greatest common divisor of people's interests. moreover, political stability in many countries becomes a scarce commodity in the competition of political parties. the one-party system of the former soviet union lacked the expression and comprehensive mechanism of "the will of the people". in short, no matter what political party system a country chooses, it must maintain stability as the premise, aim at liberating and developing the productive forces, and represent and realize the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people.

we should cultivate talents to govern the country by selecting and appointing the best

there is a world of difference between the difficulty of governance of a large country and that of a small country, and the logic of governance of countries with different cultures is a world of difference.

in today's world, election is the way to the birth of political talents. many countries only pay more attention to "election" rather than "promotion". politicians who have the backing of capital strength and are eloquent but lack of practical governance ability are easy to be elected. mr lee kuan yew, a former prime minister of singapore, once pointed out that, under a one-man, one-vote system, sometimes people are fickle. they are fed up with the steady improvement of their lives and may choose to change the status quo for the sake of novelty. and the easiest thing for politicians to do is make simple, emotional appeals, such as ethnic pride, religion and culture, or make promises about other things that people don't know much about, rather than making promises about economic development and growth.

for thousands of years, china has paid attention to both "selecting" and "raising" political talents. in october 1938, at the sixth plenary session of the sixth central committee of the communist party of china (cpc), mao zedong pointed out: "in the use of cadres, there have always been two opposing lines in our national history that represent good and evil. the cpc always adheres to the organizational line of "appointing people on their merits", gives better play to the principal role of the people, and relies on democracy and the rule of law to select, use and manage outstanding political personnel, so as to run a socialist country well.

entrusted by the cpc central committee, the cpc's organizational work has been constantly cultivating good cadres and talents, and has also been discovering professionals with outstanding contributions in various fields to gather the world's outstanding talents. take the "thousand talents plan" implemented from the 18th national congress to the 19th national congress as an example. through the implementation of the "ten thousand plan", the state has selected more than 2,500 high-level talents and established the national "ten thousand plan" scientist studio. in terms of foreign talents, china has set up a "talent visa" and issued a new permanent residence card for foreigners, commonly known as a "chinese green card", including cba star marbury and world-renowned nuclear physicist han chun, granddaughter of the author of the novel "gadfly". on may 2, 2018, seven foreigners including nobel prize winner bernard feringa received "chinese green cards" in shanghai.

promote social transformation with the organizational power of the party

marx and engels once used "a bag of potatoes" as a metaphor for the "scattered sand" of old china. since the founding of the people's republic of china, the grass-roots society, which was once "scattered and scattered", has been effectively organized by the communist party of china and entered into an all-round period of social reconstruction. since the reform and opening up, china has rapidly achieved the great transformation from a planned economy in a closed environment to a market economy in an open environment, further optimizing the transformation, promoting the mobility, autonomy and vitality of grass-roots society, and entering an all-round social transformation period.

the biggest changes in china's grassroots society are urbanization and migration. from 1978 to 2017, china's urbanization rate increased by 17 percent. nine percent went up to 58. 52%, an increase of 40 percentage points in 39 years. the urban population is 1. 700 million goes up to 7. 9.2 billion, separate population 2. 9.2 billion, of which floating population 2. 4.5 billion (by the end of 2016). if the annual urbanization growth rate remains at 1%, it means that 16m-20 million people will move from rural areas to cities every year. china has transformed most of its population from farmers to citizens in a relatively short period of time, which is a great miracle in the history of world urbanization.

today, china entered the new era, the communist party of china always adhere to the people as the center, always keep up with the progress of the times and social development trend, establish "embedded" again and again organizational systems and mechanisms, highlight the party's political function, promote the power of the organization, by the party lead the social development and management, with the power of the organization to social order, let the society full of vitality with the power platform, building a harmonious society governance pattern.

realize social revolution by self-revolution

the communist party of china solemnly put forward in the "one big" program that "the fundamental political purpose of the party is to realize social revolution". social revolution is long-term, systematic, profound and arduous. it can be said that it has been with the cpc all its life, while political revolution is only a phase and part of social revolution. the cpc's adherence to and improvement of socialism with chinese characteristics and modernization of the country's governance system and capacity are only a microcosm of the social revolution.

we must govern the party first and strictly. in the early 1960s, the communist party of china proposed that "the party should govern the party". after the reform and opening up, it also proposed "governing the party with strict discipline". since the eighteenth congress, the communist party of china put the "comprehensive governing party" into "comprehensive" four strategic layout, with hard as the logical starting point, while the iron is hot to oneself is suggested, great, great cause great struggle, a great dream, correctly deal with "hard" itself and the dialectical relationship between "play hard iron", formed to uphold and strengthen the party's leadership and overall governing party integrated pattern of "big party". at the 19th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the general requirements for party building in the new era were set forth.

the cpc, through all its hardships and twists and turns, has gained new vitality and won new victories. this is because the party attaches great importance to political and ideological development. "as you sow, so shall you reap." the communist party of china turned the fruits of political construction into a force of justice, and the fruits of ideological construction into a weapon of truth. as a result of every social revolution, it is inevitable that the weapons of truth will be successfully converted into the weapons of self-revolution of chinese communists, and the forces of justice will be successfully converted into the driving forces of self-revolution of chinese communists. the two forces are mutually reinforcing and spiraling to ensure that the cpc never forgets its political nature, maintains its advanced nature and purity, and is always ahead of the times.

the leadership of the party builds national capacity

generally speaking, successful national governance is inseparable from the strong national capacity, namely, the ability to achieve national identity and governance at home, to defend against foreign invasion and to promote international peace, development and progress. since the communist party of china established the people's republic of china and is the only ruling party, china's national ability must come from the strong leadership of the party.

since the founding of new china to the reform and open policy 30 years, the chinese people under the leadership of the communist party of china, tighten their belts in a poor agricultural nation established a relatively complete industrial system, although the system with the western developed countries have many gap, but don't have the industrial system as a foundation, after the reform and opening up of china is unlikely to turn, become a global manufacturing power. if we can say that china's achievements before the reform and opening up are that the government plays a leading role and the plan plays a guiding role in the allocation of resources, the success after the reform and opening up is inseparable from the government to play a better role and the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources. two different periods, both reflect the strong leadership of the communist party of china.

over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, china has seen industrial upgrading and technological progress, and its people have gradually become prosperous and healthy. compared with many other countries in the world, china has made such achievements not only because it has caught up with opportunities, but also because of its system, great power advantage and strategic resolve, all of which cannot be separated from the leadership of the communist party of china. in the market economy, science and technology are "good" because of "good", not only because of "good". the advantages of big countries, such as high-speed rail, heavy machinery, big data, artificial intelligence, aviation and other fields of technological innovation, often need a huge consumer population and market demand to provide a driving force for development, these technologies can only continue to improve and innovation in use.

in the era of globalization, the prices of commodities, energy and exchange rates are not entirely determined by market supply and demand. and the outcome of each national game will certainly affect the fate of every ordinary people, entrepreneurs, and ultimately the fate of the country. therefore, national capacity is indispensable to the citizens of all countries. the deeper a country enters globalization, the more it enters risk society, and the more it cannot do without national capacity. if china is to achieve the goal of "strengthening itself", it will inevitably face an all-dimensional international game. the cpc must remain committed to "doing our own thing well" and at the same time expand and seize the period of strategic opportunities. when the party has strength, the country has strength, the people have confidence and the nation has hope.

source: theory web