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conscientiously and resolutely promote the party's political construction

on july 16, qiushi magazine published an important article by general secretary xi jinping entitled "enhancing the consciousness and firmness of promoting the party's political construction". recently, the study times interviewed the heads of the working committees of the directly affiliated institutions of some provinces and cities, and we talked about their own experience on learning and implementing the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important article.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that marxist political parties have lofty political ideals, noble political pursuit, pure political quality and strict political discipline. if the advanced nature of marxist political parties is lost, the advanced nature and purity of the party will be out of the question. this is why we regard the party's political construction as its fundamental construction. it is the fundamental requirement of our party as a marxist party, a profound summary of the historical experience of party building, and an urgent need for our party to make new achievements in the new era. zhang lihong, executive deputy secretary of the work committee of hebei provincial party committee, believes that the focus on political party building is the distinctive characteristics of marxist political parties. the party's political construction solves fundamental problems such as the party's political belief, political line and political stand. this determines that the party's political construction must be placed in the fundamental position, as a fundamental task, through political construction to highlight the characteristics of the party. as socialism with chinese characteristics enters a new era, our party must further highlight its political building and ensure its advanced nature and purity in the course of leading the people to fulfill the "two centenary goals" and realize the chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that the political direction is the first issue of the party's survival and development, bearing on the future and destiny of the party and the success or failure of its cause. we all agreed that general secretary xi jinping has deeply revealed the decisive role of political direction in party building, and answered clearly the question of where our party came from and where it is going to follow its direction and line. seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation of the chinese nation is always the original aspiration and mission of chinese communists. it is also the fundamental political direction our party must stick to in the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics. vice secretary of shandong provincial party committee made departments managing zhang shengzhong argues that the political direction, we must uphold the party's political construction, education guidance organs at all levels of party organizations and the masses of party members and cadres, in strongly aligning with the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, a firm practice walking on "two maintenance" in the former, for example; we are leading the way in strengthening the armed forces of theories and learning to understand and implement xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. we will make great efforts to lay a solid foundation at the grassroots level, and ensure that party organizations in government bodies are leading the way and setting an example. we will continue to improve the wind and discipline, work hard to take responsibility and lead by example in implementation. in strengthening the overall leadership of the party and implementing the main responsibility of party building in party organs at all levels, we are leading by example. li xinping, deputy executive secretary of the work committee of jiangsu provincial party committee, believes that to keep the political direction, we must insist on strengthening the theoretical study as a foundation project to firm up the correct political direction, enhance the attraction and appeal of theoretical study, and lay a solid ideological foundation for always moving forward in the correct political direction. only by widening channels and creating conditions for party members and cadres to go deeper into the grassroots and show more concern for the people can the people-centered ideology take root in the hearts of party members and cadres. we should seize opportunities such as thematic education to earnestly solve outstanding problems in building the party ideologically and institutionally, so as to provide a strong guarantee for adhering to the correct political direction.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that to uphold the party's political leadership, the most important thing is to uphold the authority of the cpc central committee and centralized and unified leadership, which should be the primary task of the party's political construction. we all agreed that the party is the highest political leading force, and that party leadership is the most essential feature of socialism with chinese characteristics and the greatest strength of the socialist system with chinese characteristics. party and government organs exercise political power and manage party and state affairs on behalf of the people. the party members are the most concentrated, the backbone of governance is the most concentrated, and the power and responsibility are the most concentrated. ma guiping, executive deputy secretary of tianjin municipal working party committee, believes that to further strengthen the party's political construction, implement the "three models" and build "model organs", we must strengthen the "four consciousness", firm the "four self-confidence" and do "two maintenance". to tree prison "long - term grasp" thought. we should further deepen our understanding of the importance of the party's political construction, and continue to promote the party's political construction in the organs of government with perseverance and perseverance on the way. second, we need to formulate measures to ensure long-term development. we should take strengthening political construction as the primary task and guide party building in government organs to comprehensively improve the quality of party building in government organs. third, we need to improve the mechanism of long-term development. we will consolidate party building responsibilities in government bodies, regularly study and deploy party building plans, strengthen oversight and promotion, and resolutely fight the protracted war of political development. zhejiang provincial party committee, deputy secretary general, was made secretary of the committee zheng cai method that must be the real leadership "two maintenance" embodies in firmly implement the decisions and actions, embodied in the role and responsibility, completes the labor of duty on the actual effect of reflected on the daily behaviors of party members and cadres, determined to do a word a line about politics, movements show loyalty. we should uphold our loyalty to the party and inspire the spirit of mission bearing in learning and understanding xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. we must keep in mind our desire to serve the people first, put the people first, and be fully accountable to the party and the people. we must demonstrate our determination to fight, and carry "absolute loyalty, purity and reliability" through all aspects of our work. it is necessary to strengthen perseverance, carry forward the inward-oriented self-revolutionary spirit, and actively participate in the theme of "never forget the beginning, keep the mission in mind" education.

general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that to strengthen the party's political construction, we must focus on winning the hearts and minds of the people, the biggest political priority, and make it an important point to pool their wisdom and strength. everybody agreed, xi jinping, general secretary of the important thesis highlights the people creating history, the people are the real heroes of historical materialism, a vivid interpretation of our party to people-oriented, the value orientation of the supremacy of the people, and also reveals our party quickens governing idea, governing for the people, embodies the fundamental position of adhere to the people as the center. party building in government organs should take the lead in fostering the people's hearts and minds, the biggest political task, and carry out the people-centered development thought throughout the whole process and in all aspects of party building in government organs. li xuetong, secretary of the working party committee of guangdong provincial government, believes that to strengthen the political construction of party organizations, we should focus on the political attribute of party organizations, and promote party organizations to better serve the center, the grassroots and the masses. focusing on the public will, we will encourage party organizations and government bodies to effectively solve prominent problems of formalism and bureaucracy. focus on people's livelihood services, and promote the organs and party organizations to work hard to realize the interests of the people; focusing on service efficiency, we will encourage community-level party organizations to do practical work for the community and the people. we will focus and pool our efforts to promote high-quality development of party building in government bodies. sichuan made departments, deputy secretary, provincial party committee party school principal wang chengxian made authority believes that the party's construction, must be closely linked to the confidence of the people the biggest politics, strengthening the construction of leading groups and improve organ work style, the normalized to "go to the basic unit, solving problems, does the practical work, livelihood" work, deeply involved in poverty crucial residency witness will earnestly solve the masses and at the grass-roots level, enterprise reflects the difficulties and problems, trying to "serve the masses, service at the grassroots level, service enterprise" to win the masses of word of mouth.

general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that creating a sound political environment is a long-term task, which must be taken as the basic and regular work of the party's political construction, to clean up its source, contain its forest, nourish its moral integrity, and strengthen its foundation. we all agree that the key to create a good political environment lies in the education and guidance of cadres to enhance "four consciousness", "four self-confidence", and "two maintenance". we will continue to strengthen the building of leading bodies, follow the correct guidance in selecting and appointing officials, and work to deepen efforts to combat corruption. rong libin, deputy secretary-general of heilongjiang provincial party committee and executive deputy secretary of heilongjiang provincial working committee, believes that to create a good political environment, it is necessary to educate and guide party members and cadres to stick to their ideals and beliefs and resolutely implement the central government's decisions and arrangements. we must uphold democratic centralism and strive to strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness of leading bodies. we will adhere to correct guidelines for selecting and appointing people, highlight political standards, and work hard to address unhealthy practices in selecting and appointing people. we need to strengthen the ideological and institutional defense against corruption and prevent degeneration, build institutions and mechanisms that dare not, cannot, and do not want to corrupt, and maintain the health of the party and the purity of its ranks.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that all party members, especially leading officials at all levels, must enhance their awareness of risks and improve their ability to prevent political risks. we all agreed that since the 18th national congress of the cpc, the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has made remarkable progress in advancing its own revolution, steadfastly and comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline, and removing serious political hidden dangers within the party. however, all kinds of political risks and hidden dangers still exist, which requires party organizations at all levels to take preventing political risks as an important task of party political construction, follow up the central planning in a timely manner, and strictly guard against and actively defuse political risks. shaanxi provincial departments directly under the steering committee, deputy secretary of pu-qing zhang thinks, to improve the ability to guard against political risks, must thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics, in the "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" further strengthening in subject education theory, guiding authority party member to be loyal, for the party, responsible for the party, to ensure that the administrative work in the right direction. we will strengthen the training and practice of our political capabilities, strictly enforce intraparty-party political activities, and comprehensively enhance our political ability to guard against political risks. we will carry out warning education based on typical cases to guide party members to be in awe of, be wary of, and keep to the bottom line, so as to strengthen party discipline, state law, and defense against political risks. we will focus on investigating and dealing with corruption cases where political and economic issues are intertwined, and eradicate the breeding ground for political risks. we will improve mechanisms for oversight and management, power restriction, and accountability, and work to make political risk prevention more routine and institutionalized.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that to strengthen the party's political construction, we must be firm and persistent on the road, resolutely fight against corruption to the end, so that our party will never deteriorate or change color. everyone agreed that it is an important part of the party's political construction to preserve the political essence of qing zheng non-corrupt. only when the cadres are honest can the government be clean and political. it is of vital importance to strengthen the work style and discipline of government bodies and deepen the fight against corruption. zhang guozhong, executive deputy secretary of the working committee of chongqing municipal party committee, believes that it is better to teach by warning than to study behind closed doors for 100 times. we need to strengthen education in discipline, political integrity, and family conduct, and deepen education in warning that "discipline is based on cases, ethics is based on cases, ethics is based on cases, and accountability is based on cases. we must ensure that party members and cadres are always strict, and effectively strengthen supervision over all aspects of party members and cadres, especially over key departments and key posts where power, funds and resources are concentrated, so as to tighten the screws on discipline. we will deepen the use of the "four forms" of oversight and enforcement of discipline, investigate and deal with violations of discipline and law, and resolutely eliminate corrupt officials who are willing to be hunted down. we will effectively curb the growth of corruption, effectively reduce the stock of corruption, and work together to ensure that people do not dare, cannot, and do not want to commit corruption. we need to strengthen the ranks of party discipline inspection officials, strengthen the work forces of party discipline inspection commissions, and play a better role in supervising and enforcing discipline and accountability.

general secretary xi jinping pointed out that the party's political construction should be carried out in the construction of the cadre team, and it is necessary to constantly improve the ability of leading cadres at all levels, especially senior cadres, to grasp the direction, the general trend and the overall situation, distinguish between right and wrong in politics, maintain political determination, control political situation and prevent political risks. everyone agreed that authority party members and cadres have to improve the ability of political subjects as part of life, in the great struggle more consciously improve the ability of political practice to temper, firmly establish a political ideal, grasp the correct political orientation and firm political stand, strictly abide by the political discipline and strengthen political experience, political experience, consciously put political party spirit exercise throughout the process, trying to make his political ability to match as a leadership responsibility. zhong ruihua, deputy secretary of the working committee of the directly affiliated body of henan provincial party committee, believes that the communist party members of the body are the most concentrated, the ruling backbone is the most concentrated, and the power and responsibility are the most concentrated. party members and cadres in organs must regard political ability as the first priority and be good at analyzing and solving problems politically. insist on practice as the main channel to enhance political ability, strengthen hone and practice. we will carry forward the spirit of courage in self-revolution, take the lead in carrying out serious intrapartpolitical activities, and constantly temper our party spirit and ideological and moral qualities. we will continue to enrich our life experience and stand the test of hard and dangerous positions, accumulate political experience and enhance political wisdom through tackling difficult problems, and continue to accumulate experience and increase our ability in practice. in particular, we must devote ourselves actively to major struggles and do them with all sincerity, maintain the fighting spirit, enhance our fighting experience, enhance our fighting ability, and temper and improve our political ability in accomplishing the fighting tasks assigned to us by party organizations.

source: learning times