the historical logic of the mission of the beginning and the requirements of the times-凯发k8天生赢家

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the historical logic of the mission of the beginning and the requirements of the times

in the course of thousands of years of historical development, the chinese nation has created a time-honored and splendid chinese civilization and made outstanding contributions to mankind. in modern times, due to the invasion of western powers and the corruption of feudal rule, china was plunged into a dark situation of internal and external troubles, and its people suffered unprecedented sufferings. "seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation" is a historical task faced by chinese society since modern times, and also a requirement of the times to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation.

it is inevitable for us to fulfill our original mission. with a history of more than 5,000 years, the chinese nation has experienced many "prosperous times", "prosperous times" and "prosperous times", the most typical of which are the prosperous times of the western han dynasty, the tang dynasty and the kangqian dynasty. the chinese civilization once had developed agriculture, prosperous commerce and brilliant material civilization. exquisite art, gorgeous literature, brilliant spiritual civilization. achievements in astronomy, calendar, mathematics, medicine, agriculture and geography lead the world. since modern times, with the rise of western industrial civilization, the invasion of foreign powers and the feudal autocracy at home, the chinese nation has entered into the modern history of being backward, beaten and struggling with sufferings. in the face of great suffering, people with lofty ideals sought to save the country by every means and put forward one doctrine after another, one dream after another, for the revival of the chinese nation. reformism, liberalism and anarchism failed repeatedly. all kinds of struggles and attempts ended in failure because they failed to find a development path suitable for china and failed to find a strong and advanced party leadership. the objective requirement of modern china's historical development is to liberate the people and rejuvenate the nation. this historical subject must be answered by the chinese communists, and this historical mission must be undertaken by them.

an advanced political party with an initial mission. the communist party of china is a strong and advanced political party. this strength comes from the cpc's iron-like belief, iron-like belief, iron-like discipline and iron-like responsibility. this kind of advanced nature originates from the scientific nature and advanced nature of the party's guiding ideology, from the advanced nature of the party's class foundation and mass foundation. the cpc is the product of the combination of marxism-leninism and the chinese workers' movement, and the vanguard of the chinese working class and the chinese nation. the communist party of china is a political party with lofty ideals. since its founding, the communist party of china has established communism as its lofty ideal. communists suffering all the way, all the way to test, all the way to struggle, from the call of the noble ideal. we rise from one setback to another because, in the final analysis, this lofty ideal has never been shaken. the communist party of china is a party that serves the people wholeheartedly. serving the people is the communists' most distinctive political background, and the people's position is their most fundamental political position. the cpc takes serving the people wholeheartedly as its fundamental purpose, puts the people first, upholds the views of the people, and follows the mass line. the communist party of china is a party that struggles bravely and is not afraid of sacrifice. in the heroic struggle of 1998, our party was heroic and heroic and paid great sacrifices. in the 28 years leading the new democratic revolution, we have paid a sacrifice that is rarely seen in the world. in just one year after the failure of the great revolution, more than 300,000 communist party members and revolutionary masses were killed in china. from the war of resistance against japanese aggression to the war of liberation, the national sacrifice of the famous communist party members have 3.7 million people, is really "sacrifice more ambition, dare to teach the sun and moon for a new day". the initial aspiration and mission of the communist party of china (cpc) reflects the cpc's unswerving goal, the cpc's unchanging nature and purpose, the cpc's unchanging ideals and beliefs, and the cpc's unwavering heroism and heroism.

the journey of fulfilling the mission of one's heart. in the course of carrying out their mission of starting out, the chinese communists have experienced the period of new-democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction, and the new period of reform, opening up and socialist modernization. practicing the course of struggle of the beginner's mind the mission of the communist party of china people, implements the country from several thousand years of feudal autocracy to people's democracy, achieved by the continuous decline of the chinese nation to the fundamental change destiny, continue to prosperous and strong, since modern times and tribulations came from the chinese nation stood up, rich to strong rise of the great leap. make comprehensive towards modernization of the chinese nation with a long history, let the long chinese civilization in the process of socialist modernization glow vitality, make scientific socialism in the 21st century china, coruscate gives strong vitality to socialism advocated in the world's most populous country successfully opening a highly practical and feasibility of the right path, make the construction of new china made remarkable achievements. in just a few decades, china, the world's largest developing country, has been lifted out of poverty and become the world's second largest economy. the road of socialism with chinese characteristics, theory, system and culture development, expand the way of developing countries towards modernization, to the world those who hope to speed up the development and hope to maintain their independence and provides a new choice, nation to solve the problem of human contribution to the chinese wisdom and provides solutions in china.

fulfill the mission of the era. the original aspiration and mission of the chinese communists is to realize the prosperity of the nation and the happiness of the people, and to build socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. under the new historical conditions, china's economic system is undergoing profound changes, its social structure is undergoing profound changes, its interests are undergoing profound adjustments, and its ideology is undergoing profound changes. there are all kinds of factors that weaken the party's advanced nature and undermine its purity. there are all kinds of dangers that undermine our original aspiration and mission and shake the party's foundation. the "four tests" and "four dangers" remain complex and severe. at the same time, with the profound changes in the stage of china's development, the party's governing environment and the international situation, we will also face the challenges of the "middle-income trap", "tacitus trap" and "thucydides trap". only by staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission in mind can we maintain the advanced nature and purity of the party, overcome all kinds of risks and challenges, and accomplish the historical mission of the party in the new era.

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