examine and reflect with the spirit of self-凯发k8天生赢家

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examine and reflect with the spirit of self-revolution

general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that party members and cadres should be educated to be inward oriented in the spirit of self-revolution, listen to opinions extensively, examine and reflect seriously, seek out the real problems, dig deeper into the root causes, identify the direction of efforts and improvement measures, and effectively solve the problems. to carry out the guiding principles of general secretary xi jinping's important speeches, we must make rectification s in light of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee, the party constitution and regulations, the new expectations of the people, and the advanced models and role models around us.

focus on the real problem. identifying existing problems is the basis of solving problems. to find out the right problems, we must first study xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. we should continue to read the original work, learn from the original work, and understand its principles. we should continue to learn about comprehensive systems, in-depth thinking, and practical application. through comparison study, improve the level of political consciousness and the thought theory, thus profound review yourself whether there is a learning the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics be tasted xi new era, the disjointed problem of theory and application, the existence of the implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the important instructions and instructions and the central decision-making deployed at a discount, choose and make the problem of flexibility, whether there is constitution rules consciousness is not strong, the political discipline and lax rules, not firm loyalty problem, whether there is a viewpoint of the masses is weak, the problem of the people do not stand firm, existence of formalism, bureaucracy, whether there is a bear, as the problems of slow, as, and so on.

dig deeper into the root cause. it is not easy for us to keep our original intention and mission in mind. we must have a strong self-revolutionary spirit. we must be aware that, in the long run, various factors weaken the party's advanced nature and impair its purity, and there are dangers everywhere that undermine the party's original aspiration and mission and shake its foundation. the exist problems in the work, must see the essence through the phenomena, roots deep in the mind, emphatically from the "four consciousness", firmly "four confidence", achieve the political height of the "two maintenance", dig theory training, ideal and faith, the objective consciousness, discipline, rules and style of work ethics and so on deep reason, in-depth reflection, see reinforced bone, touch the soul, find the ideological root of problems.

define the direction of efforts and improvement measures. compare the specific goal of theme education, check out the problems and shortcomings, in-depth analysis of the ideological roots, one by one list, accurate marking, simplification works, not abstract, not blurred, not big but. we will continue to strengthen our weak links, weak links, and root causes, prevent problems at their source, treat the first signs of trouble, and break new ground. we will close loopholes in the system, improve oversight mechanisms, and resolve existing conflicts and problems with new ideas, ideas, methods, and means. improvement measures should be specific, practical, effective, testable, easy to operate and practical. we must continue to trust and rely on the people to promote the party's self-revolution, leave improvement measures to the people to evaluate and test, and consciously accept their oversight.

actually solve the problem well. the key to keeping in mind our original intention and mission is to have the awareness to face up to problems and the courage to turn inward. we should stick to the problem - oriented approach and solve the problem. the eight prominent problems listed in this thematic education are all problems that may shake the foundation of the party and hinder its cause and must be solved in a spirit of thorough self-revolution. to keep on studying the jinping new era of socialism with chinese characteristics results into practical action, of the work to strike a beginner's mind mission reflects on our hard work, work, strive to promote the party's line seeding guidelines and policies, promote to solve the people reflect strongly prominent problems, ensure the theme education achieve substantial results.

source: learning times