accurately grasp the methods and steps of thematic education-凯发k8天生赢家

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accurately grasp the methods and steps of thematic education

education on the theme of "never forget the beginning and never forget the mission" was carried out in two batches from the top down throughout the party. we should carry out creative work in close connection with actual conditions, and carry out learning and education, investigation and research, inspection of problems, and rectification and implementation throughout the whole process of thematic education. we should aim at goals and actively promote thematic education to ensure solid results.

we will strengthen learning and education. it is an important political task for the whole party to equip our minds with xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, guide our practice and promote our work. the development of thematic education should first be willing to spend energy, comprehensive system learning, timely follow up learning, in-depth thinking learning, practical learning. deep understanding and grasp xi new age era significance of the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics, theoretical significance and practical significance, the significance and deep understanding of the core principles, spirit, rich connotation, practice request, which runs through profound grasp of the communist party of china people's political character, value pursuit and spiritual realm, style of integrity. we will continue to read the original work, learn from the original work, and understand its principles. we will continue to put ourselves, our responsibilities, and our work at the top of our list. we will focus on solving fundamental problems in our thinking.

research in depth. to uphold the people's position, serve the people and solve difficult problems, and truly solve their worries and worries, we must first go among the people, worship them as teachers, and conduct in-depth investigations and studies. we must sit on a bench with the people, listen to their true opinions, feel their emotions, feel their sufferings, understand their conditions and grasp the truth. good through the phenomenon to see the essence, in the complex phenomenon to find work in the weak links and prominent problems, really understand what the problem is, where the crux of the problem, come up with solutions to solve the problem, hard, in order to benefit the people, the people responsible for the actual results to win the trust of the people.

examine the problem carefully. to carry out the theme education, we must fight resolutely against all the problems that affect the party's advanced nature and weaken its purity with the self-revolutionary spirit with the blade turning inward, the courage to scrape one's bones and cure poison, and the perseverance. we must review and reflect on our thinking and work in light of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee, the party constitution and rules, the new expectations of the people, and the advanced models and role models around us. carefully examine their original heart is not right, ideals and beliefs are not prison, examine their own from the masses, despise the masses, ignore the suffering of the masses of thought and behavior; carefully examine whether you have a strong sense of mission, whether you have a strong fighting spirit, whether you have the courage to take responsibility and take the initiative; carefully examine whether they have maintained the pragmatic and clean political nature of the people, whether to resolutely prevent and oppose corruption.

we will carry out rectification. to carry out thematic education, we should pay attention to practical results and solve substantive problems. must insist on the "change" throughout the word, to check and change, that is to change, can be changed now, clear time limit and requirements, rectification in place on schedule; for those that cannot be solved at the moment, we should keep an eye on them. we should deepen our understanding, enhance our consciousness, clarify the goals of the stage and continue to rectify them. efforts to convert the achievements of the theory of armed jobs is based on job action, the mission of beginner's mind keeps it into vitality and forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, grindstone stay conscious action, to promote the party's line seeding guidelines and policies, promote to solve the people reflect strongly prominent problems, real let people feel the theme of education results. we should carry out thematic education in line with what we are doing, do real work, focus on practical results, focus on tackling prominent problems that need to be remedied, and fight against formalism and bureaucracy.

source: learning times