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to construct the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics

the political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics is the political economy of marxism in contemporary china, an important part of marxism in contemporary china and marxism in the 21st century, and the political economy leading china to become a powerful modern socialist country. general secretary xi jinping stressed: "to give full play to the role of philosophy and social sciences in china, attention should be paid to the construction of the discourse system." build socialism with chinese characteristics political discourse system economics, his theory is reflected the economic development of china's road, confidence and strength of a revolution, upholding and developing marxism in contemporary china, is the hope of marxism, in the 21st century is continuously explore contemporary chinese marxist political economics, marxist political economics in the 21st century, the new state's call.

the call of the times to construct the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics

the world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. history shows that the era of great national and social transformation must be an era of ideological emancipation and theoretical innovation. as socialism with chinese characteristics enters a new era, it must also be an era of building the political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics and enhancing china's cultural soft power and international discourse power. the successful practice of china's development not only benefits from the guidance and guidance of marxist political economy, but also constantly puts forward new topics for the innovation of contemporary chinese marxist political economy through practice.

from the perspective of theory, since the reform and opening up, china has gradually put forward and improved the basic socialist economic system, the theory of socialist market economy, adhered to the new development concept, and jointly built "one belt and one road" and other major innovative viewpoints based on rich chinese practices. today, we have the preliminary conditions to systematize these theories and viewpoints into theoretical systems or theories, thus pushing contemporary chinese marxist political economy into a new realm.

in practice, as socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the chinese nation has made a great leap forward from standing up and becoming rich to becoming strong, and has successfully embarked on a path of development with chinese characteristics. therefore, there is an urgent need for systematic scientific theories that can explain china's path and enhance china's experience, form a discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics, chinese style and chinese style, and guide new practices with new theories and theories.

at the international level, as the world's second largest economy, china's international standing has been improving. for many years in a row, china has contributed about 30% to world economic growth, and china has become an important growth pole of the world economy. obviously, contemporary china's development has been far beyond the western discourse system can cover range, if the simple use existing western economic theory to explain china's economic development, ignore economies differences on development condition and the environment, it is difficult to make a convincing explanation on china's economic development miracle, it is hard to the direction of future economic development in china give effective guidance. what needs to be pointed out more is that developing countries pay great attention to china's path and are eager to learn from china's experience and inspiration.

conditions are gradually ripe for constructing the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics

40 years of reform and opening-up, our country through continuous adjustment and change production relations, the liberation and development of the productive forces unceasingly, from the success of the household contract responsibility system, to the establishment of the socialist market economic system perfect, the ongoing new development idea led to the supply side of the structural reforms, such as institutional change in the field of production relations and major policy adjustment, created the chinese miracle in the history of the development of human economy. these achievements, verified the validity of the socialist road with chinese characteristics, and proved that the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics is scientific, shows the superiority of the socialist system with chinese characteristics, further strengthened the chinese characteristic socialist road, theory, system and cultural confidence, especially all kinds of problems of economic development had been cracked and created a new situation in economic development, which makes the building of socialism with chinese characteristics political economics discourse system conditions mature.

on the other hand, the innovative approach and thought of the path of socialist economic development with chinese characteristics have important implications for the development of economic theory and practice in developing countries. especially in the process of development of market economy, china has always been highlighted the value orientation of "common prosperity", through the industrial support, a long-distance move, education support, medical treatment, such as precision measures to help the poor out of poverty, and all the population in lose labor ability completely or partly included in the system of rural residents coverage, adopted a policy of social security out of poverty, shared by all the people to ensure that the fruits of economic development, the practical experience for the economic development in developing countries out of poverty has provided the reference and revelation. the "one belt and one road" initiative initiated by china has helped china participate in global economic governance and build a community of shared future for mankind. it has creatively expanded the path of globalization. it can be said that china's path to expand the research field of modern economics and international politics, further deepen the people to understand the economic development and institutional change laws, caused strong repercussions in the international community, think that china's economic development to form the chinese model, an economics textbook, is an example of development in developing countries.

important principles of constructing the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics

to construct the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics, we should follow the basic principles of political economy with chinese characteristics, ensure that it originates from china's economic and social practice and better guide china's economic and social reform and development.

first, we should adhere to the first principle of the guiding ideology of marxist political economy. we must uphold and consolidate the guiding position of marxism, continue to serve the development of socialism with chinese characteristics, and apply marxist positions, viewpoints and methods to observe and solve the problems of political economy in the new era.

second, we must adhere to the fundamental principle of liberating, developing and protecting the productive forces. chinese characteristic socialist political economics is, first and foremost, political economics, determined by the level of productivity at the primary stage of socialism production relations and the distribution relationship is the basic content of research, the core task is to liberate productivity, productivity development and the protection of productive forces, improve the socialist basic economic system in china, guide the practice of chinese economic reform.

third, uphold the people's position and the value principle of putting the people first. theoretical system of marxism by means of value orientation, with the most appropriate understanding of chinese language and expression, that is must adhere to the people's position and the value orientation of people centered, eliminate poverty and achieve common prosperity as the value judgment standard, establish the ethics basis of the political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics, to achieve the unity of humanism and scientific spirit.

fourth, we should adhere to the basic principle of integrating socialism with the market economy. we will uphold the dominant position of public ownership and ensure that we continue to advance along the path of socialism with chinese characteristics. in accordance with the basic requirements of a modern market economy, we must achieve an organic combination of public ownership and the market economy, and unify the decisive role of the market in allocating resources with the role of the government. in short, the market decides, the government does.

fifth, adhere to the methodological principles of dialectical materialism and historical materialism. marxist dialectical materialism and historical materialism contain scientific abstract method, contradiction analysis method, method of integrating logic and history, etc., which is the concrete embodiment of the methodology of "problems and means to solve problems occur simultaneously" in social and economic life, and provides method guidance for us.

sixth, we should adhere to the important principle of carrying forward the fine traditional chinese culture. the chinese nation has a profound cultural tradition and a distinctive ideological system, which embodies the accumulated wisdom and rational thinking of the chinese people over thousands of years. based on china's reality, we must carry forward china's fine traditional culture, reflect the will and wisdom of the chinese people, meet the requirements of china's development and the progress of the times, build up confidence in the culture of the chinese nation, and promote creative transformation and innovative development.

the basic ideas of constructing the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics

problem is the starting point of innovation, but also the power source of innovation. the construction of the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics should be guided by the major issues of china's road, take the grand goal of building a powerful modern socialist country as the main line, and fundamentally get rid of the domination of the student right discourse system with excellent economic performance in the modern west. therefore, it must be rooted in chinese practice and truly reflect the chinese innovation and development of economic theory.

in terms of research purposes, it should be clarified that the research purpose of the political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics is to "meet the people's increasing needs for a better life", rather than the pure needs of economic growth. in this way, the discourse system of political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era has charisma.

in the selection of objects, we should focus on the practice of the economic and social development of socialism with chinese characteristics and the construction of a powerful modern socialist country, so as to make the discourse system of political economy of socialism with chinese characteristics convincing. the success of chinese economy has given chinese economics the confidence to get rid of and break the dogmatism in theory and turn correct policy practice into systematic theory in the construction of discourse power.

on the theoretical system, to stick to what is socialism with chinese characteristics and how to build socialism with chinese characteristics as a construct of the red line, to reform, opening up and development as the guidance, facing the problems in the marxist political economics from the focus on criticizing capitalism economy unreasonable traditional phase shift to the modern level of key construction of the socialist market economy, fulfill the innovation of research contents, systematic, professional.

on the conceptual category, refining and summarized since the reform and opening to system of achievements in adapting marxism to chinese and its culture form, the communist party of china about an important scientific problem of political economy theory literature, combined with china's economics, puts forward a series of theoretical research and innovation to establish political economy with chinese characteristics, china's mark logic system, the basic concept and category manifests the originality and times. at the same time, we should also absorb and draw lessons from the modern social sciences, including the useful categories of western economics, and discard the inapplicable contents in the learning and drawing lessons.

in terms of methods, to deal with the relationship between normative analysis and empirical analysis, some empirical analysis tools of western economics can be used for reference, such as marginal analysis method, equilibrium analysis method, input-output method, game theory and so on. but also avoid quantitative analysis of formalism and the abuse of formula models. we should strengthen the characteristics of the empirical analysis and historical analysis of marxist political economy, and highlight dialectical thinking, strategic thinking and historical thinking.

in terms of cultural inheritance, we should pay attention to absorbing rich nutrition from chinese traditional culture. a large number of ancient masterpieces contain rich social science contents. these achievements have grown out of the real soil of china's economic reform and development, and still have a significant impact on today's economic and social development. we should guard against historical nihilism, inherit and carry forward the excellent culture of the chinese nation, integrate chinese elements into the construction of the discourse system of political economy with chinese characteristics, and contribute chinese wisdom.

on the team construction, to avoid the loss of political economics research talents and shortage, pay more attention to the political economics discipline and team construction, the implementation of political economics major innovation project, further enhance the subject status of the political economy, increase the quality of political economics textbooks published writing, strengthen the cultivation of political economics professional talents, efforts to promote the sinicization of marxist political economics, age and popularization.

in international communication, we should not learn to walk in handan and fall to the west. nor can they amuse themselves behind closed doors. it is important to have an open mind and engage in exchanges, cooperation and interaction with the international community. in this process, we need to tell china's story well, spread china's voice, build china's image, embody china's wisdom, convey china's values, contribute china's plans and carry forward china's vision.

source: learning times