strengthen political construction and enhance political capability-凯发k8天生赢家

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strengthen political construction and enhance political capability

from the 19th cpc national congress to strengthen the party's political construction of the major issues, to the recent "the cpc central committee on strengthening the party's political construction" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") the introduction, highlights the party's political construction of the party in the first place, and make it rooted in the major strategic deployment. the opinions clarify the purpose of the party's political construction, summarize the connotation of the party's political construction, and put forward the specific requirements of strengthening the organization and implementation of the party's political construction.

strengthening the party's political construction is both important and necessary. from the perspective of the importance of the party's political construction, the key to running china's affairs well lies in the party, the party's leadership and the party's construction, and the political construction is the fundamental construction of the party, which determines the effect and direction of the party's construction. if political construction is done well, party building will have its root and soul. without the guarantee of political construction, the party will be in no position and no ability in the new era to promote the great struggle, the great project, the great cause and the great dream. especially for the long-term ruling marxist political parties, if the party cannot achieve political excellence, it will not be able to achieve high ability, will encounter political risks and governance risks. in a word, the political construction of the party is crucial to the survival of the party and the future of the nation. look from the party's political problem of the construction of the guide, for a while, the major issues in the party's political construction exists some vague understanding, on the theory and practice have not been thoroughly clarify, seems to be a political, a revolutionary spirit, is to make a "left", is to deny the reform and opening up. this phenomenon also affects the political life within the party. with the indifference of political consciousness, a few people gradually change from political vagueness to political confusion, and start to leave political integrity behind in the face of more and more material interests. some party organizations and a very small number of leading party members have seen their political capabilities severely degraded. in the face of all kinds of erroneous remarks that negate the leadership of the party, distort the history of the party and its leaders, and in the face of all kinds of actions that vilify and "deconstruct" the country's heroes, they not only do not adhere to their principles, but they dare to show their swords and go along with the trend. over time, the whole political ecology of the party will be destroyed, and more and more germs will be found in the body of the party. the "seven problems" that general secretary xi jinping has repeatedly castigated are concentrated. therefore, the emphasis on strengthening the party's political construction after the 18th national congress of the party has a very clear practical pertinence and urgency. previously, the strange phenomena and chaos that have caused the whole party heartache and resentment were the result of years of poor understanding, inadequate action and inadequate capacity on the major issue of party political construction. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the party's central committee with comrade xi jinping at the core has led the party to strengthen its organizational building.

it is fundamental to strengthen political construction and enhance political capacity and to take a clear-cut stand in upholding good politics. xi general secretary earnestly warned the party for many times, a marxist political party, political, if you don't speak will be subversive mistake, will lose its soul and disoriented, political immunity and self revolutionary courage would be lost, will be disadvantages, a divided, fragmented, apart, will make progress.its national subjugation. we are a big party and a big country. the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics under the leadership of our party is a huge ship. political party is a political organization, and its political attribute is the basic attribute of political party, which determines that any political party must talk about politics. it is extremely abnormal for a political party to ignore politics, not attach great importance to politics, not study politics and not operate politics according to political rules. if a marxist party does not speak politics, it will surely be abandoned by the people in the end. so-called stress politics, therefore, is about political science, is the political rule, conscientiously abide by swift and is good at using marxist political science and law to lead the revolution, construction and reform and development, is good at in the practice of leadership and ruling zhengzhizhang, require any reform, development and management decision should have political considerations, to the people's support and recognition as its basic value orientation. the communist party of china has creatively linked "stressing politics" with the system of political life within the party, which has become a magic weapon for our party to strengthen its body and bones and always maintain its fighting capacity. from thou farmland meeting for the first time put forward political party life, scientific, mao zedong to yenan rectification period to establish institutional basis, the political life of the party to develop at the beginning of the reform and opening up "about the several principles of inner-party political life", issued to the party's sixth plenary of 18 on the new situation, some guidelines of the party's political life, generation after generation of the communists in the party in the political life of the melting pot, about politics, party spirit, shelly character, become the biggest political advantage of communist party of china. the opinions is to ensure that the new era of the party's political advantage has been constantly carried forward.

the key is to strengthen political construction, enhance political ability and enhance political leadership. political leadership is the foundation of the party and its leading cadres. as early as 1940, mao zedong pointed out: "one third of the party members must have superior quality conditions... there doesn't have to be more people." "leadership is not about shouting slogans all day long or bullying people into obeying us. it is about persuading and educating non-party members to accept our proposals through the correct policies of the party and our exemplary work." "we must never assume that we have the army and the government at our disposal and that everything must be done in accordance with our decisions without preconditions, and therefore pay no attention to trying to persuade non-party members to agree with us and to carry out our decisions in good faith." although mao zedong talked about the leadership of the party in the shaanxi-gansu-ningxia border region and the anti-japanese base area behind the enemy lines, it is still of great practical significance for how to enhance the political leadership of the whole party to win the hearts and minds of the people by strengthening and improving the leadership of the party in the new era. this kind of significance and the enlightenment is, the chinese communist party's leadership is the people center wholeheartedly serves the people the leadership science. the strong leadership of the communist party of china, vitality and combat effectiveness, reflected in the party's political leadership, ideological driving force, mass organizations and social power, reflected in the party member quality is superior, the correct policy, a model of the whole party work and the people's patience careful persuade education work, the leadership of the party is to let the people be led. the people's will is the greatest political strength, and the ability to win them is the greatest political ability and the most important skill of our party and its cadres.

to strengthen political construction and enhance political capability, we must be good at viewing the overall political situation and problems, and at planning, deploying and promoting our work politically. leading cadres should firmly establish their political ideals, correctly grasp their political orientation, stand firm in their political positions, strictly observe political discipline, take inner-party political life seriously, strengthen their political experience and accumulate political experience. we must keep to the bottom line of political thinking, focus on the worst, strive for the best, and take the initiative in reform and development. in times of crisis, prepare for a rainy day; adhere to the moral bottom line, strict discipline line, away from the legal red line.

to strengthen political construction and enhance political capability, we must implement the party's organizational line in the new era. in the selection and employment, to put the political standard in the first place, to establish a clear political orientation; we will uphold the authority of the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core and cadres with centralized and unified leadership. the reuse establishes the political consciousness firmly, the overall situation consciousness, the core consciousness, looks up the consciousness cadre; cadres who are confident in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics; to employ cadres who fully implement the party's theories, lines, principles and policies, and actively implement major decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee; the reuse of party loyalty, personal clean, dare to take on cadres; the reuse always regards the public sentiment as the biggest politics, has the true sentiment to the people the good cadre.

to strengthen political construction and enhance political competence, we must carry forward the spirit of struggle and enhance our ability to fight. from the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, when it was proposed that "a great struggle must be prepared with many new historical features", to general secretary xi jinping's repeated emphasis on "maintaining the spirit of struggle and enhancing the power of struggle"; from our party to inherit carries forward the spirit of revolution, to emphasize on the social revolutionary party revolution itself continuously at the same time, fully embodies the xi jinping, general secretary of party party rule, the party's ruling rule strictly tube and the height of the chinese characteristic socialist construction rule, this is to ensure that the new era of our party by strengthening the construction of political enhance intrinsic motivation of political power.

source: study times