the people are above the people-凯发k8天生赢家

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the people are above the people

the book is the most useful textbook for county party secretaries. read through the interview record of xi jinping in zhengding, which shows his leadership style and personality charm, which is unforgettable for a long time. in particular, the deep and simple feelings of the people throughout the book, touching, inspiring.

if the people are above heaven, they should abnegate themselves and serve the public. as soon as he arrived in zhengding, comrade xi jinping became one with the cadres and the masses, thinking of the people everywhere. the closer you read the book xi jinping in zhengding, the more deeply you will feel about the people-centered development thought. you will feel that your soul has been purified and your outlook on development has been remade. at present, why don't individual cadres want to do, dare not do? there is no magnanimous mind that serves the people selflessly. there is no state of mind that serves the people wholeheartedly. in fact, as long as the cadres are more public-spirited and hard-working, the masses will complain less.

people above nature should seek truth from facts. in zhengding more than three years, comrade xi jinping rode his bicycle all over the county communes, brigade, zhengding on a grass and a tree, a penny a thing such as home treasures, zhengding cadres and the masses know the situation. on the basis of full research, realistic, face up to the problem, take the initiative to report the actual situation to the higher level, reduce the amount of food procurement, to solve the problem of food and clothing of the people in the county; resist the pressure, steadily promote the "even mao ring" pilot, change the "sports" approach, the people's acceptance. i recall that when i first came to work in potou district, i was in a hurry to complete the task of land expropriation of more than 1,000 mu. i did not settle down to do a good job in the investigation, did not fully understand the demands of the masses, and did not thoroughly investigate the disputes of interests in the village, resulting in some problems left over from land expropriation. i have been reflecting on this matter and have been alert. today, by contrast, i have further recognized the root cause of the problem. in the future, i must pay more attention to in-depth research, put myself in the shoes of others and try my best to safeguard the interests of the masses.

the people, whose position is higher than the sky, must strengthen their weak points and bring benefits to all. in response to the people's demand for a better life, comrade xi jinping actively coordinated and solved the problem of "travel difficulties" by opening the zhengding bus to shijiazhuang. actively strive for the supply of gas to the masses, greatly improving the living conditions of the masses; we will improve conditions for primary schools and set up rural stations to collect milk. we have carried out a series of practical work concerning people's livelihood, which reflects our profound feelings of serving the people through development and delivering benefits to all. in the future, we will focus on the most immediate and practical interests of the people, increase investment in road transportation, education and medical care, give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, and do a good job in practical matters related to people's livelihood and projects for general benefit, so that the people's sense of gain, happiness and sense of security will be enhanced.

if the people are above the masses, they must be close to them. when comrade xi jinping arrived in zhengding, the first thing he did was to go to the countryside to do research and find out how the people live and how much their income is. go to farmer family, common people takes a rice bowl to fill water, he takes over drink, without the slightest hesitation. in offices, the doors are always open, and the masses are ready to talk. in the office to meet the old woman cordial, no shelf; after receiving the joint letter from college students, i wrote back soon and held a symposium to listen to their opinions. he who knows his house well knows his house well. we need to put ourselves in the right place, accept supervision from the people, and put our power in the sun and the system.

source: study times