learn by trial and error-凯发k8天生赢家

except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
learn by trial and error

cultivating and selecting outstanding young cadres is a major task for a hundred years. general secretary xi jinping pointed out in the opening ceremony of the training class for young and middle-aged cadres of the central party school (national school of administration) in the spring semester of 2019 that "there is no short cut for the growth of cadres. only through trials and tribulations and seeing the world can they strengthen their bones and strengthen their abilities". to study and implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's important speech, we must always bear in mind the truth that empty talk misleads the country and solid action will lead to prosperity.

communists are made of special materials. in the years of revolutionary war, party members and cadres were always faced with the test of hardship and hardship, and the test of life and death. in peacetime, there are still life and death tests, but not many. at present, what some party cadres lack most is practical experience, especially the test of major struggles in the revolutionary war period. some party members and cadres neglect, downplay or neglect politics, and some even deviate from the direction of socialism with chinese characteristics. to solve these outstanding problems and build a loyal, clean and responsible contingent of young and middle-aged cadres, the most important thing is to strengthen political ability training and political practice.

prime ministers must rise from the prefectures and powerful generals from the ranks. grassroots frontline is a good classroom for party cadres to understand the reality and learn from the people, as well as a great examination room to hone their work style and improve their quality. it is the only way for a cadre to grow into a talented person to stand together with the people through thick and thin and share life and death. going to the frontline and working with the people is crucial to the growth of leadership and the accumulation of practical experience. to the grassroots to climb rolling, first of all, we must be under the heart, establish roots in the grassroots secretary entrepreneurial determination and confidence, put all the mind into the work, really become the people's warm-hearted. we must continue to learn from the people and learn from them. we must put down our pride and bend over our shoulders to carry out thorough investigations and studies, truly identify problems facing the people, reflect their views, and draw on their experience. insisting that modesty to learn from the masses, learn from practice throughout the work always, insisted on in the process of learning while doing, learning combined with rising stature and improve practical work ability, in the feet on the ground at the same time, pay special attention to the current development more than do the groundwork, the long-term work, create can stand up to practice, people and history test results. we actively devote ourselves to the ardent practice of the great struggle, the great project, the great cause and the great dream, carry forward the spirit of struggle, improve the skills of struggle, and demonstrate our loyalty to the party and our absolute sincerity to the people by taking practical actions to know the heavy burdens and overcome the difficulties.

we must continue to integrate ourselves with the people in our trials and tribulations. the people are the true heroes. party members and cadres must always put the people in the highest position in their hearts and inscribe the mission of the party's original heart on their hearts. always with a strong love for the people, worry about the people, for the people, the people, the people's heart has always been filled with the people, thinking, making decisions, do things always stand in the position of the people, for the people to make every effort to solve problems, improve the well-being of the people, and constantly enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, security.

source: study times