brave to overcome all risks and challenges-凯发k8天生赢家

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brave to overcome all risks and challenges

be ready for the way of the kingdom. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "we are now in a time when the journey from boat to boat is more urgent and the half of the mountain path is steeper. therefore, we must adhere to the bottom line thinking, enhance political consciousness, strengthen responsibility, effectively prevent, manage and handle risks, effectively respond to, handle and defuse challenges, and constantly win new victories in dealing with major risks and challenges.

enhance risk awareness. looking back at history, our nation, our country and our party were born out of, grew out of and grew stronger from adversity. looking ahead, the road to the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will not be plain sailing, but will inevitably encounter various foreseeable and unforeseeable risks and challenges. facing the changes of international situation, complicated and sensitive environment, task heavy reform, development and stability, leading cadres must always remain on high alert and be prepared to cope with the challenge of any risk of thought and the work, often view trend, often thought, scientific forecast and precision of situation development trend and hidden risk challenge, and good solution chess, play good zhudongzhang, do it for a rainy day.

we will improve our ability to guard against and defuse risks. leading cadres should constantly master new knowledge, be familiar with new fields, broaden new horizons, and enhance their ability to discover, understand and defuse risks. we must fight a well-prepared war to prevent and fend off risks, as well as a strategic initiative to turn danger into opportunity. we need to focus on key issues while taking the overall picture. we need to focus on preventing and controlling risks that may delay or interrupt the process of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. grasp the essence through complex phenomenon, grasp the key, find out the reason, decisive decision, good at guiding the masses, organize the masses, good at integrating all forces, scientific arrangement of forces, and effectively deal with.

always uphold the spirit of struggle. have the wind and rain is the normal state, rain or shine is the state of mind, both wind and rain is the state. to advance the great social revolution of the new era and carry out the great struggle with many new historical features requires leading cadres to always maintain the spirit, integrity, integrity, courage, responsibility and victory of the communists who dare to fight. we must strengthen the experience and training of struggle, enhance the ability to fight, and maintain the spirit of struggle forever.

we will improve the risk prevention and control mechanism. we will continue to make risk prevention and control work more scientific and refined, ensure that risk prevention and control are smart and discerning, and have a clear understanding of all possible risks and their causes, as well as appropriate measures and comprehensive policies. we will establish and improve a risk assessment mechanism, formulate targeted response strategies, and prepare for battle. establish and improve decision-making risk assessment mechanism, take risk assessment as a necessary procedure, and eliminate all risks and hidden dangers. we will establish and improve a risk prevention and control coordination mechanism, strengthen risk information sharing and coordination. we will establish and improve the responsibility mechanism for risk prevention and control. we will ensure that each level is taken into account and that each level is implemented at every level.

we will take the lead in preventing and mitigating risks. we need to form a complete chain of responsibility with full coverage, no blind spots, and no blind spots. we need to ensure accountability for failure and ensure strict accountability. leading cadres at all levels should firmly establish a correct view of political achievements, adhere to the responsibility of guarding the soil, be responsible for the soil, and be responsible for the soil. the political responsibility should be reflected in the implementation, the spirit of responsibility should be reflected in all kinds of work, the risk prevention and control within the scope of their responsibilities should be well done, and the contradiction should be resolved to the maximum extent, and the risk should be resolved to the intangibility.

source: study times