together, we will write a new chapter of great endeavor-凯发k8天生赢家

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together, we will write a new chapter of great endeavor

march brings sunshine to all things. with the pace of spring, we ushered in the annual "two sessions time". bearing a solemn mission and instructions from the people, more than 5,000 npc deputies and cppcc members gathered in beijing for the second session of the 13th national people's congress and the second session of the 13th national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference. we extend our warm congratulations on the opening of the two sessions.

the two sessions are major events in china's political life. they are closely linked to the country's development and people's well-being. the people's congress system is the fundamental political system that guarantees the position of the people as masters of the country. it has strong vitality and remarkable advantages, and ensures the organic unity of the leadership of the party, the position of the people as masters of the country, and the rule of law. the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the communist party of china (cpc) is a basic political system in china. it is a new type of political party system growing out of the soil of china and plays an important role in promoting political consultation, democratic supervision and participation in and deliberation on state affairs under socialism with chinese characteristics. during the two sessions last year, the npc and the cppcc achieved the transition from old to new. over the past year, a new session of the national people's congress and the chinese people's political consultative conference to xi jinping, the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics as the new era, tree prison "four consciousness", "four confidence", resolutely do "two maintenance", shoulder the responsibility for all activities is given by the constitutional law comprehensively, bear, with dedicated to progressive display value, various aspects work to keep pace with the times; deputy to the national people's congress and the cppcc national committee for the state to the people's highly responsible spirit, the role and duty, common forthright admonition for national development, plans, unreal, condensed the majestic power of the united struggle of all the people, in the new era, new journey, for the country's economic and social development new bigger achievements contributed wisdom strength.

time flies. after 40 years of grand celebration of reform and opening up last year, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of new china. the world today faces unprecedented changes in the past century. the external environment is complex and grim. at present, the domestic economy is undergoing changes while maintaining stability, and there are growing concerns in the process. therefore, it is crucial to maintain sustained and sound economic development and overall social stability this year, and it is especially crucial to continue to rally the confidence and determination of all the people to work together to overcome the current difficulties. the two sessions are an important platform for giving full play to china's political advantages. deputies to the people's congresses and members of the cppcc carry the people's instructions and expectations. in the face of the new situation, new opportunities and new challenges facing china's economic and social development, deputies and members have greater responsibilities.

be firm in your confidence and rise to the challenge with one heart and one mind. the closer the dream, the more difficult the road forward; the closer we get to the summit, the more we need to forge ahead with confidence. faith faith faith faith is vital at all times. as long as we remain firm in our belief in marxism, in socialism with chinese characteristics, and in our confidence in realizing the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation; we must always rely on the people, listen to their voices, respond to their expectations, pool their strength, pool our wisdom and strength, and draw the greatest concentric circle. no difficulty or obstacle can be surmounted, and no great cause can be accomplished.

follow the trend and become creative. over the past 40 years, reform has been full of ups and downs. in the next 30 years, there is great potential for reform. to seize development in our country is still in the and in the important period of strategic opportunities for the long term, the new connotation of the important strategic opportunity, take the initiative to comply with the trend, should from time to time, due to potential changes, both to play and have ready to the battle against the risks, also want to make a good strategy and mercy, turn the crisis into an opportunity for active war, variable pressure as the power, to reshape the revolutionary spirit of reform and open roads meeting the mountain, the water bridge, create innovative, continue to develop a bright future of the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics.

work hard and dare to take on responsibilities and dare to win. in this era when thousands of ships race and hundreds of ships compete, there should be no conceit or complacency. there should be no hesitation or hesitation. in realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation on the new journey of don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, continue to run, to "prosper? avenue, dou disasters and start" perseverance, eternal struggle spirit, enhance the struggle ability, good deal with each risk a major challenge, set sail with the attitude of struggle, continue to compose a new chapter in the history of great struggle.

i wish this year's two sessions a complete success!

source: study times