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continuously improve strategic thinking ability

strategic thinking is essentially a world outlook and methodology. dialectical materialism, with its views on connection, development and contradiction, emphasizes the fundamental, overall and long-term grasp of various relations and the formulation of strategic strategies, which constitutes the philosophical foundation of strategic thinking.

the strategic thinking of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era has deepened the understanding of the ruling law of the communist party of china, the law of socialist construction and the law of human social development from a strategic perspective, and opened up a new realm of sinicization of marxism.

the unique strategic thinking formed in the long history of the chinese civilization is a distinctive symbol of the political wisdom of the chinese nation and a way of thinking that the party has always attached great importance to. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, general secretary xi jinping has raised strategic thinking to the height of "the way of thinking that chinese communists should set up" and profoundly pointed out that "strategic issues are fundamental issues of a political party and a country. the cause of the party and the people will stand a good chance if we make accurate strategic judgments, make scientific strategic plans and take the initiative in strategy. "it has been repeatedly stressed that leading cadres should learn to analyze problems, plan their undertakings and advance their work from a strategic perspective, so as to constantly enhance their ability of strategic thinking. in the rich practice of the governance of the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core, the far-sighted strategic thinking is an important ideological clue throughout. facts have fully proved that strategic thinking is an important ideological weapon and spiritual driving force for the cause of the party and the country to achieve great historic achievements and make historic changes and take it to a new level.

clearly defined strategic objectives

the primary task of strategic activities is to determine the strategic objectives, that is, with direction, overall goals and long-term, fundamental long-term goals. for the governance of the country, the strategic objectives constitute the strategic thinking can be effectively displayed knowledge premise. our party's strategic goal is clear and unwavering. it is to realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the long-cherished wish and the greatest dream of the chinese nation since modern times, while upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics.

the reason why this strategic goal is clear is that it contains the two basic dimensions of great dreams and great undertakings. among them, the "chinese dream" of national rejuvenation stipulates the beautiful vision and fundamental purpose of governance, and the great cause of socialism with chinese characteristics stipulates the path and method leading to the goal. focusing on the overall goal of the chinese dream, our party has further defined the two centenary goals. when the communist party of china was established in one hundred to build a well-off society in an all-round way, in the founding of the people's republic of china, built in one hundred, when the rich and powerful democratic civilization harmonious beautiful socialist modernization power, this itself is a great strategic target, and constitutes the two milestones of chinese dream, is to the long-term goal of coherent elaboration and decomposition. on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the international and domestic situation and china's development conditions, the 19th cpc national congress has made a "two-stage" strategic arrangement for the period from 2020 to the middle of this century, which has provided a more specific timetable and a clear roadmap for the realization of the strategic goals.

the reason why this strategic goal is determined is that it focuses on the long-term interests and overall interests of the chinese nation, takes the national prosperity, national rejuvenation and people's happiness as the core goals, and takes the socialist modernization as the strategic direction, which fundamentally defines the strategic positioning, strategic mission and strategic vision of governance.

coordinated strategic deployment

made clear strategic goal, be about to plan strategic deploy. strategic deployment is the overall strategic arrangement made around strategic objectives. it includes both the provisions on the field of strategic implementation and the planning of strategic promotion methods. it is an overall plan concerning strategic priorities, priority sequence and main direction of attack. in terms of strategic arrangements, the party has put forward the overall layout of "five-in-one" and the strategic layout of "four comprehensives", which have become the top-level design for advancing the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era.

the overall layout of the "five-in-one" strategy stipulates the areas for the implementation of the strategy. general secretary xi jinping has clearly pointed out that "the general layout is emphasized because socialism with chinese characteristics is a socialism of all-round development." only by comprehensively promoting economic, political, cultural, social and ecological progress can we have a comprehensive effect and promote the coordination of all aspects of modernization. today, especially in the reform involved in the deepwater area of any major reform is extremely important, just rely on a single field, a single level of reform of hard work, we must strengthen the top-level design, overall planning, comprehensive consideration, coordination, strengthen the relevance of the reforms, systemic, collaborative, make reform form resultant force, but not our, single pole dash.

the strategic layout of the "four comprehensives" is the planning of the way to advance the strategy. building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, deepening reform in all respects, governing the country in accordance with the law and strictly governing the party in all respects are the four strong starting points for realizing the strategic goal. at the same time, we should attach importance to the reaction of the political and legal superstructure, protect the sound economic and social development with the construction of the rule of law, and guide the great social revolution with the party's self-revolution.

therefore, no matter the overall layout of the "five-in-one" or the "four comprehensives" strategy, there are views on the whole, the system and the overall situation, which not only focus on the overall promotion but also emphasize key breakthroughs, which typically reflects the strategic thinking of overall consideration and comprehensive coordination.

the strategic concept of advancing with the times

strategic idea is the guiding ideology of strategic activities, as well as the belief, values and code of conduct throughout the strategic activities. any strategic activities must be supported by the underlying value concept. the realization of strategic objectives and the implementation of strategic deployment must be supported by corresponding strategic concepts. for governance, the most important strategic concept is the concept of development. , xi jinping, the general secretary was quoted thinker wang fuzhi gradually at the beginning of the qing dynasty famous "principle, the content of course, things are the" profound elaboration, to emphasize "development concept is the forerunner of action, development is pipe global, pipe root, direction, in the long run, is the development idea, development direction, development focus. if we get the development concept right, we will have a clear target and a clear task, and we will have a clear policy as well.

in order to solve development problems and strengthen development advantages, the party has put forward the development concept of "innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development" and made a series of policy arrangements centering on these five key words. for example, the fifth plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee put forward dozens of major categories and hundreds of policy measures from five aspects, including "advocating innovation, paying attention to coordination, advocating green development, fostering openness and promoting sharing". to address the problems of low development quality and lack of driving force, the new development concept emphasizes leading and driving development through innovation. in light of the unbalanced development of regional, urban and rural, industrial, material and spiritual civilizations, the concept of coordinated development calls for a national "one board game". to address the issue of short-term and partial benefits at the expense of the ecological environment, the green development concept emphasizes firmly establishing a long-term and holistic view that regards the environment as people's livelihood and green water and mountains as "mountains of gold and silver" to promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature. to address the problems of an incomplete opening up pattern and a low level of opening up, the concept of open development emphasizes promoting reform and development through opening up, contributing china's strength to global development, contributing china's wisdom and providing china's solutions to global problems. in view of the problem that the benefits of reform and development still need to be improved, the concept of shared development emphasizes that the people should be the main body of development, and the fruits of reform should be shared so that the people will have a greater sense of gain.

new development idea is, therefore, in view of the development in our country since the reform and opening up of a series of problems in practice, has the obvious "problem oriented" characteristic, its core is to promote the development of model transformation and upgrading of its essence, the strategic concept for the new age of keeping pace with the times pointed out the development direction of the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics.

grasp the iron mark of strategic execution

"one minute deployment, nine minutes implementation". strategy implementation is the process of transforming the implementation of strategic planning into actual actions and ensuring its realization. governance is not an idle talk. no matter how beautiful the blueprint and vision are, no matter how thorough the strategic planning is, they all need to be implemented with high efficiency. xi jinping, general secretary of the special attention to the execution of strategy and the implementation of the strategic planning, recurring in a series of important speech "stay" "a grasp in the end," "grasp the implementation of the" layers "a grasp the implementation of the" a "focus, god, and gather lizhua implementation, tight and tight, measures and fine, solid and real," "to grasp the iron marks, drive the stepping stones to keep seal, perseverance to grasp", etc.

our party's ability to carry out strategy is promoted from the system and personnel aspects. in terms of institutions, we will deepen reform of party and state institutions, allocate power in a scientific way, reform the administrative law enforcement system, carry out special inspections and other forms of process supervision, tighten performance management and administrative accountability, and establish a sound system for rewarding the best and punishing the worst. in terms of personnel, and put forward the new era, the party's line, focus on training high-caliber cadres loyalty clean on the focus on gathering the patriotic dedication excellent talents, insist on having both ability and political integrity, good for first, meritocracy, to uphold and strengthen its comprehensive leadership, adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics provide a strong organizational guarantee.

solid strategic focus

strategic focus is the confidence, will and perseverance to the strategic goal, is the power source of strategy implementation. facing the changes of international situation and domestic reform, development and stability of the task is very heavy and complicated situation, only always maintain a strong strategic concentration, can accurate, planning science, sober, to win the initiative, otherwise it is easy to lose sight, roll, hesitant, swing, or ride risk.however, in a dilemma.

the rock-firm strategic focus is the distinctive thinking feature of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, which is embodied in the three high-frequency words -- faith, faith and confidence -- repeatedly used in general secretary xi jinping's series of important speeches. first of all, the firm belief in marxism is the ideological premise and theoretical basis for maintaining strategic focus, because only theoretical sober-ness can lead to political firmness and action consciousness. second, the firm belief in communism and socialism with chinese characteristics is the spiritual pillar and political soul of strategic stability. lofty ideals and common ideals, as the banner of consensus-building, have penetrated into the strategic focus and become an important source of strength for maintaining strategic focus. finally, the firm confidence in realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation is the core content and direct expression of strategic focus, which is embodied in the confidence in the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics.

source: study times